Are you proud to be a juggalo ?

Watch this video and ask yourselves if your proud to be a juggalo.
Please do not say these people are not juggalos because it makes you look ignorant , everyone in this vid is a down member of the juggalo family.

28 responses to “Are you proud to be a juggalo ?

  1. yeah those couple people are fucked up. yeah those couple people did some evil shit and should burn for it. yeah those people probably listened to ICP. No, not one of those crimes fits with your assumption that juggalos are a gang.

    What gives you the right to say that you want “revenge”? the families got revenge, the people who did it are dead or in jail. That’s like saying that because a black man killed somebody you need to go “get revenge” on every other black man in the world.

  2. yes i am proud to be a juggalo because those peop[le may have been down ass family but family wouldnt do that to an inoccent person im sorry they may have had problems or something but there is no reason to kill artists of pschycopathic records speak for us who cant they say what is on our minds they say what we want to but dont know how therfor that aint the message behind icp’s lyrics if you think so then your fucking dumb okay those guys where just fucked up individuals who dont realize the meaning of life im a juggalo and i have thought about killing people personaly who hasnt i mean noone is perfect we are all weird in our own way but us the 765 juggalos of lafeyette area say forget any juggalo who kills someone just cause the lyrics of a song they never tell us to go kill someone get the message not the fucking video you dumb

  3. Couple? There’s been hundreds of documented high profile Juggalo crimes this year alone. An assumption would mean that I believe them to be a hang, while true, it is also a proven fact and are officially by law to be one and are registered in the gang database. ICP themselves have admitted to being a gang, and their music is based off this only furthers this fact. Doesn’t matter if there’s Juggalos who don’t kill or whatever because there are many gang members who don’t either.

    • there are millions of high profile crimes committed by breathing people. why pick out juggalos? we are a small fraction of the problem. it’s ignorant fucks like you who feel that just because you don’t prefer what the other prefers that they should die. ICP never admitted to being a gang. they have said that a select few people who are mislead in the ways of their music are in gangs. there are also people who listen to 50cent, ice-t, esham, and amw who are in gangs and joined gangs because of what their music said. don’t prosecute the juggalos when you jh faggots are commiting hate crimes based on a small percentage of what the overall population stand for.

  4. Prove it. I watch the news every night, I have never seen a Juggalo on NBC nightly news any type of story, let alone a high profile story. Just because some dumb shits rob a store in a violent J mask doesn’t make it a High profile crime.

    Ya know what, maybe your right. I mean I only live in 1 city. I only know so many people. But every juggalo I personally call a friend is a good person. Every one of them. So yeah, I can’t speak for every juggalo in the world, hell, I don’t even like most juggalos in the world, But I personally have never been wronged, stolen from, hurt, killed, raped, or violated by a Juggalo.

  5. Heyy. Fuck you, lol. Those people are obviously just psycho or on drugs and you all just want to have somthing to blame it on. Sure.. some juggalos can be dangerious.. that doesnt mean all of them are. Thats like saying all black people are violent gangbangers. Yeah.. what those few did was fucked up, I agree. but any NON-JUGGALO could have done the EXACT SAME THING, and it wouldent be as big of a deal to you..would it?

  6. This is sooo a bunch of bull shit.’s fucked up what they did..but if any NON-JUGGALO would have done THE SAME DAMN THING, it wouldent be as big of a deal to you, would it?

  7. you poeple are pissing me off straight up. i am a juggalo not a single crime have i commited or will ever commit. sure i know some poeple who are juggalos or juggalettes who commit crimes but those poeple did them of there own accord never once did they claim they say it in the name of juggalo never i was always there when they was caught i shuned them for it. i am thoroughly ashamed of some of the family out there who think that we are a gang or a trend or believe we are serial killers or criminals and believe we must act accordingly. we dont we live our lives united by a music style. hell i havent even done a dam drug in my life im still a juggalo smoking marijuana, and drinkin faygo doesnt mean we are a drug abusive group sure some of us smoke weed cause they love the feeling it gives them. and faygo is just a soda alot of us drink because its native to Detroit. sure we have clothes: hatchetman chain, shirts, hats, pants. patches (girls) underwear, bras, etc. BUT MOST BANDS HAVE THAT KIND OF STUFF!!! so if you seriously are gunna call us gang bangers and what not learn the person before you say anything.

  8. Dan: Google is a great tool for finding out all sorts of shit. You should try it. Just search for Juggalo crimes or Juggalo murders and they just pop right up there. Watching news which basically cover your City and State for the most part means nothing.

    MarleyMa: You are an idiot. What was the point in using black people as your example? How racist are you that that’s what you go to? You can’t compare a group of people who claim and rep a certain name to people of a certain color skin. Not even going to bother explaining anything to you because you’re obviously a bigoted retard.

    • the only bigot is you. look up high profile crimes directed toward juggalos. well no shit your gonna find it. google “High profile crimes” tell me the very first one you see that is directed about juggalos commiting it. what you do is no better than racism. hating a whole group for what few have done. same idea with depicting all blacks as gang members, all whites as rednecks, all asians as karate masters. it’s all the same but you JH fags are too near-sighted to understand common sense and see how wrong you really are.

  9. Joker King Chaos

    I agree. These people were, or are, just fucked in the brain. they call themselves juggalos. that’s cool. like i’ve said before, juggalos come in all shapes, sizes, races, colors, and so on. to take these few juggalos who did some some fucked up shit, and then try to blame the rest of us for, is simply a racist, prejudice act of ignorance. i am STILL proud to be a juggalo. and i always will be till the day i die. and when im in shangri-la bangin it out with all my other juggalo family, and your burnin in hell for your hateful ways, im jus gonna have to point and laugh at your misfortune. like i am right now. this has no proof, prooving that the juggalo family is a gang. try again.

  10. So I did what you said and looked those terms up on google and found a hand full of stories. Here’s some highlights.,0,1466781.story
    “The shop is also decorated with the hatchet man symbol. It shows a man running with a raised hatchet. Police say they do run into juggaloes committing crimes, but add its mostly petty stuff, not the drugs and violence associated with hard core street gangs.”
    “Ninety percent are just true fans that casually enjoy the music. Some say they see each other as family because they can connect with one another, whether through Internet or concerts,” said Det. Michelle Vasey of the Arizona Department of Law Enforcement’s Gang Intelligence Unit, who said she has tracked the group’s activities in Arizona for about two years

    Now, if you notice I said NBC nightly news so as not to imply that I only watch the local news. However, if Juggalos are as bad as you say then it shouldn’t matter if I only watched local news because Juggalo crimes would fill the headlines every night.

  11. Ok yea they may be juggalos and thats ok so if we are Gina be narrow minded here then I say we should kill all beetles fans because Charles Manson liked them and killed people o and slipknot fans should die because since there’s more of them they have committed more murders then juggalos

  12. juggalos are so bad? juggalos are so immature? juggalos wont get any where in life? PEOPLE WHO FEEL THE NEED TO MAKE HATE SITES AND DISCRIMINATE BASED ON MUSIC AND STYLE ARE THE ONES BRINGING SOCIETY DOWN, whats after hatting on juggalos…. hating on people for their eye colour? grow up harden up shut up.
    8 years proud now MCL to every last one of you lonley sad hating fucks.
    some one sould make a web site “the juggalo holocaust holocaust” and skull fuck this web site to the ground.


  13. Nice to see that you won’t let anything I say get through your moderation process any more.


  14. Just seems like you let the retardalos posts get put up immediately but when some one says something that actually contributes a valid counterpoint to the topic you take your time in clearing it. That said I do appreciate that you did eventually allow my posts to go through.

  15. MCL to the homie who thought of teh Juggalo holocaust holocaust. we out here in tucson who know right from and think hateres like this arent lookin at the whole picture just the idoits who got caught by actual gang bangers flashin there rags and shit are the ones WHO ARENT ACTUAL JUGGALOS!!! finally story aint nothin to it. a juggalo gets caught up in the ativities of crips or bloods ARE just that CRIPS and BLOODS not juggalos, just idoits with mad clown love

  16. BlackNiggerKikeJew"Bear"

    I dont know if I’ve ever felt this proud… One day you will be making posts about me and including me in your videos. I have to make it good though, I mean I wasn’t even aware of that 18 y.o. with the 13 y.o. Thats gangsta son!

    I’ll prolly just join in on the new false-flag propagenda the elite are working on. I mean uh al-qadea, yeah them. They’re pi$sed osamas dead.

  17. Yo mama Bitch

    Yeah I’m proud to be a Juggalo….Them people who did that heinous shit are fakes…. Thats how it works they’re Juggahoes.They lost touch with reality and took shit too far thats how it goes…. some people are just bad apples.BTW Ya’ll haters pull up all the sad old lame shit,and your holocaust is weak. I ain’t dead,I never heard of you fuckers killing and juggalos,and matter of fact most juggalos don’t even know who the fuck you guys are.You’re weak,bring your holocaust.I’m waiting BITCHES!!!

  18. WHOOP WHOOP!!! to that

  19. I’m not proud of what they did, but I’m still proud to be a juggalo!!!!

  20. Ya dan you are right. They have deleted my comments for being racist lol. Oh and they changed your link to something else. They are lame like that. What you posted probably did make a point.


  21. I never posted anythiong racist. You took it off cause I proved a point. Why did you change his link. I seem to remember in a previous comment you saying that you support freedom of speech. Change it back. Liars

  22. down with the clowns til im dead in the ground

  23. What no smartass comment now? You lie to much to be taken seriously!

  24. Still waiting for you to change that link back, but you aren’t gonna do it. Cause you lie.

  25. Ive been down since 1995 and never been in jail or prison i work two jobs to saport my family so u saying that those few are all of us and that we all do it u need to get ur act toghether and talk to us whe u notice that u r dumber than u think u are and all of u jhs need to pay attention to wat yinz read ok and then u will see that every race, religion, and gang have commited high profile crimes but i dont blame everyone from that race,religion,and gang and u just wanna blame juggalos because u bigits have nothing better to do so how about u go get a job or something to occupie ur time u fagots

  26. this is interesting, i wonder how many true God following juggalos, like myself, would ever commit gang related crimes.

    i couple of good songs to listen to, and if you actually get the message behind them instead of taking them at face value, are

    thy unveiling – insane clown posse
    gang related – anybody killa

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