Insane clown posse – Juggalo Racism – Jail Bird Man

jail bird man

Beginning (1983-1986)

Utsler began wrestling alongside his brother John and his friend Joseph Bruce. The three got involved in backyard wrestling, and created two backyard wrestling rings for their made up promotion Tag Team Wrestling, later renamed National All-Star Wrestling.[21] The trio staged National All-Star Wrestling’s first show, NAW Wrestling Extravaganza, in front of friends and family. Among others, the show featured Bruce wrestling under the moniker Darryl “Dropkick” Daniels, and Joey Utsler wrestling as both Rhino, and the masked NAW World Champion White Tiger.[21] Utsler stopped wrestling after becoming involved in gang life and forming Inner City Posse.

This wrestler is called jail bird man and dipicts a African American making a stupid face as a jail bird – well done icp.

3 responses to “Insane clown posse – Juggalo Racism – Jail Bird Man

  1. Dude’s name is lacy and he came up with the name you fucking tards. If you look under the picture it says “world champion”, at one of the NAW shows he beat shaggy for it. Doesn’t sound to racist to me. He’s still friends with ICP and wrestles with JCW under the same name.

  2. Joker King Chaos

    HAHA BITCHES!!! I kno these ninjas. they are all out of the book “Behind the Paint.” You kno. The book about ICP”s life. You cant use this against us. Its our shit. Its ICP’s shit. You guys are gettin worse and worse at this.

  3. Thats because theyre running out of material to fake…. way to go fellas…. dip shits… hahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaa!

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