Proof Juggalos are a Gang

Watch this video
this is what group your kids are joining the ICP or inner city posse – juggalo gang.
As this video says other gangs will be targeting juggalos .
Are your children in a gang ?

16 responses to “Proof Juggalos are a Gang

  1. can you guys grow a brain? no? well then there is no hope… so sad for you [tear]

  2. You’re putting this up as ‘proof’ ICP is a gang? A mockumentary with clips of a comedy sketch? And you say all I’M writing you is hearsay. That’s a knee-slapper if I’ve ever heard one.


  3. Are you seriously denying the fact ICP is a gang?

  4. First off icp has nothing to do with a gang.. Its the new fucking fans that call themselves juggalos… Icps music is a way for me to express anger without hurting people. These kids that just picked up the bang pow boom album think they are down just cuz they fuckin listen to it. Us los and lettes that have been down for awhile can tell you its getting out of hand not because of icp but from all these lil fags who think a juggalo is gang related get the fuck on…. I wish I could chop these kids up who are makin a bad name for my family.

  5. Joker King Chaos

    If this is proof that the Juggalo Family is a gang, then this should be proof enough to show you guys are fakes. I mean come on. Seriously? This video has nothing in it, that proves we are a gang. All this proves, is ICP, not juggalos, STARTED OUT as a gang. It proves that J and Shaggy were in a gang, called the INNER CITY POSSE. Now, they are the INSANE CLOWN POSSE. They are musicians, not gangsters. Violent J, and I think Shaggy too, actually have families. Wife, kids, the whole works. Yea, they really are gang related huh?

  6. Your defense on how ICP cannot be a gang is they have wives and kids? As if gang members don’t have these things as well.

  7. the fuck is that suppose to mean? do you stupid fucks not understand PAST tense. i mean its no where near an equivalent to bloods or crips. now make a fuckin website about them. not juggalos. & your stupid ass videos about juggalos that killed people; thats INDIVIDUALS. not every juggalos purpose is to kill. its that ONE person, or 200 people. THERE ARE MADDDD JUGGALOS/LETTES. your info is false, & your never gonna get ANYWHERE w/ it. THATS WHY YOUR STILL VIA INTERNET. THIS IS WHAT YOU FUCKING DO FOR A LIVING. GET A LIFE MUTHAFUCKAS.

  8. Inner city posse was a gang. When shit got real every body split.

    If I’m in a gang it’s the lamest fucking gang ever. Where’s my crew, my money, my gun, my bitches, and my drugs! That’s right, I work for my money, I hang out with my friends, I don’t need a gun, I’ve got a wife, and I don’t use drugs. Sounds like I’m the worst gang member ever.

  9. siriosley you guys need to try somthing new like, i dont know thinking?kurt cobain was either killed by kurt cobain or courtney love…ICP NEVER MET THE FUCKER YOU RETARD!icp is and is not a gang depending on which faction you are affilliated with,inner city or insane clown.juggalos are not a gang and proof is a large crip fallowing ive noticed,they have gang affilliations,but are not a gang individually

  10. Gangs purpose isn’t to kill. So continuing to use that as an excuse as to how you’re not a gang is redundant. And Dan, because you don’t carry a weapon, do drugs and such, doesn’t deter from the fact you are a gang member strictly by association. By law, Juggalos are a gang and should be treated as such. Juggalos ask why not make a site about Bloods and Crips, when they are and have been known and are well taken care of. People tend to not take Juggalos seriously due to them being complete retards, but don’t recognize they are a serious problem and need to be dealt with accordingly.

  11. What? Seriously john, what the fuck are you talking about?

  12. “Juggalos ask why not make a site about Bloods and Crips, when they are and have been known and are well taken care of.”

    Taken care of? In what way are they taken care of?


    “And Dan, because you don’t carry a weapon, do drugs and such, doesn’t deter from the fact you are a gang member strictly by association.”

    If that’s the case than every LA lakers, Oakland Raiders, and Dallas Cowboy fan is a gang member by association.

  13. Dan how dense are you? Are sports teams gangs? I think not. Juggalos are, and have been proven to be a gang.

  14. They call themselves a gang. They get treated like a gang because they are a gang.

    Cops don’t treat me and my friends like gang members because we’re not.


  15. “Dan how dense are you? Are sports teams gangs? I think not. Juggalos are, and have been proven to be a gang.”

    Absolutely not. Not one bit. However, gangs have been known to wear those sports teams jerseys, shirts, and colors and gang squads know to look for gang members wearing those particular items. So by you saying that I am in a gang you are saying that Every person who wears gang related clothing is in a gang.

    and yo ass is fucking stupid if you take every lyric from a song seriously.

  16. Dont worry about it.

    Okay jh members. In your terms you guys are also a gang and here is my proof 🙂 every single one of you are in a gang by association because some of you have murdered, raped, and commited crimes against people, and citizens of the united states of america. And by your terms once again, just by associating yourself with these people who murder and rape and commit crimes in the name of the juggalo holocaust, you yourselves have put yourself in a gang. Me being a juggalo, and an ex gang enforcement officer, i can report every single one of you as being in a gang. Guily by association 🙂 you jh members are directly breaking the laws of the constitution by creating a website and a group based souly on prejudice feelings against a group of people who have every right to express thier beliefs in anyway they want as long as they harm no others. The ones that do and get caught are dealt with accordly by the law. All others have the right to keep on with what they want to do as it is thier own lives. So fuck off.


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