United Juggalo Extermination Group

this group was made to end the UNJF united juggalo nazi front
United Juggalo Extermination Group all juggalos must join to save their image.
Juggalo wars are running wild whos the real juggalo the nazis or the non nazi juggalos ????

2 responses to “United Juggalo Extermination Group

  1. You know what? That was prolly an attempt by some retarded scumbag that hates juggalos to get someone who doesnt even know what juggalos stand for to join some lame ass group that aint gonna be able to bust a grape anyways. Juggalos are AGAINST bigotry in any shape or form. Only an person who is ignorant of ANY of the juggalo’s veiws would take the Juffahoe Nazi shit seriously. Its bs and if there even IS a UNJF they are fakers designed to belittle the name and image of juggalos. But lemme tell you what. Go ahead and fuck up and run accross some REAL ass juggalos and go running off at your mouth thinking im some bigot redneck fuck or something and see if you dont get your mutha fuckin wig split to the white meat!

  2. whoop whoop mother fackos wanna come kill me try ill thump my hatchet in your skull faggot ass hating retards dont even know what a real juggalo is whoopwhoop jamez

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