The 6 Trials of a Juggalo gang member – 6 Jokers Cards

Looks like juggalos have 6 trials or 6 jokers cards and they play a part in the juggalo gang

Detective Sgt. Tom Walker, who testified Monday during Fritts’ first-degree murder trial, said the Insane Clown Posse is the name of both a rap/hip hop musical group and the members of a known gang in Knox County who follow the group. The ICP gang members follow the “six trials of clowns,” which are allegedly related to the group’s lyrics.

Walker said the difference between the general listener or fan and an ICP gang member is criminal behavior.

5 responses to “The 6 Trials of a Juggalo gang member – 6 Jokers Cards

  1. I have no idea what the fuck “6 trials of the clowns” are. But seriously these kids are fucked up, maybe the cop misinterpreted something, but that doesn’t even matter really. That guy/those people are fucked in the head.

  2. Brittany Drake

    Okay, well “us people” aren’t fucked up in the head. That just goes to show the sterotypical bullshit that you people want to create. Have you met every Juggalo or Juggalette in the world? No, didn’t think so. I will admit that, yes, SOME of them act like we’re gang-related and take matters too far, but not all of us are bad people. I know a woman who is 40-something and she is a Jugalette, and she has a miracle of a child. She’s very sucessful, and she works at Hillcrest Hospital. She doesn’t sit around and smoke weed or go out and kill people. I’m honestly and sincerely growing tired of being stereotyped. A Juggalo or a Juggalette is a person who pretty much started out with very little, and we are a family of people who love and respect eachother and would to anything for eachother. For us, it’s not about the facepaint, and it’s not about the crazy concerts. To us, it’s about the love you have for your friends and family, where they’re all that matters. And yes, they have some seriously vulgar music, however, part of being a Juggalette or Juggalo is being able to understand that anger and hurt that started their music. I know I probably cannot change a lot of your minds, but I wish you all would understand what we are really about.

  3. It’s really more about the crazy concerts for me.

  4. heey. need help please email

  5. Chandler FUCKING Whetzel

    fuck that you stupid ass motherfuckers who created this page. juggalos are NOT a gang we are a fucking family and this makes me fucking sick. All who think juggalos are a gang deserve to be put down like the dogs they fucking are.!. Juggalos are there for eachother a gang just uses for one another to get to a higher purpose, juggalos watch over and protect one another. Juggalos boost eachothers lives and make em better every day and never NEVER put one another down. We live together and we die together as a FAMILY. WHOOP WHOOP MMFWCL4L!!!!

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