Are juggalos born stupid or do they act stupid ?

Lovely post from Crax who talks to lawyers about Jh .

Post 1

You people have absolutly no idea what your talking about. My lawyer has reviewed all of your posts not only are most of your claims false and misleading they are legaly considered slander. You have the right to the freedom of speech but not when its all lies. My lawyer would love a lawsuit but we have discussed it in detail and decided it is not in the best interest of ICP. The most hated band in the world could care less about a few more haters… I hold stock in many companies and v.p. of one as well so as a self proclaimed Juggalette your claims stating that we are all mindless criminals is effects me personalythis is not a threat only a warning to watch what you say very carefully because there are other people in a position such as mine that would file against you….

Firstly I’m no spelling champion but your high involvement with companies should mean you could spell or at least spell check the words absolutly, legaly and personaly .
If you think we will stop calling juggalos criminals when law enforcement call juggalos a gang or gang like then take the government to court.

But it gets better

Whats do you realy consider brainwashing a song made to make us feel proud of who we are and that even when/if we pass we will live on through the music and hearts of the people we loved….or telling people when you see a juggalo kill him or if you see a juggalette walking alone beat and rape her…im sorry even that is not enough to change anything, there is nothing you could do to change me so I have a challenge my e-mail is message me and I will gladly give you my home adress lets see what you can do to this juggalette we’ll see whos loyal to what when your running out of my house with a missing limb…

Now that her legal defense has fallen she decides to go the come to my house and ill kill you route , the staple of juggalo threats to the public.
This my dear Crax can be considered a threat , please go speak about this to your vice president or legal council .

10 responses to “Are juggalos born stupid or do they act stupid ?

  1. her leagal defence did not fail if i was in her posistion id sew ur ass u obviosly r just a pathetic little boy did momy not love u anof :,( well to bad cus u call us a gang well ges what buddie the gouvernment has labeled u one to so exatly how r u any better than us we have fam love u got straight up hate love beats hate any day and u can never stop the juggalos cus even be4 icp there were juggalo long b4 ur dumb ass came out ur mom flapy pussy and yea why dont u go to her house dont b a bitch or u scared this let will teach ur rasist ass a lesson get informed we r not evil u r tho

  2. this is an internet forum. people can type whatever garbage they want. juggalos shouldnt be getting so offended by this. it is retarded but i think everyone knows that. getting all crazily worked up about it is just feeding the fire. nah i meen. im fairly new to the underground hip hop scene but i think yall need to relax and listen to some tunes. nobodies gunna kill anybody. im listenin to some sham. i wish sham and violent j would do another track togethter but i suppose that aint gunna happen. they sound dope together.

  3. Hey, maybe ICP does make pretty goid music but their idiotic looks and name kind of puts them down. Personally I wouldnt want to look like a clown and call myself a juggalo…

  4. hahahahahahahahahaha
    For one you can’t sue anyone because they said Los and Lettes are trash. Now if a Specific persons name was said that is called DEFAMATION OF CHARACTER. Have you heard of the website “the dirty” if people can not manage to sue him for the site he created this person here is not going to have anything happen to them. Your “attorney” if you even have one would tell you that you are a moron for posting ” I will gladly give you my home adress lets see what you can do to this juggalette we’ll see whos loyal to what when your running out of my house with a missing limb…” The judge is already throwing your case out before you can cry about the fact that people are talking crap about you Los and Lettes. If you all truly did not care what anyone had to say about you then you wouldn’t get so huffy puffy and threaten to sue anyone for speaking their mind.

  5. Has anyone noticed that most “juggalettes and juggalos” don’t know how to spell. I can’t believe that people still listen to icp. From my own experience people who call themselves juggalos are very dirty immoral people they remind me sort of as animals, just look at what they did to tila tequila at their gathering this year they threw rocks and FECES at her!! They are violent and they admit it for someone to get an attorney to actually try to sue someone for speaking their mind and then to threaten to have them running out of their house with a missing limb? Are you fucking kidding me?

  6. i believe all the rational minded people reading this post will agree all we can do is just sit back and hope some new hitler comes and starts a war against the juggalos. or more reasonably all those dumb motherfuckers grow up.

  7. What's up kooks!

    First of all in regards to the first post… Your lawyer said sue for slander? Really, because if your lawyer said this, he in my opinion is a isn’t that competent. First of all when someone commits defamation of name in writing online or news paper you sue for libel. Slander is spoken. I found icp on my little cousins iPod and I sat him down and just shook my head in shame for the first ten minutes. Then I burned him some good music bought him a skateboard and took him to a skatepark. I just hated the thought of that crap influencing him. So in short, go skate, don’t be a kook, don’t be a pose, read a book.

  8. This site needs shut down. I’m a juggalo, and I’m actually really smart, ask the people that know me, I’m a nice guy, sometimes too nice for my own good, but like everyone else, I have my own issues and I take full responsibility for them, but landofthebanned just wants to be able to blame us for the fucked up shit he, or she(hard to tell, you an ugly fucker) posts. You are giving good people a bad name because you have some bullshit issue with us. Seriously, get the fuck over it, it’s not like I came over and stuffed my dick in your ass. This site will be shut down soon.

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