Ex Juggalo exposes truth about Juggalo Gang

This ex juggalo has escaped the juggalo gang / cult and exposes the truth – i found out after hanging with juggalo’s for a while i realized they wanted me in the gang with them any ways watch and learn

3 responses to “Ex Juggalo exposes truth about Juggalo Gang

  1. I have also come against juggalos like this. That said I needed to be “trained” as a juggalo. These people are the ones starfting gangs and shit makin us look bad. I have been a juggalo for 10yrs and have never participated in a gang activity. These juggalos that approched me are misguided youths. Its like in middle school when the kids try to start a gang. There was 1 in my school called the flies, which suited them cause they were annoying, instead of maggots. (Slipnot fans) they tried strfting fights and shit but grew up in time for highschool. Some juggalos are the same way.

  2. 14 years and running…. and HOLY SHIT! No gang activity…. WOW, IMAGINE THAT… once again, proved to be more useless, and prejudiced hatred banter from JH…. OH, and did i mention i grew up in the gang ridden neighborhoods in Reno, NV…. lived on Montello st. Which was a predominatly black neighborhood, and home to 2 seperate gangs as well as the neighboring hoods housing more than 1 or 2 gangs…. and wow… DIDNT FALL INTO THAT SHIT…. YET I’M A JUGGALO…… JUST PROVING ONCE AGAIN JH HAS ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA WHAT IT IS TALKING ABOUT…… OH WELL…

  3. ive been for down some time and i must say FUCK OFF BITCH!!!!!!!! you know nothng bout the fam ok its not bout the murding or the chopping or even the faygo although ……. its about family i mean fuck does one lo hate another fuck no we hardly even hate other people we just dont like thos assholes that hate on us because they dont fucking understand what we are so stop fucking hating on the damn fam man shit!!!!!!!!!!! we are not a mota fucking gang we dont kill people in gangs for turf or drugs shit man

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