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Police nab 3 suspects

A 25-year-old Paradise man was arrested in connection with multiple elder abuse and burglary charges that the Paradise Police Department alleges are connected with fraudulent debit card use by him and his girlfriend.Levi Garrett Wadman, 25, was the second arrest made following tips from Paradise SaveMart employees that also led to the arrest of 23-year-old Jenny Gravage. Both were arrested on numerous charges including elder abuse, burglary, possessing stolen property and narcotics charges. Wadman was allegedly found with numerous items police say he and Gravage bought with an 84-year-old Butte City man’s bank cards. The two are also suspected to have racked up at least $14,000 in cash back from SaveMart alone.

Police Sgt. Steve Rowe said Thursday morning that other stores and another bank account are involved including transactions at Kmart and the Chico Walmart.

The two suspects have children, 3 and 5, that are now in the care of other family members. They also have no other priors, police said. Sitting on the floor of the Paradise Police Department’s investigations office were seized items including a coffee pot, hand and power tools, a telescope, stereos and a toddler’s bed.

Rowe said it will be difficult for the victim to have the charges forgiven partially if at all because the transactions began around January 2011 and many have already cleared the bank. Wells Fargo alerted the elderly victim for whom Gravage was a caregiver, Rowe said.

“It’s a typical case of elder abuse,” he said of the retired U.S. Navy veteran victimized in the crimes.The investigation is ongoing, and police believe Sherri Vanlawick, Wadman’s mother, may be involved. She was arrested for violating probation and for driving with false registration. Gravage was arrested Monday afternoon at Taco Bell where Wadman was cited and released for having expired registration tags.

She was booked into Butte County Jail for 47 counts of identity theft, 47 counts of burglary, 47 counts of elder abuse, two counts of possessing stolen property and a single count of possessing a hypodermic needle, according to the Paradise Police Department logs.

Paradise Police Officer Ron Belser said the burglary charges are felonies stemming from Gravage’s entering Paradise SaveMart with intent to steal. Belser said SaveMart employees became suspicious of Gravage and reported the possible crimes to the department. Police told the employees to call when she returned and police caught up with Gravage during a traffic stop for expired registration at Taco Bell in Paradise.


Paradise police officers also arrested an inebriated suspect early Thursday morning just past midnight, for torching a car, rummaging through unlocked cars and stealing a number of items from cars on Elliott Road. Paradise man David Bowers, 24, was connected to five vehicle burglaries and a felony arson charge and misdemeanor prowling, police said late Thursday morning.

The activity was first reported shortly before midnight near Elliott and Sawmill roads and police caught Bowers leaving a residence with a large plastic container full of stolen items, Officer Robert Pickering said.

Bowers was on parole, has had numerous prior police contacts in the past 12 years and was uncooperative in the arrest, Pickering said. Police are still looking for the rightful owners of part of the estimated $1,000 in stolen items including compact discs by “Taylor Swift,” “Insane Clown Posse” and “Poison.”

Other items included binoculars, jewelry, perfume, sunglasses and change.

Insane clown posse Really is underground – Wins Detroit Music Awards’ distinguished artist

You dont see this award going to real underground detroit artists who have produced more albums then icp Such as Mastamind – http://www.toxsic-forum.athena-server.com/ and Esham http://acidrap.com but let the juggalo sheep keep believing that icp is underground to sell records .

Honor humbles shock masters ICP

It’s ICP’s turn.

After shocking the world with its cartoonishly violent raps, covering the globe in Faygo and explaining to the masses their position on what does and what doesn’t constitute a miracle, Insane Clown Posse will receive the Detroit Music Awards’ distinguished artist award at this year’s awards ceremony.

It’s an honor that head clown Violent J takes very seriously.

“I promise you, they’ve never given this award to anyone who’s more thankful for it than us,” says J, whose real name is Joe Bruce and whose face is very rarely seen not covered in greasepaint. “To give us that kind of award is just unreal. I can’t believe somebody somewhere sat around and thought of us for that.”

ICP has been around as long as the DMAs, and has amassed a huge following of devoted fans — dubbed Juggalos — along the way. They’ve built an empire by catering to the underground, and have moved millions of albums (and just as many T-shirts) by inviting fans to what they call the Dark Carnival.

ICP — who once wore the tag of “World’s Most Hated Group” and has more recently gained online notoriety due to their in-house promotional videos and their many parodies — has been supportive of the Detroit Music Awards over the years and has attended several of the ceremonies.

Now, J says he is honored to receive an award that in past years has been given to Rock and Roll Hall of Famers Smokey Robinson, Alice Cooper and Bob Seger.

“We’re real excited about it. I just feel like we never count,” he says, addressing the group’s outsider status. “So to have them stand up and say that about us and give us that award, that means a lot to us.”

From The Detroit News: http://detnews.com/article/20110414/ENT04/104140320/Detroit-Music-Awards-turn-20#ixzz1Jv3bFrGN

Proof Juggalos are a Gang

Watch this video
this is what group your kids are joining the ICP or inner city posse – juggalo gang.
As this video says other gangs will be targeting juggalos .
Are your children in a gang ?