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The Insane clown posse are a mainstream band – Juggalos are not underground

One of the biggest lies making the rounds at lotb forums http://www.planet-lotb.com/forum/ is that the insane clown posse – icp are a underground band and that juggalos are underground .

Some of the posts proving juggalos and insane clown posse is mainstream while their sheep fans still think they are underground . Icp has gone to a lil wayne concert and will be appearing at a concert with him – lil wayne one of the number one names in mainstream rap just adds to icps non underground image , but theres more. Fans looking to escape and find a band that is picked on and unknown better start looking elsewhere.

ICP plays on MTV = Mainstream

ICp plays on VH1 = Mainstream

ICP merch sells at Hot Topic = Mainstream

ICP attends red carpet events = Mainstream

ICP plays on radio and television music channels = Mainstream

ICP in the news every week = Mainstream

Icp have had mainstream acts such as method man in their so called underground concert = mainstream

ICP and juggalos are parodied on snl every 2 months = mainstream .

Icp has wrestled on wcw and wwe in front of millions of people and had their music played = mainstream.
In the mid 90’s Icp wrestled mid tier in wwe and wcw and were on your tv set weekly
their music was on multiple wrestling cds
they had lets go all the way ,homies and now miracles play non stop on mtv and vh1
they get sent up by Saturday night live 3 times a year and you say they are underground

“It’s not that they used sprite as backers to help jet them into mainstream… along with MTV’s help too. And they wen’t on WWF… can’t get more mainstream than that. If you understand the workings of the music industry, and the role of promotors, you can see that ICP has sold out. And all the jujubies or what ever they call themselves – it’s cool to flash the merch and the symbols, and the bumper stickers…
At some point you have to realizes that it’s become a fashion. They sold out just like the clash. Not in it for the movement, in it for cash.”

I bet even your grandma knows who icp is but probably couldn’t tell you who kanye west is.

Its now time for juggalos to admit they are not a family and the music they like is mainstream as they cannot keep the underground label of other horrorcore artists like esham .

Musician with talent – Juggalos will perish

heres twiddlermd with his guitar song juggalos will perish

dude has got mad skills

Allegedly underground concert Gotj on SNL

the so called underground concert the gathering of the juggalos is again parodied on SNL – ICP IS STILL REPPING THE UNDERGROUND YO

Juggalos are played for fools.


Testimony begins in juggalo hatchet death murder trial in Waverly

WAVERLY, Iowa — Months before Lucas Faulkner of Eagle Grove allegedly killed another man with a hatchet, he talked about donning a mask and going on a killing spree.

An acquaintance, Cassie Eide of Webster City, shared that information with jurors during a first-degree murder trial Tuesday in Bremer County.

During the first day of testimony, Eide, a friend of both men, added Faulkner, 21, would often carry such a tool.

“He used it to take his frustration out on trees, and he had mentioned that he wanted to be the hatchet killer,” Eide said. (HATCHET ATTACKS IS THE NAME OF A ICP CONCERT )

According to authorities, Faulkner struck Devin Resh, 19, in the back of the head and neck with a hatchet several times. The alleged attack happened while they were fishing with friends in May at a quarry northwest of Eagle Grove.

A judge moved Faulkner’s trial from Wright County because of pretrial publicity.

Two other men – Tanner Jewsbury, 18, and Anthony Simpson, 19, both of Webster City – each received two-year prison sentences for their roles in the incident. They pleaded guilty to lesser charges.

Eide testified Faulkner described himself as a “juggalo,” a fan of the musical group Insane Clown Posse, and often talked about committing acts of violence. She said she didn’t believe Faulkner was serious about following through, and several months had passed since he made such statements.

“I think he was just trying to scare me,” Eide said.

Faulkner and Resh appeared friendly with one another, though they would “butt heads” at times, Eide said. However, she told jurors she may have overheard Faulkner say he wanted to kill Resh.

Eide said she last saw Resh at her apartment May 18 with Jewsbury. At some point, Resh and Jewsbury left to meet Simpson and Faulkner to go fishing.

A day later, Eide saw Simpson, and he seemed on edge.

“Like something was bothering him,” she said.

Eide also told jurors Simpson carried a hatchet while camping and fishing.

Gary Rosendahl, an employee of a nearby grain cooperative, found Resh’s body May 20 near a pond while spraying for weeds in an adjacent field.

“I happened to look down, and there was a body half in and half out,” Rosendahl said.

According to authorities, Faulkner tried to burn Resh after hitting him. Criminalists with the Division of Criminal Investigation testified Resh’s clothing carried remnants of flammable liquids.

Wright County Sheriff’s deputies found Resh’s car on the side of a road inside Eagle Grove city limits. The center console also appeared burned.

Deputies later recovered two hatchets – one belonging to Faulkner – in Eagle Grove. One was in a storm drain and the other by railroad tracks. State criminalists said they weren’t able to recover any DNA for testing from the tools.

Attorneys for both sides indicated Faulkner and Resh had disabilities that made school difficult for them. Resh couldn’t raise his arms above his head and was diagnosed with Tourette syndrome, which causes verbal and physical ticks and restlessness, his mother, Angie Resh, testified.

“He couldn’t sit still. He’d always be pacing,” she added.

Defense attorney Susan Flander asked several witnesses whether they were aware Faulkner required special education classes.

Testimony was scheduled to continue this morning.

So juggalos defend the criminals who listen to icp get the music and worship of the hatchet weapon and then attack and kill people – Juggalos need to be banned worldwide.