Juggalo Doctor in the house!!!!

“Im a juggalo and im working on my Doctors Degree, what the fuck are these JH people doing? Making fake threats and talking shit online cause there not gonna go anywhere in life, hell I ain’t afraid to admit most juggalos are down right dumb, but at least there not fake or nazi’s. Instead of blaming a group of people for your problems, GET A JOB OR GO TO SCHOOL! Oh btw, I kicked the shit out of a JH member last week and now im going to court for assult. Proving, yet again, that your all pussy.”


lets see its a fake threat but then somehow it manifests itself into real life so you kick the shit out of someone and are now crying about going to court.
You will never be a doctor.

6 responses to “Juggalo Doctor in the house!!!!

  1. I highly doubt anything this guy said. Especially the part about kicking a JH members ass. Why is this so hard to believe? Because there are no real JH members, just a couple kids that made a website.

  2. Thank God for people like this fine website shows us. Without prejudice, misinformed, hate filled morons we as a juggalo nation would have no way of knowing if we are making an impact (however small) in todays world. Therefore speaking for myself here, thank you for hating. Thank you for sticking to your basic form of human instinct and fearing and eventual hate of what you dont understand. Have a Blessed Day.

  3. thatsd wats up whoop whoop

  4. You have been warned, visit the website and please give feedback. I expect mockery from children such as yourself. A warning has been given, lets see if you follow through. Doubtful that you will comply, but nonetheless this website will change for the better. For anyone who makes claims that we are Anonymous or a related party, I would like to clarify that we are not associated with them. We are making a promise to perform similar acts committed by them, which I support fully, but we are doing this of our own accord. I agree with them everyone is entitled to free speech, but you are far too hypocritical in your claims against Juggalos as compared to you Juggalo Holocaust members. Well good day to all.


  5. jamie sandlin

    how does this make you any better than us, you cant fight fire with fire, i did a repeort on all the JHers for school and you guys have done just as bad things, everyone is human and if you are true juggalo or just a humain person in general this wouldnt be happenening and this world wouldbe a lot better of a place


  6. Did Jamie just say that id we were Juggalos the world would be a better place? What a dumbass.

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