Axe Murder Boyz – Why AMB quit psychopathic records

Juggalos already turning on their own members of psychopathic records
Juggalos have 0 loyalty and its no wonder amb have left psy and if they havent they need to .
more discussion and the truth at

16 responses to “Axe Murder Boyz – Why AMB quit psychopathic records

  1. Im so happy they have a site just for hating on juggalos. im a juggalo and i love that people are going this far just cause they hate us. see fans dedicate there live to the hatchet and think bout it all the time. these haters dedicate there lives to hating icp and think about it all time. either way both are thinking about icp and the hatchet alot. thanks for the love late pussys.

  2. see it’s aight cuz if a real ass ninja ever saw this punk in the streets you know its on

  3. SelfHatingJuggalo

    I like it. He speaks truth.

    But “if they havent they need to”?

    According to you they left already cuz they found a bomb ass tattoo artist who can change “us” into a “b”. And not only was J pissed but Shaggy was aswell. I cant belive he cares about anything related to the label. Good for him.

  4. fuck you hateing fuckers you kill juggalos just cause you dont like them that makes you hitler. find me i will show you true pain

  5. Fuck u juggalo haters mmfwcl

  6. fuck amb they never needed to be under our lable they sucked and im fuckin glad now the fam is real and not no fake ass fucks in it and fuck all u haters out there to u can all go with them and get fucked like they do every day and whoop whoop to the real fam see u all at hatchet attacks

  7. I thought you said they got fired cause of the tatto that you made up. Lol. FAIL

  8. hahaha you stupid fucks dont know shit, you dumb fucks probably have nothing better to do than talk shit on us all day well to let you know i appreciate all the special attention you are giving the family hahaha…grow a life and some balls and meet a real juggalo on the street and say half the shit you say on here


  9. man if i could count the number of times i haven’t been caught beating down someone for putting down the family or the hatchet, i wouldn’t go to city for a simple assault. I’d be in A&R waiting to go to some bs medsec pen. MMFWCL!

  10. thats not why they left and juggalos do have 120 loyalty for amb. and they always will. and they will be back one day. on psy just give them time to do their own thing. whoop whoop mmfwcl

  11. fuck you you guys dont know us you dont feel wat we feel you havent been where we have and wat makes you think you so much better then us we just want to live our lives wit out all of you views on why the fuck you hate us i mean fuck you guys are just as ignorent as you think we are

  12. I’ve been a juggalo for years… and you peepee touchers are gonna bitch about AMB for leavin psychopathic reacords? remember when ICP left those other butt feltching record companys? maybe AMB wants to make their own name… quit talkin shit… seriously… AMB can fuckin tear it up… they’ve proved themselves. quit bein haters… and that fuckin dork barkin on his video has obviously never seen a female genitalia…

  13. Im a juggalo have been since 98. All you socalled juggalos sound like a bunch of fuckin 2yr olds. Oh i would beat your ass if i saw you on the street blah blah whatever. Shut the fuck up and fuckin grow up. No fuckin wonder people hate us. Listen to how you sound. People will say and do what they want who cares. What you gonna do fuckin kill them all. yeah have fun with that then you can get ass raped in prison too. peace out

    • Hatchet house^ is right. U young thundercats r not helping with the empty threats. I been a juggalo since i was 15. Im 28 now. We did get alittle crazy at shows back then and yeah we did stupid shit back then but u young ninjas take it to a whole new level. They got it twiztid up. This shit has always been abut acceptance of everyone no matter color or creed. Its about loving the music and being who u r. Just because u throw on a hatchet charm on ur neck and raps in ur hairand act a fool doesnt make u a juggalo. Be yourself.

  14. hey everybody go fuck your self nice name y dont u come with something orangel o wait your to busy with a dick in your mouth faggits yo j h ant nothing but a bitch ass wanna b group whos hating on us los and letts for what for bing true people so frome me u j.h. ffffffffuuuuuuuuuuucccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkk off ~jay~ clown lov mother facu

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