Why Juggalos are labeled a gang – Police explain


Police explain why juggalos can be gang members of the juggalo gang – a lovely warning to all those juggalos who think they are not in a gang.

“We do a two-tier system,” Walker said. The first part of the system is that of state-mandated criteria, which the detective said was very broad. The other is the 10-point system, which assigns points to a person who shows possible gang affiliation.

Those points include a statement from a person identifying him or herself as a member. The detective said many members are proud of the affiliation and will state that they are members.

“That’s an automatic 10 points,” Walker said.

Other criteria would be the use of symbols, like the logo on the back of a Hell’s Angels’ vest. He said only members can receive and wear the symbols, adding that the use of the symbol is an automatic 10 points.

Other items could be tattoos that are gang specific, felony criminal history, wearing specific colors, graffiti and hand signs or confirmation from another law enforcement gang-certified agency.

With Fritts, he said in determining he was an ICP gang member and not just a fan, he relied on journal writings Fritts made, tattoos, clothing and information about him hanging out at West Town Mall and being banned from the property.

A journal Fritts and his wife each wrote in, which was placed into evidence earlier, had lyrics such as “murder, bloody murder baby, not a damn thing you can do,” which was under the title “Prep School Murders,” and had at least one reference to an ax. Forensic pathologist Adele Lewis testified last week that Teresa Busler died from injuries caused by a sharp, blunt force, possibly from a hatchet.

Defense attorney Mart Cizek, who represents Fritts, questioned Walker about how the band uses its symbols and logos on clothing similar to college’s sports memorabilia.

Walker said some gangs also use the same colors, such as Notre Dame’s colors, which are also used by the Gangster Disciple National.

Cizek showed Walker several ICP products he purchased at West Town Mall that all depicted the band’s album’s recording logo, which is the Running Hatchet Man, and asked if gang members wear flip flops. He showed him a wallet, shirt and flip flops with the label.

“Yes,” the detective said.

“While committing crimes?” Cizek asked.

“Yes, they actually do,” the detective replied.

During the detective’s testimony, Fritts, at the direction of Assistant District Attorney Sandra Donaghy, showed the jury his two tattoos, which are each allegedly associated with ICP. On his left shoulder, Fritts has a tattoo that reads “Juggalo for Life” and has the Running Hatchet Man logo on his right arm. When arrested, Fritts was wearing an ICP hoodie, which also had a logo and the words “Get Your Wicked On.”

8 responses to “Why Juggalos are labeled a gang – Police explain

  1. you call us a gang and a cult yet your JH just like JH in Nazi germany Were no cult or gang the Juggalos are a family you can not Accpet beacuse were diffrent YOUR THE CULT/GANG NOT US!!!!!

  2. BlackNiggerKikeJew"Bear"

    1. GDN = Gangster Deciple Nation not National
    2. GDs wear black and blue not blue and gold
    3. Flip-flop wearing fag aint no ninja, atleast get some hand-me-down chucks
    4. Juggalos are a gang, but so is the kiss army
    5. Journalists aren’t what they used to be

  3. that ruling is bullshit. so if a multiple rednecks wearing a budweiser shirt commit crimes. thats a gang? bullshit

  4. 333juggalo666

    Wow… Are people really that judgmental… Ok yes there is a gang

  5. 333juggalo666

    Wow… Are people really that judgmental… Ok yes there is a gang that has named themselves “JUGGALO’S… But they are not true juggalos… They are in fact the subject of the songs in the dark carnival series. They are the wicked ones whos ways need to change before they die or suffer for eternity for the wicked deeds they committed.. I am no gang member but I am a Juggalo… I stay true to my beliefs, true to myself, and I make my own descisions with out influence from anyone. I know the difference between what’s right and what’s wrong. And I believe in the dark carnival… And the 6 jokers cards (as the albums are referred to as) in the end when the WRAITH comes for me I know that I will be walking into the light because of my deeds here on this earth… I say all this to say THE POLCE AND ANYONE ELSE THAT SAYS THAT ALL JUGGALOS ARE GANG MEMBERS ARE FUCKING STUPID THERE IS A DIFFERENCE BETWEEN BEING A TRUE JUGGALO AND BEING A MEMBER OF THE JUGGALO GANG AND YOU REALLY NEED TO LEARN THAT DIFFERENCE AND REFRAIN FROM STERYOTYPING THANK YOU


  6. LOL @ “steryotyping”.

    It’s not stereotyping if it’s always true.

  7. It is stereotyping so all ppl who look like Iraqis are terrorists??? You are just afraid of what u do not understand and that is human nature and im not mad at u but i am pissed that u have not the intelligence to do some investigating of ur own and u believe the hype and all information you see on TV and hear on the radio. Do your own research and u will find that there is a difference. I hope u have a wonderful eye opening experience and to all my fam that find this

  8. juggaloringmaster

    Ok this is very retarted im a college draduate and yes im a juggalo but i dont do anything that will risk me from having my kids now that being said im also prior US Army Airborne and according to the admendmets we have the freedom of choosing an affiliation of our choice so if we go around saying we are juggalos its our right that is part of our freedoms and whoever believes we are a gang probably lets the government raise their kids for them and are afraid to stand up for themselves learn your admendments then double think this

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