if video gets removed from youtube use daily motion

Teaching juggalos world wide how to spell and read , the juggalo literacy project will help juggalos in getting jobs and learning to comuicate online combined with drop the hatchet program will help end 30% of juggalos world wide by 2012.


  1. ScareCrowLette666

    us juggalo and lettes can spell and get jobs for your information BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Robert F. Pepple

    At this point you shouldn’t be worried about juggalos. Take a look around you.

    The U.S. government is planning a take-over of the system that was built to ensure the safety and well being of it’s people. With new regulations like the new gun law reform, the government is taking away our right that were give to us through the Bill of Rights. they want to take your rights to bear arms away, so that when they begin to take over cities in the U.S they will be met with little to no resistance.

    You need to spend your time talking about topics that affect the world, and just what someone did wrong to you and yours.

    The New World Order is coming. Are you going to sit back and let it happen, be turned into slaves for the rich and powerful, or will you take a stand, open your eye and see what is really going on. Or will you just sit back and let it happen, blind to the fact that the New World order wants to install new laws that will reduce the global population to 1/6th of it’s current total.






  3. Robert F. Pepple

    Well we know who is going to one of the slaves for the rich and corrupt. Have fun being a lab rat. When they inject you with plutonium and cancer cells along with your flu shot, don’t expect anyone to give you sympathy.

    I was trying to help you, but it seems you don’t want it. So stay blind, and have fun being a slave.


  4. Oh great, an Alex Jones fag.

  5. Take that book and shove it up your ass!Bitch!

    U MAD?

  6. Sounds like a Glenn Beck-alo to me. You buying gold and food insurance also dipshit?

  7. Robert F. Pepple

    I hope yo are not talking to me kILLUMINATI… Because the answer is, no. I do not.

    I choose to rely on myself and what I can do. Noone can tell me what I can and cannot do. Noone can make me do anything that I wouldn’t do by myself.

    I am American. I am free. And I am a human.

    What about you?

  8. idiot, this guy thinks that we are caring about how we spell like its going to be graded. your not that that smart either you fuck face. go on and keep hating and say i didn’t use a capitol and two spaces after a period. like it makes you any more cool, you probably have no dick and some Juggalos pulled a train on your girlfriend and mother at the same time and bukakied on your fat ass face. nobody cares of the opinion of a looser who wears a headset which is is not needed for making a youtube video. wheres your job? sitting in a banged out ass wife beater and eating cheetos and beating off to emineims eleven-some with a bunch of guys, fuck off you fagot if we cared what you haters thing you would see more results

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