Ban the Juggalo Gathering 2011

We need you support lets end the gathering once and for all

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  1. okay wtf did we juggalos n juggalettes do to u!!!!!!!!! we have a festival once a year for four days to get away from this mainstream world!!!!! lemme guess you heard bout the tila tequila shit omfg she was warned before showin up and before goin on stage i talked to and hung out with security after it happened out that stupid bitch was warned!!!!!! yall have a fuckin problem with the gathering email me i dgaff whf u gotta say the gathering here to say if some stupid bitch dont listen to security she a dumb bitch… that my opinion tell me why the hell you wanna ban the gathering and juggalos n juggalettes aren’t goin anywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ~Wicked Chick~

  2. wtf why are you people hating just let us enjoy our selfs go and ftfo

  3. Juggalos only defense to the Tila attack is “she was warned”. By this, you are saying attacking someone for absolutely no reason is perfectly acceptable as long as you warn them first. And her showing up despite the warnings is probable cause to do whatever necessary to run her out. This is really only proving the fact Juggalos are a gang. You are not a Juggalo, or fall under the guidelines of the Juggalo lifestyle, you will be attacked. So Jon, Amber just let you know why we’re “hating”. Because your idea of “enjoying” yourselves, involves among other things, attacking the innocent and stealing from children.

  4. okay to be clear you dont know who the hell i am!!!!!!!! you have no fkin clue what the hell i do were not a fkin gang we a family not all juggalos are the same not all of us are like that!!!!!! so i get why the fck people think we all the same im good in school i plan on goin to college and ima fckin juggalette me n my homies have plans in life n we not complete asshole like u think we are so fk u and the horse you rode in on u have no fckin authority to say sht like that so fck you R31GN you have no clue just because you had a bad run in with a juggalo. the tila thing okay she also got shit thrown at her because thats what happens at all gatherings your first time there you get shit thrown at u ask any performer of that weekend and there a few juggalos who down hard core and they take shit to far because Violent j had asked people not to throw shit at her but those few people who decided to throw sht your judgin us for their fck up so fck u u fckin hater

  5. IhateNiggers&Juggalos&R31GN

    So, where do I sign up? This post is a nigger of a post without a petition to sign. I want the gotgay moved from cave in rock anyway I’m down to help the police with whatever to get it out of that fuck forsaken town.

  6. Well Amber, just by your inability to make any sense, I’m not quite sure this good education you say you’re getting is doing you much good. I also don’t understand why Juggalos assume everyone who hates them must have gotten beat up by a Juggalo or whatever you have it. Not true in the slightest. Anyone who doesn’t have a head full of delusions can see them for the gang they clearly are. Several high profile murders were committed by Juggalos in the past couple years. But Juggalos just claim those Juggalos were just fake. Trying to make Juggalos look bad so they claimed to be a Juggalo. No, they’re Juggalos alright. You and them are the reason the JH is here in the first place.

  7. im 19 i have been down since i was 2 and my parents have raised me and no one in this world will strip me of my hatchet. you cant judge people by the way we dress, by the paint we put on our faces its not right we are not all the same and what you all are doin to us is why we hate people that start shit. we havent done anything to you and it will always be like that if you dont stop bein asses and trying to take away our one festival that brings friends together. cuz all your gonna do is try and try and what are u ganna do if the gathering gets taken away move to hollowicked yall are never gonna stop so ya might as well stop while your ahead and let us be let the juggalos n lettes enjoy what we got cuz we gonna do whether u want us to or not.

    • Did you not say in an earlier post that you are, and i quote, “im good in school i plan on goin to college and ima fckin juggalette me n my homies have plans in life n we not complete asshole like u think we are”. Note the immense amount of grammatical errors ( I will give you a moment here to google the definition……. done? Ok we can continue), the fact that the entire paragraph is a run on sentence (its called a comma and/or a period), and the fact that you are 19 and have yet to go to college. “im good in school” So you are still in school? But are not in college….. So that can only leave high school….. It may have been just me and a good deal of the population of the united states graduates before that age. Unless of course you are in a special school. By special school I am pointing directly to your typical remedial school. You know the one that they send all of the social waste in public school and ship them to a school where they can all feel special together. I would rather pull out all the hair on my balls then go anywhere near a place like that. They seem nice of course…. for typically being located in a strip mall. “Here you go hun, have a good day at school, remind me when I pick you up later in our new 93′ Buick LeSabre to get some pizza from next door. I hear they have $5 large pizza today.” To be honest I know that there are some juggalos that live typical lives, going below the radar and doing things in their own time. Its the ones that you see most predominately everywhere you go. The ones that when you see them walking in a parking lot you just want to tell the impending police department that they jumped in front of your car and you backed up just to check on them. I think that would be worth about 25 points. Ranks them right next to mentally handicapped institutional patients. To bring my diatrod to in end here with the main focal point: Enjoy your life now and be safe so we have someone to laugh at when we are 50. If you live that long of course. You will be the one with 7 kids, saggy tattoos covering your body of a band no one remembers, and hating your life as you are changing the oil of my $50,000 car. One of them at least. Oh and by the way, I know that you will be trying to have some snazzy comment back saying how I dont know who you are and what you can do as you have done in other posts. We do not and are glad we do not know you. Because if I did know you I would find a way to clue you in. Whether that be sending you a 18 wheeler full of faygo that is all flat. Or making you think that you are going to be the next “teen mom” on MTV only to have a school field trip show up and tell the kids this is what they need to avoid becoming in life. Have a super day πŸ™‚

  8. SelfHatingJuggalo

    Just cause you were tearing up the house and pissing off your parents when you we’re two doesn’t mean you were a juggalo. Wait maybe it does.

  9. At the age of two you cannot even process in your brain what a Juggalo is. No, you were not “down” at the age of two. Strip you of your hatchet? See, this is exactly what I mean. You have just once again proved Juggalos are a gang. For example, Latin Kings once they’ve been kicked out the gang, get stripped of their crown. You have just shown that Juggalos are the same, just with a hatchet. No, Juggalos haven’t done anything to me personally, but they are a criminal organization that needs to be stopped. Juggalos have last year alone been in trouble for murder, child kidnapping, rape, robbery, etc. The world is already starting to see Juggalos for the criminals they truly are and won’t be long until everything will be banned completely.

    • Blaze and Homies

      Dude do uou even know what a Juggalo is? I don’t think so!!!!!!! A Juggalo is people that take care of theirs which include the families and all their friends. Hell if the Juggaloes killed anyone it is cause they were protecting what is theirs. And we juggaloes don’t rape anyone. Hell for those who kidnap kids it is fucked up and they should be shot. We help those who need it, we dont hurt anyone unless we are put in the position to protect ours. You can ask any Juggalo out there. YOU ARE ALL JUST JEALOUS OF OUR FAMILIES CAUSE YOU CANT HAVE IT. And for those Juggaloes and Juggalettes out there WHOOP WHOOP!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Dumn Ass. Me and my wife have 2 kids, they know what they like to listen to and our kids wanna listen to ICP, DJ Clay, Twizted, and all of them. Our daughter’s favorite song is WE DONT DIE by Twizted. Our son’s favorite song is Death of a Hater by Boondox. And hell for that matter THAT song is dedicated to this dumn ass website.
      Do you even know anything about a gang??? In a gang when your out is when your in the ground . You dont get stripped of their “crowns” the are stripped of their lifes…… DUMB ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. okay this is what pisses me off ykour basicly callin me a criminal i havent been in trouble for anything. i am a A-B student i have never been in trouble with the law. i was a good two year old i didnt tear up the house my mom n dad were listenin to their music and i always loved music so like i said dont fuckin judge me i havent done shit to u and we are not a gang i have a hatchetman tattoo lemme guess yall gonna say that its a gang related tattoo no its a freedom to be able to get whatever the hell i want and what i ment by stripping me of my hatchet meaning that im not abandoning what i believe im always gonna run with the hatchet whether u guys succeed in banning them your still not gonna get rid of juggalos and juggalettes its a pointless fight because we are always gonna be around to tell the truth your not gonna be able to make anybody fall into the fuckin conformed society around us we thrive on bein ourselves just leave us alone your not gonna ultimately win WE ARE ALWAYS GONNA BE AROUND AND UNDERGROUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Yes, yes, yes. I am so glad you mentioned conforming. Juggalos are the biggest conformists I’ve ever seen. By use of the word, I’m sure you know it’s meaning. Juggalos become Juggalos and go by a certain set of rules with no questions asked. They feel as a Juggalo, it is their duty to go by whatever they are told Juggalos must do. That is what conforming is. As for the whole underground scenario, I hate to break it to you, but ICP is far from underground. As a group who has not only played on MTV, they’ve also attended red carpet events and even play on the radio even though they make the claim that radio is “afraid” to play them. Juggalos always claim to hate the mainstream, but are too wrapped up in their own delusions to see that they’re apart of one of the biggest mainstream groups out there. And about your tattoo, yes I am going to say it’s gang related considering Juggalos are a proven gang. Whether you stop wearing the gear and listening to the music after the ban comes into play is on you. I guess you’re just going to have to see how well that works out for you then.

  12. freedom of religion…


    • again for the millionth time family not cult and u know what we r a religian lisen to there shit closly it is all a metaphore for christianity shangri-la=heaven
      hells pit=hell

      we r a family and proud u guys are so pathetic with ur fake lies and
      ur intolerance of other ppls choice of life styles thats what a cult does and we dont all conform i rep the hatchet here and there but i dont wear it everywhere and push it in ppls faces and also im very respectful to ppl who respect me and have helped truble teens from hurting themself or suicides so u know what….when was the last time u helped save a life cus i did just two weeks ago so tell me what we do wrong

      OK THEN

      • yes we r we belive in god all the way what do u belive in….anything at all or r u just ruled by greed

  13. okay say what u say yea i know icp is goin mainstream but there are so many other groups that the fans follow. as soon as i hear icp on the radio ill mostlikely stop fuckin with them, but also there are other people that are goin mainstream to. and not all juggalos are the same how many times do i have to say that i do what i want when i want. i am probably one of the shyest (i know i spelled it wrong i couldnt think of it atm) juggalettes youll ever talk to but when it comes down to the shows and the gathering i open up because i dont have to hide everything i like to do. if u met me outside of those you would see a outcast chick who always listens to her ipod is good in school has never been in trouble with the law is an artist and just so happens to be a down ass lette. okay i understand what u think but reall you cant sit there and be mad at us. we are not a religion we are a group of people who share a common intrest and i do know the definition of conformity i am not retarded okay. i claim that if you really wanna judge all of us like criminals maybe you should meet a few

  14. “Juggalos/Juggalettes” are simply fans of a (terrible) music genre called “Horrorcore,” whereas a gang is often defined as a “an association of criminals.” Apparently, music fans and an association of criminals are two completely different things. Therefore, Juggalos/Juggalettes are not gangs, per-se. However, that’s not to say that Juggalos/Juggalettes cannot be gang members, considering that they can still band together and commit crimes under a common identity; I just mean that automatically being a Juggalo/Juggalette does not equate to gang membership. Such is hardcore fact, not mere “opinion.” ha this is some random person i asked there exact words


  15. No Amber, ICP isn’t just going mainstream, they ARE mainstream. And for such a “down ass lette”, stating that soon as you hear them on the radio, you’ll most likely stop listening to them says the exact opposite. But as I said previously, they have and do play on the radio. Granted only a few are allowed to be played, still on the radio nonetheless. And those other groups Juggalos listen to, I’m just going to assume you’re speaking of the other artists on Psychopathic. Well guess what, they are a part of a label that is run by ICP, and since ICP are mainstream, so are the others. Isn’t it great how that works? “how many times do i have to say that i do what i want when i want.” Well aren’t you a rebel. Even put a period where you were supposed to put a question mark. You go girl, fight the power. This is seriously what is wrong the the world these days.

  16. okay i was at the gathering and not even half of the juggalos n juggalettes were throwin rocks at her because technically there were alot of people who were listenin to wolfpac and prozac oh and that night galager was performing so not even half were there so it might have been alot but sure as hell not every juggalo not even half. you might wanna get your facts straight and not from news and reports from a mtv whore such as tila. thats why no one at the gathering wanted her there. okay r3ign i dont need you to sit there and make fun of me. have you ever stood up for something you love? tell me what radio station they play on cmon lets hear it. i know of one but its only a web show and its only everyone on the lable and thats it!!!!!!!!!!! they are GOING mainstream because this last album icp released hit bilboreds #4 okay but they are still not on the radio you would hear in your car unless you connect to the internet. i cant sit there and let you tell me everyone of them is going mainstream because they are not twiztid, boondox, axe murder boyz, anybody killa, and blaze ya dead homie are not even close to gooing mainstream. you dont see them on the red carpet, on the fuckin news, or any fuckin tv shows. there is a few movies they are in but thats ones that icp has produced so fuck u r3ign! i am fuckin tired of everyones shit on this site if this is all you do is try to ban something that you dont like GET A FUCKIN JOB. you prolly sittin on your ass typin this shit cuz you have nothing better to do. you piss me off because we are not even bothering you!!! i have a job i am gonna be somethin and yall never gonna fuckin put me down with your bullshit. i dont care if you sit there and make fun of my grammer my run on sentences and lack of punctuation i DGAF!!!! ya’ll are lazy ass chickens who wanna judge a group of people on a some over the top juggalos. how many times do i have to say that NOT ALL OF US ARE THE SAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i stick by what i believe in if we arent botherin you leave us the fuck alone!!!!

  17. I have spent years studying in criminal justice as well as gang enforcement. So no, I am far from sitting on my ass. My job is to deal with scum such as yourself. I could easily give you the raido stations I’ve heard them played on, thing there is those stations will be different where you’re from. I can tell you that if you have Comcast cable with On Demand, you can go on to Fuse and will find “Miracles” and “In Yo Face”. Also, I was at that gathering last year. Thousands of Juggalos were throwing shit it her as well as chasing her down when she finally did try to leave. True not every single one did, but there was more that did then there were that didn’t. I like how you try and say I’m lazy, when I’m able to not only throw in facts, but I’ve maintained perfect grammar though every post. Whereas you with your claims of such a good education, but showing the ability of a third grader.

    • yea know what tho we dont strive to mbe mainstream u ppl who hate us rly do love outr music or is it…that most of the countrie acually likes what they r saying we will always be underground u guys just dug down and happened to find us a relize “we the motha fuckin shit” so stick it up ur ass R31GN iv read alot of ur post u get shot down everytime give up all u do is make us look better by not geting ur facts strraigh ur guys dont even dknow what going on us we all r united under the hatchet

      Whoop Whoop

  18. Fuck you I am a bad speller and i’ll admit it English is not one of my strong points in school i’ll admit it. But the next time you insult my education, it’s not going to be pretty. I have been made fun of most of my life for stupid shit. i’m tired of ass holes like you sitting there and telling me that i’m stupid or that what i chose to follow is wrong. I’m tired of you saying that i am a criminal when: 1. i don’t do drugs 2. i have never been in trouble with the law or had a write up in school. So technically i don’t believe that makes me a criminal. What the hell do you have to say about that. Okay maybe your not a lazy ass but is this what you do you wanna try and find that all juggalos and juggalettes are criminals? You should do some research, especially on this site, there are multiple juggalos that are in college and very successful. I do plan to go to college and end up going into graphic design so you know you really have nothing on me. I don’t care if you have studied law or what ever i really don’t care. Just because the fact that you believe that you are better than me, because your not. Yeah I claim myself as a juggalette and i am proud of it. You can sit there at your computer and, let me guess you really like hurting people, you find this amusing i would not be surprised. Honestly if you really think what you are trying to do is going to work, all you JH idiots are stupider than your cause because we are not going any where. I’m proud to be a juggalette, a artist, and a student, i have never and will never be in trouble with the law. I am going to graduating the top of my class and i am going to go to college and do the best i can. I believe that all my life i am going to be a success, whether i am a juggalette or not. I am my own person, i am who i am going to be and if you ever see a tattoo parlor caller Wicked Chicks Tattoo & piercing you’ll know i accomplished my dream and i became what i wanted. Yes i want to do tattoos and piercing don’t start talking shit. I am a juggalette and i’m fucking proud of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. You speak English, but suck at English? That has to be the most retarded thing I’ve ever heard. How do you fail at your own language? I’ve never said I thought I was better than anyone, but when you lay the facts out, it does look that way. I like hurting people? If you mean I like making you feel like the moron you truly are, then yes I find a lot of enjoyment in it. Stupider is not a word, so once again, you’re dumb. Graduating the top of your class huh? Are you in a school full of coma patients? Cause that’s the only way I see that happening.

    • Dumn Ass…. We are Americans so we speak it. But learning it the proper way is harder then any other language known to man kind

  20. okay whatever, i am not stupid. i am bad at engligh because the fact that i dont fuckin know everything about proper punctuation that’s my problem. I am not the best speller i admit that shit. honestly how pissed off i am at the moment wouldnt be wise to piss me off. You have yet again. If you have a fuckin problem with stop bein a pussy and come find me bitch i live in missouri come say it to my face im ready for ya bitch!!!!!! okay you think im stupid but i think your an asshole and needs to go suck a choad im tired of your shit come find me and say what you think to my fuckin face. See if you have the balls to own up to what you say!!!!!! watch a 19 year old girl beat your ass you fuckin pussy. im not scared, you do think your better than me your not shit compared to me. i believe in what i want i dont need you to tell me what you and people that follow this fuckin jh shit to tell me what the fuck you think because yall just wanna get rid of sometihing you disagree with. you guys are being childish. i dont care if you have a good job and or if you have been workin with gang shit we are not a gang and i dont need your pussy ass opinion yall wont do shit about it soooooooooo fuck off bitches!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Well look at you trying to sound all hard. Yes, I’m most definitely going to go to an entire state scoping for some dumb bitch named Amber. It’s easy to say “come get me” when all you give is a state. All because you got butthurt over mere facts you yourself are giving me. I see how it is though, Juggalo gets offended, can only think of violence. Once again proving Juggalos are a gang. You’re really only digging yourself into a deeper hole at this point.

  22. i live in sullivan missouri i work at taco bell come and fuckin find me. i am tired of your fuckin shit and sick of being called a gang, a criminal, and an idiot. come say what you think to my fuckin face

    • After reading all of these post to this point I am glad I did not stop. Top of your class at 19 but not in college, and have a job working at taco bell. This has become just too much to handle and I am not all the way through!

  23. Yes, I’m going to go all the way to Missouri because you can’t handle the truth. You’re proving everything you’re mad about in that post alone. What dumbfuck picks a fight with someone off the internet at work? At a Taco Bell of all places. But no, you’re not an idiot. LOL

  24. okay whatever think what you want im tired of your shit

  25. I fully agree with Amber. Juggalos are not a gang we are a family and will except anybody, even if you don’t listen to any of Phycopathic Records’ bands. But if you do mess with any Juggalos we are not scared to fight back. We wear our hatchetman with pride and are not afraid to admit who we are. So just fuck off R31GN cuase no Juggalo or Juggalette is afraid to face anything.

    • Except when you are storming in the home to break up the meth lab. And I highly doubt you would “accept anyone” if someone showed up to a show in their Mercedes in a pair of khakis and a polo. I can see the headline now…. MASS GROUP OF MENTALLY CHALLENGED CLOWNS TO BE ASS RAPED IN FEDERAL PRISON. I think that I would feel sorry for the poor bastard who would actually do something like this, but would get joy out of seeing a police swat team show up and beat all of you worse then Rodney King.

  26. thank you jeff thank you finally some fam comes to back me up WHOOP WHOOP YOU RoCK I JUST AM TIRED OF THIS GUYS SHIT so fam thank you he bein a ass to scared to come say it to my face we are not a gang. i wear my hatchet proud and its just how it is

  27. O.k. for start off who ever made this shit obviously has no life πŸ˜‰
    The G.O.T.J. is harmless, why ya hating?
    I suggest you quit chatting shit and get a life simple as!
    If you have got nothing nice to say then don’t say nothing! keep your dumb opinions to yourself, I could sit here writing a long ass reply but you’re not even worth my time, energy or efforts and to be quite honest you are never going to understand because you are too small minded and you have obviously been raised by ignorant parents, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree πŸ˜‰
    You are nothing but a bored keyboard gangster, must have taken you a few weeks to think through your intelligent hate campaign, we are all so proud of you πŸ˜‰
    well done! LLAL
    To my fam MMFWCL πŸ˜€

  28. ok this guy is an obvious troll who is being successful here.
    1. Thousands of juggalos were not chasing Tila Tequila. That came from Tila’s mouth alone and if anyone thinks she is reliable for information clearly doesn’t know shit about shit

    2. Grouping all juggalos with some bad apples is like saying all middle easterns are terrorists, all latinos/hispanics are illegal immigrants, that all drug users are bad people, all that kind of stuff. I’m a juggalo, and I have no interest in crime in any forms, nor do I personally know any other juggalos, so I don’t see how i’m part of this so-called gang

    3. Tila Tequila was warned about what may happen. This doesn’t excuse what the dumb ass juggalos did. But Tila KNEW what she was going to be dealing with. I give her respect for deciding to perform anyways, but I’m sure she knew it would be great attention after. Of course i’m sure she was regretting it during the attack

    4. ICP is mainstream? look, i’m not a fan of ICP, i personally think Twiztid, Blaze Ya Dead Homie, and The R.O.C are the only good artists that are/were on Psychopathic Records and Hatchet House. but to call ICP mainstream is ridiculous. it’s like it’s 2009 and you call Tech N9ne mainstream. And by no means does that make the rest of the label mainstream coz ICP is. D12 is on Shady Records, Eminem’s label. Where was the mainstream recognition of their solo work, or their 2008 mixtape? there was none. There are dozens of other artists that have the same situation.

    5. If we labeled every group of fans for a specific artist a ‘gang’ or tracked the criminal records of them, then Eminem fans would be considered a ‘criminal organization.’ I’m sure the same can be said about countless mainstream artists. Juggalos are just an easy target because we/they are all defined with the face paint and merchandise and what not (i don’t subscribe to those, but i wouldn’t mind getting some Psychopathic Records merch is i could get my hands on it)

    6. People talk shit about juggalos but don’t even understand what we are. We are fans of music NOT just ICP, but a variety of artists, even outside of the label. examples: King Gordy, Prozak, Tech N9ne, Krizz Kaliko, Potluck, Esham (i guess until recently since he attacked us last year….), Bizarre of D12, (Hed) P.E., & Killa C are just SOME of these juggalo affiliated artists

  29. i know what ya mean. see and this entire time r3gion has now nothing to say. i am jus tired of people callin us criminals n shit it stupid we not a gang we a family and that all people are fuckin stupid sometimes. and i agree with ya twiztid is the shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOOP WHOOP MMFWCL


  31. I like how somebody doesn’t reply for a bit, Amber assumes I have nothing to say. I merely have not until now read any of this. Unlike some people, I do not sit around awaiting your replies. The mere fact you have continued to come here after stating you were done “dealing with my shit”, proves you want nothing more than to hear what I have to say.

    Jeff: All I have to say to you, is you’re an idiot. If you do not listen to Juggalo music, you are not a Juggalo. Only a retard such as yourself would think so.

    LovelyLady Jo: You didn’t want to waste your time righting a long reply, yet you did.

    Beez: 1. No, that is coming from my eyes. As I’m sure you read in my post, I was at the gathering and saw what was going on.

    2. Juggalos are, and have been proven to be a gang. You are a Juggalo, thus you are a gang member.

    3. As I said previously, it doesn’t matter that she was warned. She was asked to be there by Violent J. Juggalos being true to “the family” as they are, should respect that J wished her to be there. No, Juggalos being the savages they are couldn’t do that. Appears to be no honor among your supposed family.

    4. On a mainstream label run by a mainstream group, you’re mainstream. Don’t know what’s so hard to understand about that. Just because they don’t get they same attention ICP gets, doesn’t mean a thing.

    5. No, other artists fans aren’t brainwashed by some stupid Juggalo family gimmick and commit crimes claiming Juggalos or JRB.

    6. I know and understand more about Juggalos and the music than 95% of Juggalos. So it’s the exact opposite of why I talk shit. Because I DO know and understand. You listing other artists you listen to means nothing except you must be really stupid. Yes, you do listen to other artists. But you see, what you listed was as you said, Juggalo affiliated. So you pretty much just did the opposite of what you were attempting and proved me right. Good job.

  32. i only comeback when there a new reply ass hole

    and yea i named others on psychopatic
    i listen to black crows grateful dead schwag
    subnoize records and strange musc labels ill admit it i still listen to the radio and know some of the songs on there i go to rock concerts i just love music so screw u ass hole

  33. Yes, you’re done with my shit, yet eager to see my reply. Makes a whole lot of sense. And with my post about listing other artists, I clearly wasn’t talking to you. Conceded.

    • just keep the hate coming the fam needs it thank u to all the haters out there juggalo juggalets look at it they r just fucking themselfs over dont get affended be happy they do such great things for us in the end they will fail cus

      JUGGALOS ARE FOREVER nothing u cant do about it sry bout ur luck try hating on maggots next or the manson kights or the childeren of the corn
      but u will fail there to cus in all honesty we r all just freaks finding our places in life cus u “normal” ppl pushed us away beat us up spit on us now u TRY to take away the groups we find ppl who accept us for the humans we r
      so to the maggots stay strong
      to the manson kights stay strong
      to the childeren of the korn stay strong
      and to all my motha fuckin fam stay strong and WHOOP WHOOP TO ALL FOUR GROUPS

  34. R31GN is badass. Tell those smelly violent idiots what they are!

  35. forceofthewicked

    hahahahahahahahhahahahaha you ppl are lame u can hate and bitch about us wicked clowns all you want i dont care. know this though you will never stop us day by day we grow bigger in numbers as long as the wicked shit is blasting in you fucking ears we will be there beating you to shit

    fuck all you JH bastards your fighting a unstoppable force so blog all you want about how much you hate are shit cause in the end your wasteing time while we become stronger
    punk ass bitches

    whoop whoop motherfuckers

    • Do you really have a set abbreviation of JH to say to people when they give you some form of opposition? Let me guess… this is something you learned from listening to a particular band. And now you use it. Air go you are converting to a non-typical lifestyle. ” I dun dont wanna hav no life lik dat, imma be a juggalo to the day i die. NHKLNDFKJDBN” Congratulations. I will enjoy you preparing my fast food and picking up my garbage while I leave you a $20 bottle of liquor at Christmas just so you can tell the significant other that ” you dun hit the jakpot today! no natty lite, beast, or mohak vodka tonight !”

  36. Yes, Juggalos are rapidly being exposed as the gang you truly are, yet you’re becoming stronger. Delusions.






    • Dear sweet God hurry up with my chalupa while you use your virgin mobile go phone to try and contemplate your life and why you turned out the way you did. I will be the one who is laughing with his friends while leaving the bar at 2am to go home to something that is roughly 25 times larger then your double wide.

  38. Lose argument; post cult chant.

    I WIN

    • I would call it so. Last defense of a sad sad group. TELL US WHAT TO DO WHEN PEOPLE SAY THINGS TO US LEADERS….. “random chants and family pride….. oh yeah buy our things and become more poor so we can sit back, remove the makeup and live like normal human beings.”

  39. Well, first of all, Juggalos are not a gang. If there was a huge group of people, drug and high on who knows what kind of drugs we can get, and hyped up as fuck, cause their favorite band is on, the band they would die for, a band they love. and one drunkfuck throws a bottle, Don’t you think the rest of them; delusional on alcohol and drugs, would join in too? Now, only god knows why..but, get over it already that was last year, and you have no life if you still think about that. and who does she think she is, going on stage with ICP we love them drunk hoes, but come on tila, gtfoo. Like, wtf, do your shit, and let us do ours.

  40. Tila was not the only one it happened to. Method Man also got attacked that night, plus anytime a mainstream artist came to perform previous years. Claiming you’re wanting to keep the mainstream away from the gathering and missing the fact that ICP is mainstream. As for me “doing my own shit”, I will be, trust me. My “shit” will be to put an end to yours.

  41. annabell u rite. r3gion stfu its a chant to tell we together to get us hyped up we together are a family, not a gang not a cult not a damn thing but a family and thats what we are always gonna be get off your high horse. we are gonna be down till we die because we arent a bitch like you we have something better than the support of mainstream hoes we know we are hated and your never gettin rid of the gathering wee have the rite to assemble its not against the law so stfu u bastard you still connot judge an entire group on a couple ppl ya really cant and if you do your jus puttin us down because you dont know what to think you dont know what to do when we around youll always be outnumbered there more of us then you JH fags so GET OFF YOUR HIGH HORSE ASSES

    • So out of the entire national population (307,006,550 in 2009) there are more then 153,503,275 juggalos? There would have to be to think that there are more of you then the social norm. If this were so, you would be considered a cult. Or a complete social class like Caucasian and latino. The “huge amount of you” would refer the loose structure of morons who listen to a commercialized band who tell you need to be a family, yet charges you $175.00 to see a shitty concert to which you needed to save your nickles and dimes to go see only to have another $100-150.00 charge for a vehicle. This is for your typical free spot. If you want to be a big spender you can always pay $400.00 for a site. That has one electrical outlet. And a shared source of water. Do you see anyone there performing in those types of places? Of Course You Do Not. They are sitting in their 5 Star rated hotels and multi million dollar RVs that your taco bell wage bought for them. Nor do you not realize that when they want to call it quits, they will be set for life. You on the other hand will still be supporting yourself on welfare and looking back on the good ole days when there was a so called family. But that family will be long gone. They will have all moved on with whatever paths that they will take, whether that is to join the JH that they themselves hated during this period, all because they finally realized that they will not make it in life any other way. We will be there to hire you as the lowest paid person in the building and laugh at the company party when you get too drunk off of our purchased liquor and someone sees your tattoos. It is something we will not relinquish until the day you come in and admit how much of a moron you were in your past. By this point I would have felt sorry enough to let you become my assistant. By doing so and taking the increase in wage of $1.89 will become my slave. You will not leave this job because it is getting you the etra double cheeseburger you want.

  42. You do realize you made that entire heap of nonsense into like one sentence, right? You know, cult members and gang members believe and call themselves family as well. They also have the same ideals and beliefs as Juggalos do. Tell me again how you’re not a gang/cult. Because you say so? Don’t think so. “we have something better than the support of mainstream hoes” Yes, ICP is mainstream, but you support them. I guess you really don’t have nothing better to do than support “mainstream hos”. As for the gathering, the ban from the location it is held is already in process. If it goes anywhere near like it did last and previous years, it will be banned. And since it has already been banned from previous venues, it’s going to be a hell of a lot harder for anywhere else to want to allow the criminal activity to go on in their area. So really you’re getting it banned on your own. Good job Juggalos. You’re right, it’s not against the law for Juggalos to assemble. Odd chaice of words there. You’re not some super team. Anyway, it’s not against the law. Yet. The police and the entire judicial system is already getting wise to Juggalos and are slowly getting them taken down in numerous states and cities. Only a matter of time until it’s worldwide. Outnumbered? I beleive I’ve said this before, but you know little to nothing about the JH. We know everything about Juggalos. Our numbers overpower yours at such a great length there’s no way to know just how many there are. Juggalos however follow a mainstream group, so the amount of Juggalos can just be rounded by how many fans they have and so on. The number of Juggalos doesn’t even make a dent in what we have. We represent the non Juggalo world. Since there’s obviously more non Juggalos than people that are, we outnumber you. How does it feel to know everywhere you turn, one of us is right there?

  43. Might as well re-post this so I can have my own fun.

    Did you not say in an earlier post that you are, and i quote, “im good in school i plan on goin to college and ima fckin juggalette me n my homies have plans in life n we not complete asshole like u think we are”. Note the immense amount of grammatical errors ( I will give you a moment here to google the definition……. done? Ok we can continue), the fact that the entire paragraph is a run on sentence (its called a comma and/or a period), and the fact that you are 19 and have yet to go to college. “im good in school” So you are still in school? But are not in college….. So that can only leave high school….. It may have been just me and a good deal of the population of the united states graduates before that age. Unless of course you are in a special school. By special school I am pointing directly to your typical remedial school. You know the one that they send all of the social waste in public school and ship them to a school where they can all feel special together. I would rather pull out all the hair on my balls then go anywhere near a place like that. They seem nice of course…. for typically being located in a strip mall. “Here you go hun, have a good day at school, remind me when I pick you up later in our new 93′ Buick LeSabre to get some pizza from next door. I hear they have $5 large pizza today.” To be honest I know that there are some juggalos that live typical lives, going below the radar and doing things in their own time. Its the ones that you see most predominately everywhere you go. The ones that when you see them walking in a parking lot you just want to tell the impending police department that they jumped in front of your car and you backed up just to check on them. I think that would be worth about 25 points. Ranks them right next to mentally handicapped institutional patients. To bring my diatrod to in end here with the main focal point: Enjoy your life now and be safe so we have someone to laugh at when we are 50. If you live that long of course. You will be the one with 7 kids, saggy tattoos covering your body of a band no one remembers, and hating your life as you are changing the oil of my $50,000 car. One of them at least. Oh and by the way, I know that you will be trying to have some snazzy comment back saying how I dont know who you are and what you can do as you have done in other posts. We do not and are glad we do not know you. Because if I did know you I would find a way to clue you in. Whether that be sending you a 18 wheeler full of faygo that is all flat. Or making you think that you are going to be the next “teen mom” on MTV only to have a school field trip show up and tell the kids this is what they need to avoid becoming in life. Have a super day πŸ™‚

  44. for your information i had a problem back in 2nd grade where my teacher was going to let me pass but my mom said i should redo a year. what you said hurt and was wrong on so many levels. i haven’t done anything to you why are you all picking on me. you guys would stand up for what you believe in why cant we stand up for ours. what makes us so different, because we follow a group of people and call ourselves juggalos? well ya know what im sick and tired of everybody actin like they know how we all are we are not all like the ones you hear about. the teen mom thing wow your lame that was stupid you don’t know me!!!!!!! why the hell do you have to say some dumb shit like that. i dont care how many fuckin cars you have change your own damn oil!! id rather stay and draw all day then do anything for your dumbass. i work at taco bell yea and i fuckin worked at hardees to but when your tryin to support a fuckin family like i did youll understand i was the only one in the house with a job until i moved out of my dads house i had to support him and his girlfriends, my little brother, and myself. then ontop of all that go to school. stfu when you talk about the mentally disabled i have family members that are like that so shut the fuck up i am not some fuckin criminal i HAVE NEVER BEEN IN TROUBLE AND NEVER WILL (knock on wood) but get off your high horses cuz yall are just a bunch of pussoes hiding behind your computers i told ya where to find me so there ya go. you have a fuckkin nice day hope ya feel like a fuckin dick just because what your prolly older guys don’t know what to do with there time but sit here and make fun of a 19 year old chick how bout ya go to hell. and r3gion i know that they are banned in most states at certain venues because of to violent crowds that was back in the day the melinko babies are not even that violent for your info one day go to a fuckin show and see how wrong you are that is the only concerts ive gone to and everyone is hangin out with everyone and not given a fuck what you haters say. its not like your gonna succed in gettin rid of us we are always gonna be here so get over it and FTFO

  45. you haters are d-bags i dont see why you fucking queers think that just because that they listen to ICP that they are violent or stupid, but honestly i find nothing wrong or even different about them and i actually like there music.

  46. andrew you are my fuckin best friend


  47. you mother fuckers have no ideas what juggalos and juggalettes are even about, they just love there music. i have no problem with them, in fact most of my close friends are juggalos and juggalettes. i also think that their music is amazing and actually wake up every morning to a song by tech n9ne.
    and they are not a cult, they do not worship there music, they just really like there music, and i guess you people can call me a juggalo even though i dont think i am, but i listen to ICP, KMK, Tech N9ne.
    they are not violent, and just because some of there songs talk about killing people, doesnt make them violent, its just a fucking song, so you fuckers and fuck off
    you should really leave amber alone, she works hard and she is a great friend

  48. Amber so mad she’s posting in aliases.

  49. hey R31GN funny you think me and amber are the same person, i am just one of her friends that agree with her. i am sitting right next to her and she is one of my best friends so fuck off dude

  50. oh yea okay r3ign i am soooo posting multiple times its my friend hes sitting right next to me honestly if ya dont know because yea what andrew said fuck off man lol i am a chick so hahahahahahaha

  51. So are you Andrew Conaway or Andrew Niedbalski?

  52. no we are at school ass hole and i can answer that one andrews neither one of them so back off faggot

    the wraith your the shit WHOOP WHOOP so all you haters STFU i am tired of your stupid ass facts you get of gossip sites n shit like that and leave us fam alone!!!!!!

  53. what the hell is up with you wanna be nazi punks? we got a fan base of over 40,000,000 people, over a hundred different websites dedicated to our fans, and hundreds of thousands of dollars to put towards promotions, you guys have a few high school rejects that couldn’t fit into any groups, the preppies despised you, the gothics wanted to kill you, the emos wanted to kill them selves just to get away from you, and the juggalos went after your families for being pedophiles! so what if you got a few t-shirts, a website, a a bunch of rejects, your never gonna stop us! get on board the paddy wagon or get run over as we ripp thru your town! If you got a problem find us at twiztid concert this friday in salt lake city. Ill be the one with FUCK YOU NAZI SCUMBAGS written on my forhead!


  54. 40,000,000? Are you serious? Counting record sales and amount of members on Facebook and other sites, I’d say there’s roughly 3-5 hundred thousand Juggalos. I like the whole High School rejects thing though. Isn’t that Juggalos whole gimmick? Outcasts of society that people despise and don’t understand? Funny thing about that is the only people against us are Juggalos. As for stopping you, haven’t you been paying any attention to anything going on in the Jugga-world? Juggalos are now considered a gang in what will soon to be worldwide, the gathering is on the verge of being banned, etc. So yes, we can, are and will be stopping you.

  55. I understand you not liking Juggalos or the music that Psychopathic Records puts out. Okay, your opinions are protected under the First Amendment and all, and you have every right to make a website like this. But why spend so much time and energy on hating something so much? Did you have a bad experience personally?

    What makes Juggalos and Juggalettes any different than all the other fan groups out there? I’ve been to a lot of different kinds of shows (not just Psychopathic related) and done a lot of talking to staff & security, and I’ve been told on a number of occasions that Juggalos are pretty mildly behaved in comparison to other concert-goers. In fact more than one security guard has told me he/she would rather deal with Juggalos than the kids and their parents that go to Justin Beiber concerts. I’ll give you theTila Tequila incident; that was just uncalled for. I think she embellished a bit but I won’t defend it. I love ICP and my fellow Juggalos and Juggalettes but there’s no excuse for the riot act. But again, riot mentality is a crazy thing. Remember the riot at the Phish concert at Festival 8? And that was a bunch of over the hill hippies chilling in the middle of the day!

    You can make the same argument when it comes to crime. It’s sad that so many Juggalos have fallen into lives of crime, but that DOES NOT speak for all of us or even the majority. Listen to the words in the music! Juggalos are by definition anti-hate, anti-rape, anti-racism, anti-pedophilia, etc. Statistically ‘Juggalo Crime’ makes up less than 1% of the nations criminal activity each year and is only considered officially ‘gang’ related in a tiny handful of counties in 4 different states. Not only that, but Psychopathic Records has publicly denounced any fan who has commited violent crimes, telling them to “stay away, we don’t want your money, we dont want you as a fan” and labeling them as “crazy individuals finding an excuse for their actions”.

    I don’t like to argue tit-for-tat. I’m simply posing some questions in the spirit of educated discussion. I went to college, I have a good job, I’m a good mom. Some Juggalos make me want to strangle them, I get it, but I still don’t understand the people that hate the scene as a whole based on the actions of the minority.

  56. Inner City Posse. You know them as what they went by before changing it to Insane Clown Posse. Everyone else knows them as a well known gang that both are a huge part in and pretty sure they started it. So them telling other people who commit crimes they don’t want them, is pretty much to keep that all hidden from the public and brainwashed fans. Juggalos say that they’re Juggalos because they are fans of Psychopathic, so since these people who do commit these crimes are fans, they are Juggalos. You can deny it all you want, but that’s just how it is. As for the question of did Juggalos do something to me personally, I believe I said that up in the comments above somewhere, but no, Juggalos have not done anything to me personally. Juggalos are a gang/cult and all this can be proven in a documentary about ICP and Juggalos that was created by Juggalos themselves. Pretty much screwed yourselves there.

  57. I really thing being a Juggalo is what you make of it. Anyone can take words and actions out of context to paint an ugly picture.

    Brainwashing? “Hidden from the public”? “EVERYONE ELSE”? That’s bold. Don’t tell me you think the CIA killed Kennedy and the Moon landing was staged too. Conspiracy theorist much?

    The fact that I raised valid points in a civil, educated manner in the spirit of curiosity and EDUCATED discussion and you responded with ZERO tangible evidence to further your point is disappointing, quite frankly.

  58. P.S.
    Do me a favor and at least give me some credit for not being all hood rat grammatically here. You have to admit there IS at least ONE Juggalette that isn’t that bad. Come on, throw a bone.

  59. i know i dont use proper grammer but i dont care i really dont but i am a juggalette if you dont like me i DGAF

  60. I will give you credit for nothing. For all I know, you could be the one Juggalo who figured out how to work their browsers spell check feature. I have proven every one of my claims all over this site. You however, have just given hear-say and what you’d like the rest of the world to think of Juggalos.

  61. just because your an ass doesn’t mean you are right

  62. 1. “Proven”? HA.

    2. Spell check is for idiots. It takes more than a browser’s spelling feature to bode well forensically. (The debate forensics, not the crime forensics, in case you got confused.)

    3. ‘Hearsay’ isn’t hyphenated. See #2. πŸ™‚ Also, when YOU say “Everyone else knows”, that would be the part where the lawyer jumps in with, “Objection your Honor, HEARSAY!” And the judge would say, “Sustained!”

    4. I don’t give a rats ass what the world thinks of Juggalos. I’m talking to you, not trying to convince the whole country. Like I said, it’s all in the spirit of intelligent debate. You want proof? Lets talk about something else.

  63. Correct usage of the word can either be hyphenated or not. Neither is wrong. The thing with everyone knows is more than hear-say since Juggalos are all over the news and just media coverage altogether. Only people who seem to not know that ICP is a well known gang, is Juggalos themselves. Which is really just further proof that Juggalos have no idea what they’re claiming to be. Well, since you obviously care about what I think about Juggalos, one could only assume you’d also care what others would think. I mean, why care what I think, but not others?

  64. Juggalo’s and Juggalette’s can not be stereotyped because we are all different. Some Juggalo’s and Juggalette’s are part of gangs and some of us have normal lifes… I am a Juggalo but I don’t get high act like a dumbass and do whack shit I don’t even have a criminal record and I have never been to Juvi or Jail! Go ahead try to fight my post but most of you people who aren’t even a Juggalo or Juggalette don’t even know what yous are talkin about! their are all normal and weird walks of life all kinds of people part of 1 group we claim ourselfs to be none of us are the same which is the reason why we can not be stereotyped.

  65. haterssuck your rite i am in the same boat as you no criminal record but i still rep my hatchet and they dont know anything but what we r. yea i dont type well enough for your standards but i dgaf because you dont matter. i go to shows and have fun in fact i was just at one last night and had a blast because i was with friends and made some new friends. we will never die alone juggalos will carry on swing our hatchets if we must each and every one of us we may chant and hollar but we are not hurtin you so back off

  66. HatersSuck: By law, you have been officially labeled a gang and will forever be treated as such. You lose.

  67. u juggalo haters duk da fuk down when u see me comin bitches


  69. Hello everyone. I would just like to say that I have been a Juggalo for 9 years. as well as bing a juggalo i am also in the United States Military. I have served in Iraq and Afghan. in turn to psy music I also enjoy rock, and mostly country. I am from the great state of Iowa but was taken far from my family to protect this great country of ours. I am fighting for people like those above to sit around an say all the mean things they would like to about whoever they want. (yes even the dude that says he “hates niggers”) I am a “nigger” by the way but this “nigger” fights the enemy so that you may sit here and discriminate. everyone wants to say we are a gang but what about you racists, that is by far more illegal than listening to music. anyways i just wanted to wish everyone a happy memorial day and those of you who want to hate on everyone for what they like, please think twice. i fight for your right to do so but to be a bigger person would be to allow people to listen to whatever music they enjoy..i don’t hate on you for what you listen to (because odds are i enjoy the same music..unless its lil wayne lol) so please don’t do that to me. I have nothing against you, as a matter of fact i am willing to lay my life on the line twice overseas to protect you. damn we need a more understanding and peaceful world..sometimes i wonder why i bother serving the country, no one is greatful they just want to hate on people they don’t even know. its a shame what has happend to this country.

  70. I’m not from the states but I have to say it, thank you Corey.
    I am fromNova Scotia and I can tell you there are more juggalos / lettes that do not follow the stereotype then you would expect. I personally believe that the Family is connected first and foremost by the music.
    I connect with the music does by the legal definition make me a member of a gang? Who I am has no context to your gang theory if your only basing this on the title of juggalo.

  71. First of all I want to give it up for Corey. Without people like him I highly doubt that we would even have the right to be having this conversation right now.
    Second I would like to add my two cents in here. I do listen to Juggalo music as well as many rock, pop, and country artist. Reading this entire convorsation is a great diapointment to the human race, but I can in fact see both sides of the coin. I can see the Juggalo’s point by saying that they are persicuted and basically thrown to the side. Much of it I do belive to be unfair and complete bullshit. Allthough there are many Juggalo’s that have rightfully earned the rest that reputation. I have researched and found that there are many violent acts that have been proven to be committed by Juggalos. Then you have all the others claiming it was a fake Juggalo. Im sorry but if you embrace someone as family and then they run off and do something illegal you can’t disown family just because they make you look bad. Familily is family and Juggalos should be no differant. You take the good and the bad together. That’s what family is all about.

    Is The JH much better though? Even as a fan of the Juggalo music I can see their point. Having all these scrubs out committing violent acts, rape, and murder. Fuck man that shit would piss me off to. Especially if it happened to someone I love, and from the JH members I have talked to seems to be the case for most of them and that fucking sucks. I hate that Juggalos did that shit to them because they seem like awesome guys once we had a conversation, but still is it cool to fight violence with violence. I read the JH website and I see all this stuff about JH members murdering and rapeing juggalos and lettes, and they seem very proud of their actions which is completley fucked up. Just as fucked up as Juggalos murding and rapeing people.
    I think we need to remember we are human beings first Juggalo and JH second. I think both sides need to learn not to hate because belive me it exist on both sides. So nobody has the right to point the finger at the other because we are all guilty as fuck.

  72. justin fucking stone bitch

    ook stop saying us juggalos are a gang we r not im 18 years old and im down with the clown and im a fire fighter so tell me how we dont care about life and how we arfe a gang if i was in a gang oi would not be able to be a firefighter and ontop of that my girl is in the army and shes down with the clown you cant be in that if ur in a gaqng so stop saying its a gang cuz its not we r just like any other fans so what u think kiss fans are evil and a gang to do you think country fans are a gang to we r just fans we just have a coll fucking name ok s fuck off you hatters

  73. 1. dude who made thIs site: sry 4 whatever problems u had w/da fam. u probably got jumped? if it was 4 nothin that sucks and im sry. but more than likely it was bcuz u were talkin shit in which case im sorry i missed it. i dnt speak for every juggalo, becuz we are all different but personally im a fan of beating the fuck out of shit disturbers like u and tila. especially tila fuck that bitch. see thats just it though. ur afraid of clowns and we want to decapitate mainstream loving pussies like u. two different worlds. 2. regardless of whatever experience u had with da fam that led u to create this site understand that we arent the same. if ur assbeating (yeah that was probably it) wasNt asked for, or u wanted to b down with the fam and u were rejected, u were probably dealing with juffahoes: ppl who pretend to be down for the fam but are really only down for themselves. if u want to b down i invite u to be part of the fam. drop da hate spread da love. b part of a fam dats got ur back, good times and bad.

  74. Last comment: to all the fam: if u hate this guy and his site why add fuel to it? this is exactly the shit he/she she/he heshe shehe wants to stir up. ull never run into him and beat his ass becuz he’s just a bitch behind a computer screen. he didnt stop the gathering and we’ll still have it for years to come. i challenge all fam to ignore this site let the haters have their temper tantrum. and to the hater who runs this site, plz send all hatepostings to my email cuz i love being reminded how fresh the fam is . and if u can give me an address or po box id love to send u a post card from the 12th annual gathering of the juggalos 2011. ps: regardless of the hate uve shown u can still b part of this fresh ass family

  75. christian asswholes need to back off your are guilty of crimes of hummanity you xitan scum beat you children for not worshiping a too faced religion you descriminate against love if it is not a man and women your fake ass religion goes against the most powerful force on earth love just becouse its not the way you like it.your filthy shit started a genocide the band of the riligious slaves known as the crucaider masacered over a million inoccent lives just becouse you pigs wanted jurusilum all for your selves witch were brainwashed by a priest hell bent on wealth and bloodlust,now instead of blood spill you torment the lives of anyone not like you becouse somone wrote a fuckin book whitch has been altered and changed over centuries by random people usualy riligious hirearchy pope,high monk ,as soon as someone uses some sort of violence of some sort it becomes a cult,your cult known as chritian based cristain catolic mormin is all guilty of blood shead,touture of other religious people ,scare tactics “your going to hell” “mark of the beast is a chip known as project 666” “any music but gospel is a instrument of satan,except heavy metal gosspel now thers an exaple of contridiction,christan bash people becouse grammer now thats mighty goddly of cristians let me ask you how far from god are you,becouse some bitch gets a chair thrown at her and cries gives you a right to kill of an entire lifestyle,for saying fuck you to the main stream world they have ther event taken away becouse some little bitch cried ,that man who threw the chair will possibly get in trouble ,doubtfully 70 percent of comps in the united states are peaces of shit and only bother with there own agenda just like the pope who is pure of spirit live in the most violent places in the world rome in the vatican born as all of us but has his head so far up his ass he denies being born of original sin which is stated in the bible he preches from how stupit can you get lives in free america but all the followers of christ are puppets stringged to a book some guy wrote hard on for control just like the pope ,i got kicked out of a chirtch for asking question logical ones like why are there dinosaur bones that date to b.c yet there not stated in the bible, listen to these adam and eve had children cain and able ,cain killed able and saught himself a wife.wered the wife he saught come from,the serpant tempted adam and eve by eatting the forbidden fruit ,now tell me everyone makes the best of life for adam and eve it was this so they ate this and got dammed an all children are born of original sin what kind of great glorious god does this,so how far aare you from god

  76. i have a feeling my privious posed will be removed incase that happen im sennding this page viral im a trool mother fucker when it comes to this endless discrimination many christian bassed religions permote

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