Don’t fuck up The Juggalo Gathering 2011

This juggalette cannot go to the gathering as she is giving birth at gathering time but next year she wants to go with her 1 year old child
so if you juggalos go there and cause problems this juggalo will get you.

We are lucky we even have another gathering after what happened last year.. this goes out to all the fuck heads that fucked up the show and caused problems for Psychopathic. Don’t fuck it up again this year. because a lot of people want to continue going to the gathering, but if people decide to cause problems again, then we might not have another one. Psychopathic got sued due to last years assholes who fucked up the show. If you have any respect for Psychopathic then you will respect what it has to offer.

5 responses to “Don’t fuck up The Juggalo Gathering 2011

  1. They actually didn’t get sued, they cant be it’s called a contract lol besides the campsite owner is a juggalo and loves the gathering so it’ll never stop!!!!!! And WE WILL NEVER DIE!!!!!!!!


  2. Uh, Jenni they DID get sued, having a contract for something does not protect you from civil and or criminal ligitation outside of the spectrum of said contact. And it doesn’t matter who owns the campsite, if litigation gets to be too expensive they WILL shut it down.

    And YOU will die one day just like everyone else. And ICP will die. And the Juggalos/Juggalettes will die. And your whole “gang” will fade out except to a few nerds that are interested in ancient fades.

  3. Wicked Clown001

    You obviusly don’t know anything about the juggalos NannaNulu. 1st: We aren’t a “gang” we’re a family. And 2nd: Wicked clowns never, never die!! And to anybody thats thinking about fuckin up the gathering this year think again cuz you might just get an axe to the forehead. Whoop Whoop!!!

  4. wait a minute? how wuz tha gathering fuktup last year? i wuz there and it wuz fukin fresh as fuk! and who gives a shit if they got sued? they’re fukin rich. let tila an meth get some of that cheddar. (it wuz kinda lame tho, that method man got hit. wutever u see on utube doesn’t really show tha love tha juggaloz had 4 meth n red. there were wu-tang w’s everywhere. it probably only happened cuz they both talked shit about icp on several occasions , which just goes to show how forgiving violent J is and that juggalo shit is invading tha mainstream. (i didn’t say that psychopathic is changing 2 fit into mainstream. its tha mainstream thats changin).

  5. oh ya. 1 more thing. Violent j himself sez,”u wear a hatchetman? u in a gang and yo ass betta be ready to do that thang! u rep tha JRB and u will never switch (jrb?) JUGGALO RYDAZ BITCH!” (not that u should do everything icp tells u blah blah blah blah save tha fukin whales)

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