Juggalo Gang – 17-year-old sentenced to drug court

A 17-year-old Carson City resident, certified as an adult, was granted a deferred sentence Tuesday and ordered to successfully complete Western Regional Drug Court.

District Judge Dave Gamble ordered Daniel Keenan Crawford to remain in custody until May 9, the next drug court session.

“I was struck by the rather unusual circumstances of a 17-year-old completely trying to ruin his body and mind with drugs,” Gamble said. “I don’t know why you are so committed to wasting your life.”

Crawford pleaded guilty to possession of a controlled substance for sale. He was accused of selling more than 60 grams of marijuana to a confidential informant.

According to investigators, during questioning Crawford allegedly admitted sales in Douglas County and Carson City to as many as 25-50 customers.

According to reports, Crawford allegedly is a validated “Juggalo” gang member and his residence was known as a gang hangout.

“Juggalos” is the name given to followers of Insane Clown Posse, or other Psychopathic Records hip-hop groups.

Gamble asked Crawford why he “chooses to paint your face black and white, use drugs, and act stupid?”

Lawyer Kris Brown said Crawford’s gang affiliation was “just a substitute for family, friends, people who think alike and can support each other.”

She said it also indicated Crawford’s immaturity.

She said Brown’s juvenile and adult criminal history indicated a deep drug dependency.

Crawford said he had two jobs lined up, talked to school officials, and arranged a ride to drug court.

“I think a lot of it has to do with peer acceptance, and bad self-esteem. I get down easily,” Crawford said.

“Why don’t you turn around and see some other people who are down and who love you?” Gamble said, referring to Crawford’s family. “The very idea I have a 17-year-old in front of me in belly chains is so offensive to me.”

Gamble pointed out to Crawford he had the authority to send him to prison for up to six years, “one-third of your life.”

Gamble said he would consider a regimental discipline program, but wanted Crawford to complete drug court first.

“I think the drug problem needs to be addressed head on. If you choose to fail in this, you will have lost the very best opportunity you have,” Gamble said. “You may need to find self-esteem some place, but you need to not break the law and use drugs. If you continue to do this, we’ll just watch you go down the drain.”

9 responses to “Juggalo Gang – 17-year-old sentenced to drug court

  1. oooooh scary, kid sold some weed. Ever been to california? fuck off.

  2. Blaming all of the juggalos for a few bad seeds is like blaming all the black people for one gang banger, or all germans because of one dictator (hitler), or all japanese because of pearl harbor, or all preachers because of the one crooked one, or all old men because of one old male molester, or all of the government for one messed up president. Makes no sense. I love my juggalo family, MCL, whoop whoop. portertiffany@hotmail.com

  3. Dan what does California have to do with this? With prescription, it is legal in California. Can’t say the same for where he’s at. Blaming all Juggalos for one bad seed? No, more like 90% of Juggalos are those bad seeds. Wouldn’t be a gang if otherwise.

    • Joker King Chaos

      HAHAHAHAHA!!! you are a funny fuck, you kno that? 90% please. you dnt anything about the juggalo family. and dnt come on like you do. cause if you do, your jus as ignorant as the fucks who started this site.

  4. I’m sayin weed aint shit. If he was selling meth or crack it’d be a story.

    Hey r31gn, you ever watch that show Gang Land on the history channel and Spike? You know how many episodes they have? Dish says at least 90 episodes. You know how many gangs from all over the country they’ve covered? Some gangs get covered in multiple episodes so I’ll say a conservative 70 gangs. You know how many juggalo gangs have been on that show? 0 absolutely none. If juggalos were such a huge gang problem or a gang at all you’d think a TV show would find a way to make a buck off it.

    Go talk shit to the MS13, Arian Nations, Hells Angles, BGD, Mexican Maffia, or any other Real gang in the world.

  5. Gangland hasn’t made anything new in over a year. Wasn’t until recently that Juggalos were officially marked as a gang. Nonetheless, they’re more worried about the most notorious around the world, not a small criminal organization run by a couple of reject clowns who failed as a gang that they had to recruit a bunch of idiots by brainwashing them.

  6. Probably because they’ve covered all the major gangs worth mentioning. So, if we are “recently…officially marked as a gang” you’d think they’d fire up the cameras and come film us. I mean if we do as much as you claim we all do then they could make a whole season off of us.

    “not a small criminal organization run by a couple of reject clowns ” So, psychopathic records is a criminal organization?

  7. I don’t think the Juggalos are a “real” gang.. they don’t have the intelligence it would take.

    That said, I’m perfectly content with any means the authorities can utilize to take them down.

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