Musician with talent – Juggalos will perish

heres twiddlermd with his guitar song juggalos will perish

dude has got mad skills

5 responses to “Musician with talent – Juggalos will perish

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  2. Why do you hate juggalos personally? What did a juggalo do to you personally?

  3. Not exactly scarred of a fat guy playing guitar. What does this prove? Guys good but so what?

  4. BlackNiggerKikeJew"Bear"

    He has skills and thats why he will work a 9-5 for the rest of his life, sell-out, talk stupid shit on a mic and get paid. If icp & nigger wayne can do it…

  5. not really good. he’s in drop D and using bar chords the whole time after the first 25 seconds when the first part he just used the average power chord on drop D. it’s really simple and not hard to play at all. I’m 17, I’m a Juggalo, I’m in a metal band, and I can play better than this faggot

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