Juggalo gang member – threatens girl , then attacks religions and skin colors

this juggalo gang is tearing up a school and claims they will not be stopped.
they group up and make death threats , then when told to remove gang paraphernalia they attack Christians jews and blacks.
i think its time for world wide bans on insane clown posse items in schools.

9 responses to “Juggalo gang member – threatens girl , then attacks religions and skin colors

  1. she aint attackin shit she makin a point and she aint sayin it like someone who hates because of religon and color shes just saying it bullshit and that all juggalos kill. sure there are a few that take it to far but most dont they like the music and just like to hang with people that understand them.

    • I dont know where all the hate for Juggalos comes from with this blog and your forums. I have been one since I was 14 and I am 30 now. I don’t rape people or let 2 year olds listen to Juggalo music. I don’t start shit or run my mouth online or otherwise. I don’t spread hate or cause violence. Assuming all “Juggalos” do these things is asinine. I was a Juggalo before this blog , LOTB and the Juggalo Holocaust and I will be after your hate spreading is long gone and forgotten. There is different types of people in every group and in every family, Juggalos are no exception but not all of us are the monsters you make us out to be. Most of us just love our family, love our music and defend what makes us who we are. I have read that there are people on your side of the fence that have raped Juggalettes, killed Juggalos and committed crimes in order to pin it on Juggalos. It could be malicious propaganda but all in all disgusting. Once again I don’t spread hate and I don’t dislike people for what they believe. On the other hand I wear my hatchetman and don’t expect to be harrassed for it nor will I be. You keep doing what you do because it doesn’t sway real Juggalos.

    • Their hate will be their down fall. True Juggalos don’t believe in hate. They started this shit with the hating on us, and we will retaliate when provoked, just like anyone else. Most Juggalos get in trouble for regular teenage stuff, like drugs, fighting, and other relatively harmless stuff… The ones you need to be worried about are the occasional ones that go on killing sprees, and those are far and few between. There couldn’t possibly be as many victims of Juggalo crimes as they say, because the Law would have cracked down on us by now. I’m not going to come on here and make worthless threats, and I’m not going to post lyrics like everyone else, I’m just trying to help these haters see our point of view. I try to see thier’s, and they have a point, that a lot of Juggalos do stupid stuff, but there are Juggalos out there, such as myself, that have been to church every Sunday. Some Juggalos, such as myself, are even Eagle Scouts, so I don’t understand the JH’s point of view on all Juggalos, some of them, yes, but not all of them. Besides, nearly 100% of the world’s serial killers are already mentally unstable, so who’s to say what influenced them? Aren’t those the Juggalos that need to be targeted? Or innocent people, like most Juggalos?


  2. Kikekillerjohn

    Yeah, ban it so it makes it cooler to wear then. Did you idiots learn nothing from prohibition?

    • u guys are the biggest fukn morons alive juggalo this juggalo that shut the fuk up nobody wants to hear ur dumb baby shit about bein hard dumbass juffahos and u jh can suck it too

      damb kids are fukn everything up i dont even consider myself a lo no more anyone wearin dumbass icp shit has a green light on em anyone talkin jh shit is too
      given a muthafucka killa klown syndrome
      everyones free game now



  3. fuck juggalo’s, but this chick’s right
    fuck discrimination, allow their baby neclaces or ban al crap wearable symbols to portray that you’re part of a certain group (this includes religious symbols like she mentioned …. rules should apply to everyone, allow it all or ban it all ….

    (ps they should be allowed to wear it, what people’s reactions are to you wearing shit like that is a completely different question …her peers can still decide to not invite her to parties, leave her out of conversations, etc…)

  4. Its a shame. That little cutie seems kind of innocent to me. I think a lot of los and lettes are fukin dum dums, but even more so are those against them. I think everyone on both sides needs to use thier minds, and quit spinning their wheels rambling stupid nonsense. What a shame that this girl is caught up in between two equally retarded sides. Fuck everyone in this debate, think for yourself, and treat others well in life!!

    • look lo and lets dothink for our selfs like i dont do shit cus oher d i do my own thing and honeslty the only thing i care about is i want the killings to stop hate us all u like but its not right that they kill us and then call us bad we were fine being left alone most ppl dont even know what a juggalo is cus we ar not that bad

  5. im wit leon. this whole thing is priceless. the whole point to me behind alot of underground hiphop is to not give a fuck what people think. so why feed the fire. everyone has their own opinions and rights but why waste energy fighting on the internet. alot of us would probably be friends if we were face to face. its easy to talk trash on here. and its very easily to be misinterpreted.

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