The Person juggalos fear most – Giovanni Sartori

Who is the person juggalos fear most ?

Is it the wraith or the jeckyl brothers .. ???

No its Giovanni Sartori

4 responses to “The Person juggalos fear most – Giovanni Sartori

  1. fuck you. fuck your sister and fuck your dog. JH is nothin but some faggot-ass pussy bullshit. your pissed cuz we break laws? last i checked, murder was a pretty big one! and i quote “when killing juggalos, 17 dead is simply not enough”….. faggots.

  2. That quote is a play off an ICP lyric. Seriously, how is it Juggalos haven’t figured that out by now?

  3. Do you understand that all this shit is just conspiracy about juggalos and shit I’m a lette and I have been down since day one…im not in any fuckin gang! You ppl are just jealous because you thought icp would never make it this far… You know there is a name for ur kind I believe its called HATERS

  4. Joker King Chaos

    Wow. For you guys to think that we would be afraid of somebody like “Giovanni Sartori” is simply and uterly rediculous. This guy poses as a juggalo to get close to them, just so he can beat us up, or to steal anything we might have on us at the time, or to kidnap us, or whatever the fuck he might be doing. Juggalos are not scared of “Giovanni Sartori”. as a matter of fact, i know plenty of ninjas that would beat this guy down at first sight. Beware “Giovanni Sartori”. You may want to hurt juggalos, but juggalos don’t want to hurt you. We just want you.

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