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Juggalos burning people in denver – Police say The Juggalos are a headache to me.

Wow this news needs to get out into the public , 8 juggalos set fire to a boy in Denver this February . Was this horrific juggalo crime some ritual sacrifice , juggalo gang revenge or did they want to recreate some scenes from the wraith.
The longer i investigate juggalos the more i am disgusted.

A crime in February at a house party elsewhere in the city served as one catalyst for the newly reinitiated patrols, said Tony Lopez, commander of Denver Police Department District 6, which includes the mall. In that incident, eight men are accused of setting a 14-year-old boy on fire in the 500 block of South Decatur Street.
All eight are Juggalos, a name given to followers of the hip-hop group Insane Clown Posse. Though many Juggalos are simply fans, a number have been linked to criminal activity throughout the country.
Though the crime occurred outside of downtown, police found and arrested most of the suspects on the mall, where many Juggalos hang out, Lopez said.
“That showed us the challenges that we have down there,” Lopez said. “The Juggalos are a headache to me.”
The arrests, coupled with complaints that “perceived” behavior among some of the mall’s denizens makes many people uncomfortable, led to police looking at what could be done to improve the environment, Lopez said.

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In the words of the ICP song the wraith “Three little kids caught inside a burning home
he’ll just sit there and wait for ’em ,leave ’em alone!”

Juggalo on trial for murder – member of Insane Clown Posse gang

Insane Clown Posse gang members live on the edge of society and adhere to an ‘almost cult-like religion’
By Bob Fowler
News Sentinel

CLINTON, Tenn. — A man accused of chopping his mother-inlaw to death with a hatchet is a member of the Insane Clown Posse gang, an expert testified Monday.

As Robert Edward Fritts’ murder trial entered its second week, prosecutors introduced evidence linking him to ardent followers of the horror-themed, ultra-violent hip-hop band who have embarked on crime sprees.

Insane Clown Posse gang members live on the edge of society and adhere to an “almost cult-like religion,” said Detective Sgt. Tom Walker, supervisor of the Knox County Sheriff’s Office’s gang investigation unit.

I believe he (Fritts) is a member of the (Insane Clown Posse) gang,” Walker told the nine-woman, threeman Anderson County jury. Evidence introduced Monday revealed Fritts’ fascination with both the band and hatchets.

Fritts showed jurors his Insane Clown Posse tattoos, including his right forearm, where the band’s logo — the Running Hatchet Man — is imprinted.

Fritts also kept his musings and lyrics akin to those of the band in a notebook at victim Teresa Anne Busler’s home.

“Murder, bloody murder, baby,” Fritts wrote in the notebook. “My ax is not like the rest.”

Fritts, 27, is accused of bludgeoning and chopping the back of 45- year-old Busler’s head at least 11 times in the bedroom of her Andersonville area residence in March 2007.

Prosecutor Sandra Donaghy said in opening statements there was a “white substance” on Busler’s face and one arm when her body was discovered.
Walker on Monday testified that Insane Clown Posse acolytes frequently paint their faces white to resemble clowns.

After he was charged with first-degree murder two months following the horrifi c slaying and jailed, Fritts talked with other inmates about the crime, according to testimony Monday.

Dustin Dalton, who shared a cell with Fritts in 2009, testifi ed he kept badgering Fritts about the charges against him.

“(Fritts) finally said, ‘Eventually I just snapped, and when I came to, she was dead,’ ” Dalton testified.

Donaghy has said the state’s theory is that Fritts killed Busler with a hatchet that Busler’s husband kept between their bedsprings and mattress as security.

That hatchet was found a week later in a crawlspace over the Buslers’ garage.

Testimony is expected to continue most of the week.

So this juggalo paints up , listens to icps lyrics then blacks out and commits a murder – please dont come here saying he was not a juggalo when the evidence is there in black and white.
Ban the juggalo gang.

Keep it up juggalos

keep doing it juggalos
the quicker you lot stop having kids the better it is for the rest of us.