juggalo anthem -IS NOT appropriate for a 2 year old

bad parents to no end – notice the other child on the floor while this drug and violent song plays to a 2 year old so their father feels like a big man online , these kids will be messed up to no end and someone needs to get in contact to make sure these poor children have a safe home.

heres the fathers myspace http://www.myspace.com/zombiethyundead

here are the disgusting lyrics they had playing to 3 year olds

Juggalo Anthem Lyrics (Blaze Ya Dead Homie)
feat. Insane Clown Posse
(Violent J)
Killas kick the anthem like this
Juggalos up in this bitch, up in this bitch
Killas kick the anthem like this
Juggalos up in this biiiitch, blaze

(Blaze Ya Dead Homie)
G’s up, ridin’ from the cradle to the casket
And beyond, recognize thug shit
Poundin’ out the trunk bitch
Runnin’ wit’ a mother f**kin’ hatchet
you haters, you suck dick was a thug, became a G
B to the L to the A, Z, E, still dead
Still don’t give a f**k (give a f**k)
Sportin’ all black kahkis with the mother f**kin’ cuffs up
Smokin’ Hella trees, tryin’ to make a couple G’s
So a thug can get back on his feet
Mean muggin’, steady thuggin’
And I’m tryin’ to find the hoodrat’s all about f**kin’
Still loked out
All my dawgs from the past, dead or smoked out
Still tryin’ to come up on a lick for a phat ass ride
So I can drop the top, and parlay through the east side

Chorus(Monoxide Child)
Niggas kick the anthem like this
Juggalos up in this bitch, up in this bitch! x 4

Bitches freeze, you aint a thug or a G or a banga’
[ Find more Lyrics on http://mp3lyrics.org/vPk ]
You’s a studio gangsta
You aint about shit, scared to pull the trigga’
That’s what we call, a real bitch nigga’ (bitch nigga’)
Sneekin’ through the hood, throwin’ up a set
Hangin’ out the window, yellin’ idol threats

Check this out, I’m a check your chin
Close your mouth, ‘fore I put the barrel in
Dumpin’ clips in yo ass is what I’m all about
Straight G from the clique on a paper route
Still slappin’ off fake bitches with the Louiville
Beat a nigga’ to the pavement, another bitch killed

Chorus(Monoxide Child)

(Jaime Madrox)
This is the battle for the planets
We bring the thunder, givin’ half the advantage
F**k a style and a status
Half of y’all hummin’ off a half ass deal
And got the nerve to tell a mother f**ker ‘keep it real’
We see through y’all fools, like
cellophane on the square pack
You bite our shit, you can keep it, we don’t want it back
We don’t give a f**k, east side for life
And if you aint got heart, don’t
expect to have your shit tight
There aint no room for the hoe-hearted
We give a f**k where you at, or who you
wit’, or how you got started
F**k you and everybody in yo clique
If you don’t run wit’ a hatchet, or claim the Psychopathic
I aint got time, to say no names
It’s only 8 rhymes, no holla’, we been in the game
Besides f**k it, no speakin your name
You’re just a bitch in the game
And y’all niggas gone’ always be the same

Chorus x8


55 responses to “juggalo anthem -IS NOT appropriate for a 2 year old

  1. Kikekillerjohn

    30 sexy days julian… Sexy.

  2. That was one person. You guys try to hard! I would never let my two year old listen to that. But do you know what is really wrong? Publically claiming to murder and rape innocent people. ICP has publically stated that their songs are not to be taken literally. IT IS JUST MUSIC. Yet you are proud of these ‘murders’ that you have committed. So when will I see your children in the paper cause they killed or raped someone from following your example? You wouldn’t be able to talk shit then will you?


  3. Ya ok I will give you that. People are dumb. But how many people have you ‘killed’? That is more violent and disgusting then letting a child listen to music.

  4. Nothing to say about rape and murders that you have committed eh? Let’s just completely ignore that part.

  5. What rape and murders do you speak of? I am completely unaware of these claims.

    • Thank you for admitting yall niggas dont do shit but attempt to troll online. Way to make the jh proud. Seig whoop


  6. Stop fucking talking shit!
    Yeah I’m a juggalette!!
    Kiss my ass bitches
    Ya’ll can go suck a fat dick!!
    Juggalos will never die!!!!

  7. You guys do a really great job of Descrimating against people for things they like thats a little rediculous. Im sorry but i would have to say i am going to go around to all your concerts and have them shut down and torment the hell out of you. how does that sound? yeah doesnt sound very good does it. all b/c you like a type of music. its Music its an entertainment business. Guess what all the Rappers that talked about have sex with girls and shooting up places. i dont see you going after them and taking it all literal.

    I also do not see Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope going around rapeing and murdering people so you are way worse of an influence than they are on anyone b.c you have said you have done so.

  8. STRAIGHT UP MMMMMMMMFWCL to ALL tha lil Los n Lettes out there doin they thing n swingin they hatchets!!!F*CK JUGGALO HOLOCAUST! AS USUAL YOU HATE ON US CAUSE YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND US! Any of you haters let your kids watch the news?? I bet you do and you excuse the violence and rape they witness there as ‘educational’ or ‘facts of life’ but when we put it to music suddenly its wrong and we are wrong for doing it. I don’t hear you complaining about the Saw series and that straight up advocates brutal murder as a life changing experience……..on that note maybe y’all should try it some time. As for it being inappropriate for 2 year olds to listen to I intend to play Psychopathic to my womb when I’m pregnant…..WHUT?!?! oh yeah n for all the Los and Lettes here MMMMMFWCL everyone else……..FOOOOOODAAAAANG!

  9. Nobody has ever claimed to rape or kill anyone. These are all delusional claims made by Juggalos. Everything we’ve done, or at least that can be proven, has been within the limits of the law.

    • i lost a close friend to one of ur bitch asses dont say bullshit to me i held my friend bodie till the cops got there u peice of shit u ever had to see a man die in ur arms knowin just a minet would have saved him u fuckers kille him so fuck u

      R.I.P Smily miss u bro Juggalo homie

  10. LoL and guess what Juggalo’s never claimed to Kill Kurt Cobain. are you a fucking stupid? he blew his own head off with a Shotgun after taking a bunch of heroin. and if anyone did kill them they were paid by Courtney Love.

  11. Bullshit I have seen websites stating Kwhen killing juggalos 177 dead just isn’t enough? Eveything that I have done has been within the limits of the law. I have no criminal record and a college education. If I didn’t tell you I was a juggalo you would never know

  12. The juggalo holocaust has sparked much interest in the Juggalo/Juggalette family. So far, 20-25 juggalos have been shot and killed whereas 6 juggalettes have been raped. https://juggaloholocaust.wordpress.com/about/

    This is within the limits of the law? this is copied and pasted from the link on this site that says about, the link is also posted under if you’d like the check my source. So maybe they are not claims and delusions created by Juggalos. What is a delusion created by the discrimating people behind this crazy operation(juggalo holocaust) is that Kurt Cobain was killed by a Juggalo because anyone that has a brain knows that he committed suicide way of shotgun wound to the head after using heroin. Or he was murder by someone hired by Courtney Love.

  13. Courtney Love is a Juggalo. And as for the whole “When killing Juggalos, 17 dead is simply not enough”, it’s a play off an ICP lyric. As a Juggalo, I’m sure you knew that. And that about section of this site is mostly just things copied that Juggalos made up about what the JH is and how it began. You can go ahead and believe we do whatever you’d wish. You have no proof to base these claims to, whereas we have more than enough proof of Juggalos who have killed, raped, etc. We win.

    • where urproof bitch huh and no this whole web page is ur fuckin gay ass nazis A.K.A JH talking shit about stuf u dont even know and where is ur proof huh i wanna see it mothafucker cuz if a juggalo did that he ant a jugalo cus we dont stand for that shit ill kill a “Juggalo” who rapes somone cus thats a bitch slap to the fam

  14. There is the proof you guys are nothing but liars!! Say something now bitch!!

  15. Woww you haters disguss me, point one. Its there fuckin kid not yours so blow on it. Point 2. Dont play god or create a war cause we outnumber you. 3 stay the fuck out of peoples buisness.. Whoop whoop haters hate, fam add me

  16. There’s proof, but you’ve yet to prove it. Seth, you do not outnumber us in the slightest. Juggalos claim they have millions of Juggalos, yet they can’t even break 20,000 on Facebook. The Juggalo Holocaust is a representation of the decent, law-abiding citizens that make up the rest of the non-Juggalo world. We far outnumber you on such a massive scale that there is NO hope for you to overtake us. You are a very, very small criminal element that stands in the face of a world that tires of your petty crimes and false persecution syndrome.

    • law abiding bullshit as for ur juggalos creating rumar do u honestly thing we would give a flying fuck about u if u had not killed or fam and raped em no ur just another bitch thats jelus of the fam and i know what iv seen u men do not obey the law u kill and rape iv seen it so fuck u

    • Thats because the other half a million have lives and wish not to be FACEBOOK ZOMBIES…. SO IF YOURE BASING YOUR so called proof of numbers on facebook, THEN YOU ARE TRULY MORE PATHETIC THAN I HAD ORIGINALLY THOUGHT!!!!

  17. Why would you copy and paste bad things about yourself on a website? And not to mention all the JH memebers telling me they are going to come and kill me. Oh and commiting crimes to blame on juggalos. And where do you get that courtney love is a juggalo? Ya a play off of an icp lyric, that you changed. Plus there are morejug galos than JH

  18. And since there are more juggalos of course you would have more dirt on us. However; if one priest rapes a child does that mean all priests support child rape and rape children also? Yes or no? But the jh can tell me that they are goona kill me and my family and rape my gf. I don’t hold every jh member to this, just as you shouldn’t hold a juggalo based on others actions. But you do anyway. Your hipocrits. I just wanted you to know.

  19. The definitions made by Juggalos of what they believe the JH is about is there strictly for our amusement. The fact we know so much about you, but you know little to nothing about us. Yeah we changed the lyric a little. Hence why I said a play off a lyric. The JH represents decent, hardworking people. Since you seem to know nothing about us, you have zero idea how many people we have in our pocket. Since Juggalos follow a mainstream group such as ICP, it’s easy to get a general idea of how many Juggalos there are. Face it kid, Juggalos have no chance in stopping us from doing what we have to do.

  20. yet i’ve never met or even seen one of these fuckers…jh aint nothin but a bunch of internet thugs

    • so ur goal as i have read is to “exterminate the juggalos” video posed agenst juggalos by u sick fucks dress like us act like us and u say ur difrent ur not and dont think we dont know more about u i know quite alot about u actually but this is not a dirt war u ppl kill anyone else i swear to god ur whole thing here will be gone u cant see us as ppl just like u did u know i work 50 hours a week i have i gf i plan on marring soon iv never been on welfare or food stamps never kiled a man never raped a woman the worst i got was smoking pot and u know what week wont kill u its less dangerous the beer u lie and cheat u buy ur way up fine by me but one thing u should know above all else

      juggalos far outnumber u we dont have facebook or myspace cus we dont have time for that bullshit and the gathering isent even the tip of the iceberg of the numbers of juggalos so bring all u got bitch u will fail lifes a bitch bro u dont know shit bout us u rly dont

  21. Kikekillerjohn

    Lol @ buttsecks & r31gn being decent hardworking people.

    • no shit they r way worse than any juggalo iv met hell they r worse than a rasit but what ever bro they will end up in hell while we look down from shangri-la


  22. I’ll agree. 2 is too young. But hey. I started listening to them when i was 12 and im well not exactly sane but i havent killed anyone and you know for the people that do, they’re in jail. learning their lesson.
    Talking about it online is NOT going to help anyone.
    I think people should stop hatin on the fam.

  23. There was over 10,000 Juggalos at the Gathering last year from all over and i know plenty that couldn’t go that wanted too. and who gives two shits about facebook. and if you knew anything about Juggalos you would know that they don’t care if they are popular or liked by all you little rich bitch boys.

  24. Seriously, you guys are going to blame Insane Clown Posse for someones lack of parenting. You are going to talk about raping and killing Juggalos when you claim to try to prevent what ICP apparently puts into the young minds of youth. If you had any bit of intelligence you’d see that what you’re doing is the most unintelligent thing I have ever heard of. Thier not ‘family’. Well not everyone has a Nucleur family, with a mother, a father, and siblings. And every family has setbacks who are you to judge and say what is and what isn’t. Thier music may not appeal to you and if you were to take the time to read about Violent Jay and Shaggy to dope you would learn that they do not abuse women or children. Or anything you accuse them of doing, I am not a juggalo, I had a feeling of discust for them, I learned about them I read about them and I come upon this website and realize how discusting the Juggalo Holocaust is.


    • this is to that bit at the end u know what i grew up with zombie manson icp iv been jaming shit like that for years and im prolly better off than u the musics meaning is importint the meaning is to fallow god so u know what i dont see an issue with it and ur never to young to join the fam we dont discriminate agents race size age color none all r welcome u would been to man if u just opened ur eyes

  25. I have never seen ANY of you. If you outnumber us so much, then come to the gathering. You want us to stop others want to kill us. Then show up. We will see who out numbers who. You don’t out number us. That is the funniest shit I ever heard. Law abiding my ass. So the jh killing and raping and promising that they are going to come to my house, take my hatchet, and slit my throat isn’t against the law. What did you say “the definitions made by juggalos…” What abpout what you make up about me? I’m not a bad person. And if I misunderstand what the jh is then explain it unless it is a group set to end the juggalos gang and cult correct? Not just juggalos. But u attack every juggalos be it physica or verbally. I think your staryin off ur cause a little bit. You know unless its complete bullshit and you are lieing. My intelligence is far more impressive than you are led to believe. But now I gotta say I know there are typos in this and very little proper punctuation. Just thought I would say that b4 all u jh decided to say look he’s dumb can’t even spell. Which on many of your blogs is your main defence. “Face it kid jug galos have no chance to stop us from doin what we have to do” what is it exactly that you have to do? Face it. If we are a gang so are you. If we are a cult so are you. You created a group in the purpose of stopping another group. Gang. U calim rapes and murders. Gang. And tell me how gloin to hollowicked and celebrating punch a juggalo day as law abiding? you get in groups and do assault. Gang. Lol its really stupid if you think aboiut it.

  26. If you’re not a Juggalo, you’re either rich or a nazi. Lol, Juggalogic.

    • bullshit bitch u shut the fuck up asshole saying we r lying dude im friend with ppl who hate icps music and r not juggalos but yea we do have a problem with GREEDY RICH PPL who watch the poor suffer while they have the ability to help and yea we hate u nazis can u blame us ur killing us dick face

      u r so fucking stupid it makes my head hurt

  27. Nothing smart ass to say now. Face it the group you follow is as much a gang as juggalos are. Oh and as for facebook, icp is the most hated band in the world. Everyone that likes the jh on face book isn’t exactly a member of the jh ready to fight for your cause. They are just people who hate juggalos.


  28. Don’t reply for a day, Juggalos think they’ve won. No, I’m not sitting here awaiting your dumbass response. Only time Juggalos want to meet up with anyone against them is at the gathering. This really only proves Juggalos are a gang who can only function within the confines of their entire group. As I said before, I have no idea what you’re talking about with the killing. And unless you have proof we’ve threatened you, your claims will get you nowhere. Yet in your posts here alone, you’ve done nothing but make weak threats. Our cause has nothing to do with ICP or any other artist. Do some of us hate the music? Yes, but that isn’t who we are against. Hence the name Juggalo Holocaust and not ICP Holocaust. As for you claiming to me more intelligent than I’d think, but then stating your spelling and punctuation is horrible only proving your intelligence is very little. Lol @ “if we’re this, so are you”. No, you have not a stitch of proof against anything you claim the JH to be about, or have done. I on the other hand can prove a ton of crimes stemming from rape, kidnapping and murder. The fact we are trying to get rid of a group such as that doesn’t make us a gang or a cult, it makes us the exact opposite. What does a JH page on Facebook have to do with anything? None of us really use Facebook for our cause. Just have it there to have it. ICP however, is a music group with a page that supposedly has millions of fans and followers, but very little fans of their page. Most hated or not.

    • most of ur ppl are scared of us if u start shit juggalos stand as one ” if u step to one of u better step to the whole crew” juggalo homies ur ppl will not show and every single juggalo will ur fucked homie just give it up we got god on our side obviosly


  29. That just proves even more that the facebook comment is bullshit. As well as many of your other comments. Nothing to say about you being a gang? Another juggalo on a diff page says the movie saw promotes violence to change ur life for the better. Do you want to start a hate group about that to? And you also have a bunch of people reporting juggalo crimes or saying “I used to be a juggalo”. Half these people are probably you. Your not fooling me. And the ones that aren’t u like the kid who fucked a dead body. Does him being a juggalo have any relevance to the case? Did he say icp told me to. Icp didn’t fuck that kid up. Parents like you wanting their kids to be perfect and leave no margain for error. You have stole something beat someone up and said the words I’m gonna kill u at some point in your life. No one is perfect. You r cyber bullies. Do u remember that girl awhile back who hung herself cause people were harassing her online. Now there is a whole foundation named after her. They were teasing her calling her names, u know the same shoit u do on here. Ya you got morals alright.

    • whoop whoop homie thats exactly right man this is bullshit all we r trying to do is live but hey this guys kid will prolly killhimself i would if this bitch was my perint hell music is kool being forced to live ur life acording to what somone else thinks is good for u u bitch about us but my friends kid is in collges mother fucker and he is a juggalo

  30. You say half these people claiming to be ex Juggalos are probably us. I assume you mean the black guy in the video posted earlier. Now, since Juggalos all assume we’re Nazi’s, us being a black guy sounds pretty unlikely now doesn’t it? Cyber bullies? No, we speak the truth and have broken no laws. If we have, don’t you think we wouldn’t have gotten away with as much as we have over the years? It’s been a long time too. Don’t know the purpose of the whole necrophilia thing there. Really speaks on what sorta thing you’re into I suppose.

  31. Never said that all jh were nazis. U act like nazis in being a cult with the sole purpose of the extermination of a group of people be they innocent or not. And yes people get away with crimes they commvitted for years. And in my city the cops hate u as much as they hate us. Ur jh members do illegal thing s such as jump juggalos. Threaten juggalos. Be it u or ur GANG members. I don’t claim juggalos as a gang, just like u claim jh isn’t. But u dress the same hang in groups and follow a leader by definition u r a gang. Juggalos aren’t the only ones in groups. I have made no threats to anyone as have u. So I can only conclude that when u say u never did anything illegal, I habve to agree cause I am the same way. Just like juggalos jh has badv apples that do many illegal things. U can’t tell me that out of everyone that claims jh nobody does anything wrong that’s just unrealistic. And the necrophilia thing was perfectly clear. No relevance to case, so it doesn’t matter. Yes cyber bullies. U r trying to get a group to change and be like u or wipe them out. U make fu7n and ridicule juggalos by calling them meth heads stupid ect. And as for typing spelling and grammar, its an online blog not a college semester paper, that’s what I ment. English is my best subject. I suck at math so don’t ask me an algebra question. You can try to pick me apart, but it won’t work. The site runners have deleted a comment of mine cause I proved a point. But I have many points. And we do outnumber u. Look at the jh postsc and the juggalos posts we outnumber YOU in a massive scale. Hardly anyone has even heard of u oh and tell me how celebrating punch a jug galo day at hollowicked law abiding? I didn’t know it was within ur rights to just start punching people at a concert. And that was from this website. Lol ur a joke.

  32. Everything you’ve claimed about us is speculation made by Juggalos. Holds absolutely no weight, nor could be used against us in a court room. Claiming that so few of us use this blog means nothing. Most of us don’t know, or don’t care about this site. I myself just recently started coming on here for the amusement of hearing your theories on what you believe we’ve done, or are about. So far it’s all been the same. A story gets out, Juggalos spread it and eventually the story changes a tad, but it’s all the same. No proof of any claim ever made has been proven, nor will be. We’re just that good. As for Juggalos, you really can’t do much of anything these days without us knowing about it.

  33. You can’t prove I’ve done anything either so what’s your point. Just because u haven’t doesn’t mean other haven’t. And no its not just speculation. Ur gang members are just as illegal as I am by your standards. If u claim to have thousands you can’t tell me that thoisands of people obey the law. And u still have yet to tell me how punch a juggalo day is law abiding

  34. You seem to be missing the point here. I said you have no proof , nor can prove JH as a whole has done anything you claim. Whether I can prove you alone have done anything means nothing because I can find many many other Juggalos who have. As for the Punch A Juggalo Day thing, well I’ve already explained that to you elsewhere, so it’d be pretty stupid of me to have to repeat myself here to you as well.

  35. Ya I got your excuse for an answer. You will see my response also and I also see it pointless to repeat, but you also missed my point, it is colmpletely unrealistic to believe that your gang hasn’t done ANYTHING ILLEGAL. And I know what your about ending the juggalo gang and cult correct? Not juggalos in general. If it was any other way, your cause wouldn’t make sense. Answer this, were you ever a juggalo at any point in time?

  36. Illegal, no, frowned upon, yes. Was I ever a Juggalo? No. I have however been listening to ICP and Twiztid longer than about 90% of Juggalos and know more about it than what seems like almost every Juggalo. A Juggalo is a sheep. Someone who buys into Psychopathics marketing scheme and actually believe they give a shit about you more than just your money. Nearly every Juggalo I have come across says the exact same things word for word like brainwashed morons. ICP fell off 15 years ago, and Twiztid are now emo faggots who should just leave the label and do their own thing because it’s ruining their career considering they’re the only ones on the label that has any real talent. As for the other artists, they’re only there to further their gimmick.

  37. fuck man. i thought that little kid was gangsta as shit. at least he didnt have her swear. nah i meen. i think anyone who posts on this site besides me is a dumb shit !!!!! im g – o – d – l – i – k – e

  38. BlackNiggerKikeJew"Bear"

    Im with stupid ^

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