Juggalos and Japan

Some Juggalo decided to visit lotb forums today talking about how jh can keep making posts against juggalos while there is a tragedy in japan.
Please note so far none of the major juggalo website including faygo luvers , true juggalo family or juggalo news have mentioned this tragedy on their websites .
while lotb had a thread worried about members and the japenese people as soon as it happened.

Violent Js last tweet – what about your juggalo fam in japan ??
“Mu Fukas on Twitter wait for a ninja to slip and say some dumb shit so they can attack! But I gives no fuck what I say bitch I eat poop whut”

Text the word “REDCROSS” to 90999 to give a ten dollar donation. Charges will appear on your next wireless bill.

2 responses to “Juggalos and Japan

  1. Do have to agree here, it’s not right for juggalos to criticize you guys about the whole japan thing but lets be real though…Violent J’s tweet came LONG before this japan disaster happened. If your gonna report something, at least make it credible. Hate juggalos or hate juggalo haters, who gives a fuck. Somethings transcend silly music taste arguments. Lets just be human beings as a whole and agree that this whole japan disaster is terrible and pray/hope things get better.

  2. Kikekillerjohn

    I feel so special, you made a post about me… Winning anyone?

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