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Yeah that’s the only thing that gets me at the Gathering, is the little punks that throw shit! Seriously what is the point!? But I wouldn’t let that ruin my time it’s just a small annoyance. Even though I was pretty close the stage in 09 when PROZAK came on some dude from behind threw a glass bottle and it busted on a dudes head who was standing next to me, I got a bunch of little shards all down my neck and back, it sucked! but he had a big gash in his heaD.

Axe Murder Boyz – Why AMB quit psychopathic records

Juggalos already turning on their own members of psychopathic records
Juggalos have 0 loyalty and its no wonder amb have left psy and if they havent they need to .
more discussion and the truth at http://planet-lotb.com

Blaze Gives the Hitler salute and sings O’ Canada in Toronto

Blaze Gives the Hitler salute and sings O’ Canada in Toronto

Axe Murder Boys – Amb Drop the hatchet – Planet lotb tattoo ???

The axe murder boys have left psychopathic records after a lot of fighting with them and other artists. Their images and radio are gone , what is weird is why there is no information about this and psychopathic records have not issued a statment .

From what we know the axe murder boys have been having beef and drama over a planet lotb tattoo they received which caused violent j and shaggy 2 dope to get very mad and now fire them.


amb leave psycopathoc records


Planet lotb and Jh causes another causlity and another member to leave psychopathic records.