Juggalos planning to go to Gathering of the juggalos

Just saw this cool comment so i will repost it , it complete destroys the notion of juggalo family , the gathering of the juggalos and the so called myth of juggalo population world wide.

So out of the entire national population (307,006,550 in 2009) there are more then 153,503,275 juggalos? There would have to be to think that there are more of you then the social norm. If this were so, you would be considered a cult. Or a complete social class like Caucasian and latino. The “huge amount of you” would refer the loose structure of morons who listen to a commercialized band who tell you need to be a family, yet charges you $175.00 to see a shitty concert to which you needed to save your nickles and dimes to go see only to have another $100-150.00 charge for a vehicle. This is for your typical free spot. If you want to be a big spender you can always pay $400.00 for a site. That has one electrical outlet. And a shared source of water. Do you see anyone there performing in those types of places? Of Course You Do Not. They are sitting in their 5 Star rated hotels and multi million dollar RVs that your taco bell wage bought for them. Nor do you not realize that when they want to call it quits, they will be set for life. You on the other hand will still be supporting yourself on welfare and looking back on the good ole days when there was a so called family. But that family will be long gone. They will have all moved on with whatever paths that they will take, whether that is to join the JH that they themselves hated during this period, all because they finally realized that they will not make it in life any other way. We will be there to hire you as the lowest paid person in the building and laugh at the company party when you get too drunk off of our purchased liquor and someone sees your tattoos. It is something we will not relinquish until the day you come in and admit how much of a moron you were in your past. By this point I would have felt sorry enough to let you become my assistant. By doing so and taking the increase in wage of $1.89 will become my slave. You will not leave this job because it is getting you the etra double cheeseburger you want.

Completely destroyed juggalos . JUGGALOWNED

11 responses to “Juggalos planning to go to Gathering of the juggalos

  1. Ok whatever juggalo gave that number is fibbing. You are right. It is almost impossible to have that many juggalos. But the rest of the shit you posted…LOL. what makes u think I’m on welfare, or need your job. I’ve lived on my own since I was 19. I am currently in college working towards a master in business. And have a fulltime job. I am also the founder of the new illinois juggalo clean up crew. We are just building or number for this group to go pick up trash on the highways to make this fucked up world cleaner. Or first stop will be in a month or so once I get everything in place. Like I have said in other posts. I don’t hate the jh. Just the ones who say they r goin to murder me and rape my gf. I don’t hold every jh to this. So you would think you wouldn’t hold every juggalo by ur fucked up definition. I am actually interested in knowing ur purpose. From what I gather u hate the juggalo gang and cult aspect. Not just juggalos themselves correct. Email me the answer. No bullshit. No name calling. That be the adults we are juggalojake@gmail.com ya they charge 175 bucks for tickets. They make a living just like any other superstar does. I go cause I enjoy it and can afford it 175 bucks for non stop concerts. Wrestling shows. Free carnival rides. If I went to all these things seperatly than it would cost way more. So technically I am savin money instaed of goin to all of these things individually.


  3. lol you guys stupid and funny at the same time juggalowned lol do you guys ever get bored doing the same shit over and over juggalo hoholocaust owned

  4. look seriously the people on here have some serious issues i mean yall wanna say shit bout icp and los and lettes but yall arent any better i mean yeah we talk about killing so what?? we are all loving people and will give anyone a chance you trash all of us simply because our choice is music and yet we are supposed to be the bad ones?? and if you have a job and decent life then you should know very well that life aint free and not every juggalo has a shitty job but yeah they charge for concerts but they aint gettin everything out either so its understandable but every juggalo that is at the concert or the gathering or ANYTHING else is a juggalo to be looked up to because they worked and got what they wanted

  5. Fuck you. You don’t know us at all, and you’ll probably never understand us because you’ll kill yourself before you realize that you’re nowhere near as accepted and loved as every juggalo oor juggalette, because we HAVE a family. So fuck you and have a nice day : )

  6. your guy’s ignorance is funny yall dont know shit bout juggalos i think yall tried bein down a grip ago nd jus got put down so now ur all salty nd dissin us.

  7. i didnt even read that shit. im just postin. listenin to the new mastamind track on repeat. its ballin. has mastamind ever been in an icp song? ive never heard one? is tnt really in 24’s on an ’84 wit shaggy and sham. i cant really think of his verse. i dont have that song on this laptop i guess ill look it up.

  8. WickedlyTwiztid

    lol daaam man your stupid…..through that whole post the only thing you did was talk bout money and how were not family just ppl actin like we are cause we like the same music…you dont know shit bout us and how juggalos are and u never will and honestly im glad cause ppl like you would make this whole family thing really shitty…and you act like 175 dollars is so much…the gatherings only once a year and like that juggalo jake said psychopathic records needs to keep making money too…but im gonna stop explaining it to you cause im sure your like every other fukin disrespectful hater out there…we make look like a gang or whatever you wanna call it but the only reason you call us that is cause you never went thru the shit some juggalos did and if this is the music that they and enjoy and relate too why should all of you have to try to fukin interfere…and thats all for now whoop whoop to all those juggalos out there …and to the juggalo holocaust suck a fat one and check nutz if ya gotem

  9. I’ve never met such a fake group of people in my life! I am not stating that is all Lo’s and Lette’s out there because I have not met all of you. For those I have met though I’ve never been so disgusted in my life. Lettes you don’t have to degrade yourself and act so classes! It’s disgusting to see 14 yr old girls running around flashing guys or the so called fan pages on facebook that like to post pictures of little girls half naked on their site. Just because the music says to do certain things and to act a certain way doesn’t mean you do it! Obviously there are a lot of girls out there with daddy issues. You guys think that Shag Vilolent J Monoxide etc. really care about you Lo’s n Lette’s out there? Have you watched interviews where they called you guys morons if you followed and did what they said?! I guess you guys didn’t fit in with any “clicks” in high school so the only one that would except you is the Juggalos because they are a bunch of mindless followers! As for you Lo’s out there don’t run your mouth about your boy and turn around and call him your family! Really?! You all don’t know what family is because if you did you all wouldn’t be the scum beneath the crud on my shoe. I’ve never met a succesful Lo or Lette in the ten years I have known about this lable because they are to busy getting trashed to get their lives in order. The only good thing is that the other body they found in the river could be J or Shag and this bullshit of a group could finally be over and lives would no longer be ruined by the infestation of Los n Lettes. Your like roaches you keep trying to get rid of the nasty things and they just keep on coming more mindless even more broke than the last one a walking disease you all are. Oh and don’t say Los and Lettes aren’t broke there was a Lette sucking dick just to get a ride home on top of all the others posted with signs that said I came with my ticket and nothing else! If you were all family NO LETTE WOULD HAVE TO SUCK OR FUCK ANYONE TO GET HOME. THERE WOULDN’T OF BEEN ANYONE WITH SIGNS SAYING PLEASE NEED A RIDE HOME AS PEOPLE DROVE BY LAUGHING AT THEM AND THERE WOULDN’T BE TWO DEAD BODIES FLOATING IN THE RIVER!

    • Okay, first off, youre an idiot…. a mindless follower as you have described us Juggalos, just like these idiots on JH, you dont look at or even wait for the facts to present themselves, you draw your own conclusion about certain situations…. those two bodies they pulled out of the river were probably some kids who couldnt handle the amount alcohol or drugs that they took, and in turn tried to go for a dip and got fucked up and lost they life…. a damn shame truly, another life wasted by THEIR OWN STUPIDITY! But you say its the rest of the juggalos’ fault?? YEA REAL MATURE GUY…..!!!!!

    • JH dudes always taik a buncha shit about killin juggaloz but its obvious that u’ve all had ur ass kicked by juggaloz before. that must be why u spend so much time talking shit. that is if u ever left ur computer room at ur rich ass parents house. as 4 me and mine’ we like 2 get fuktup and listen 2 fuktup music and watch fuktup hilarious wrastlin showz. I.C.fukinP 4 mutha fukin life! woop woop! btw, y do u require an email address 2 leave a comment? is so u can know who is leaving threatening comments? wut tha fuck would any of u pussies do about it anyway? send more hate mail from the privacy of ur mom’s laptop?

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