JUGGALOWNED – I Will Be Bashing You Juggalo’s

I Will Be Bashing You Juggalo’s

totally juggalowned


17 responses to “JUGGALOWNED – I Will Be Bashing You Juggalo’s

  1. I will be bashing you juggalos. How is that in the limits of the law.


  2. Ok so celebrating punch a juggalo day on hollowicked is law abiding.


    That’s what you should be saying.


  3. U wanna bash us u guys r fucking stupid u pick a fight with a fam of 2 million strng just wait tell u guys see what it is to protect our fam be happy i dont go hatchet crazy on ur bitch ass fuck u Juggalo 4 life

    2 MILLION – I WOULD SAY 100,000 TOPS

  4. Come on and answer me. Is punch a juggalo day law abiding? U always ignore that part. And when did icp have a woman stoned? If u r talkin boutg tila tequila when did they say “ATTACK”? They warned her. If ur talkin bout someone else if it was true u woulda had a stroy on it already with a stupid ass headline. And if u have a site that explains the details of the lawsuit please post it. I’m curious to know when she gives up. But I will agree, as much as I hate her, what happened was wrong. But what u do is wrong also. U r no better. Ur GANG is beating up children and women which is also not law abiding. I now this is not what u intended, but it is what is happening. 100000 come on now they are very successful artist u have movies games merch over 20 different albums and their own record label. They didn’t get that way with 100000.

  5. Nothing illegal about Punch A Juggalo Day. Did you really take it seriously? It was nothing but mere talk to stir up shit. As of course it did and Juggalos made up many stories about different made up events that occurred. ICP did warn Tila, this you are correct. They didn’t stop anyone or at least attempt to. Since the event was held by them, they are fully responsible for each and everyone there. And you trying to deny this happened to anyone else is funny. Method Man was also attacked that night. Andrew WK was attacked a previous year, among others because Juggalos didn’t want mainstream in there gathering. Completely dodging the fact ICP has been mainstream for years. You claim we’re beating up women and children, but have no proof of this whatsoever besides words coming form Juggalos themselves. As if their word holds any meaning.

  6. You go out and try to stop 300 people from throwing shit at someone they do not like. A smart person would have been like oh they are going to throw shit at me and they already paid me, so i’m not going to go out there. And so you make up events to stir up trouble which then leads to rapes and murders which this site has taken credit for. And for the fact of ICP is responsible for the stoning of a women and the attacks is rediculous. They started a ‘gang’ and they are responsible. You said yourself you started this one so why not be a man and grow a pair and go to the Cops and turn yourself in for that since you are responsible for that. since you are the ‘founder’ of the ‘gang’ juggalo holocaust. which i may say is very original…. not. are you really Hitler? b.c he supposively didn’t die if you have heard of that fable.

  7. As I said, you cannot prove any actual crimes have ever been committed besides hearing about it. I can say I’ve killed a million people, but without proof, it means nothing. It doesn’t matter if they weren’t going to be able to stop them, they could have at least put up an effort.

  8. They did try to stop it by warning her. And she admits she was warned. And it doesn’t matter if they are mainsgtream or not. There are many mainstream bands that perform. Weather you ment it or not you still said it. And you posted pictures of the tickets you bought to attend. Even if you didn’t. Whose to say that some 18yr old jh member didn’t take it seriously, and celebrated anyway cause u didn’t state not to do it cause its a joke. That is the same thing as icp talkin bout murder but they actually say don’t do it. Where as other younger jh gang members may take it litterally since u seemedv so serious. My point is, you said it other will do it. People are natural followers, and do what the media, internet, or their gang leaders tell them to do. Including you.

  9. People can be influenced by just about anything said. Not enough solid evidence to prove anything. You talk about JH members as if there’s actually people in groups roaming the streets when that is just not the case at all. But, by your theory, if we’re responsible for what we say, ICP has said much worse, and should be as well as those who follow. You should really think about shit before you start typing it out.

  10. Yes they do say worse, they also say not to take it litterally, which you failed to mention.

  11. I have no need to tell people not to take things literally. We say we are here to eliminate and expose Juggalos for the gang they truly are, which we do and have been. How Juggalos or anyone else chooses to interpret that, is none of our concern. And before you go into the whole Punch A Juggalo Day thing again, maybe people shouldn’t believe everything they hear on the internet. No crime was committed on that day no matter how many delusional Juggalos say otherwise. As for ICP saying not to take it literally, well there’s video proof of Violent J telling one little kid to do drugs, and another to commit crimes while he’s still a minor. No telling them he was kidding or nothing. These kids too young and easily influenced to be listening to the music let alone be able to comprehend sarcasm.

  12. those video clips are fucking priceless. violent j is fucking hysterical. people will be people playaz. theres definitely a lot of idiots out there that don’t have common sense. we all see it everyday. these artists and anyone that influences a lot of people are put on some pedestal and are expected to be role models. theres a freedom of speech and violent j isn’t here to teach our children hes just here to entertain. and hes dope at it. its weird like 3 people have brought up that oreilly interview to me today ha

  13. Ok juggalojake im gonna fuckin tell you something that is gonna break ur lil heart I honestly dont think ur fam if you think what the newer jugglos did to tila tequilla was right. I understand that having mainstream bands at the gatherings is not what we want but do you really think us senior los and lettes should suffer with bad names because of the newer generations wrong doings? You need some schooling bro! I dont give a fuck if she was warned or not it was not fuckin right..this is not a gang its a fam you can turn to when you need it. Its one big family and ppl are giving us bad names, I’m not happy about it and I’m sure j and shaggy are not happy with it either. find someone elses fam to fuck up….

  14. Older Juggalos threw shit at her too. Trying to blame all of Juggalos wrong doings on the newer generation will only work for a little while. Since that seems to be Juggalos only defense, it’s pretty much null and void at this point.

  15. I wasn’t saying it was right. Where did I say that? How can you say I’m not fam? You don’t know me.

  16. I’m a mother of two Juggalos, one 19 and the other 16. I have been trying for a couple of years to get them to quit this “Gang.” It’s been nothing but heartache and trouble ever since they’ve been involved. Everything from fighting to stealing and doing drugs. Their so called “Family” is nothing but a made up group of stoners, drop-outs and thieves (the cream of the crop). A lot of these kids come from disfunctional homes and some are even homeless, they spend their nights begging for money.

    It’s really big out here in our community, Santa Clarita, California. There have been reported incidences of Rapes, Kidnappings, Robberies and Drugs. They really are no different from any other gang.

    My 16 year old is getting help from a psychologist, but he refuses to leave the Juggalos. It’s a tough road to go down, please think twice before ever getting involved with this gang or any other.

    • okay, a concerned parent are you? Well i guess you should have thought of that before, its not the fact that theyre juggalos, so dont try and push your responsibilties as a parent off on others… as a horrorcore artist from Pennsylvania, Mars, once said…. “i’m an entertainer, its not my job to parent YOUR kids…” in an interview following news reports of a kid murdering his g/f’s parents, claiming to be a juggalo….. if the kid is Fucked up in the head, WHAT DOES THAT SAY ABOUT THE PARENTS???

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