Concerned Mother Saying No To Juggalos

My heart Breaks reading things like this .
“I’m a mother of two Juggalos, one 19 and the other 16. I have been trying for a couple of years to get them to quit this “Gang.” It’s been nothing but heartache and trouble ever since they’ve been involved. Everything from fighting to stealing and doing drugs. Their so called “Family” is nothing but a made up group of stoners, drop-outs and thieves (the cream of the crop). A lot of these kids come from disfunctional homes and some are even homeless, they spend their nights begging for money.

It’s really big out here in our community, Santa Clarita, California. There have been reported incidences of Rapes, Kidnappings, Robberies and Drugs. They really are no different from any other gang.

My 16 year old is getting help from a psychologist, but he refuses to leave the Juggalos. It’s a tough road to go down, please think twice before ever getting involved with this gang or any other.”

So for all parents of juggalos SAY NO TO A JUGGALO –

4 responses to “Concerned Mother Saying No To Juggalos

  1. fuck this shit whoop whoop juggalett for life and what the fuck is it to you if i am a lett we dont bother you and anyone else

  2. yo im a juggalette and u guess r hating on us y cuz we found happiness u spead hate and murder listen here i aint scared i hold my muther fuckin hatchet sooooo high hate is wrong u mad cuz we paint up y is this itmakes no since we clowns is all dont b mad cuz ur unhappy so u look for us to hurt w aint scared and we dnt die

    • Morbid Miss Kris

      You talk about this not making sense…. everything you just stated doesn’t make sense… I’d tell you to stay in school because you’re illiterate retard ass really could fucking you use it, but it’s clear it already did you absolutely no good, fucktard… If you actually believe you won’t die, you’re a moron, everyone dies, you are not immortal, you are not a god.. In fact I truly hope someone speeds up the process.

  3. Being a Juggalette brings you happiness? That’s the wrong kind of happiness!! This gang your in is a world of darkness, disappointment and doom! Turn your lives around before it’s too late for you. There’s a lot more to life then being a Juggalo or Juggalette. Take a good look at your life, it seems to me that it’s leading down a path of destruction! Get help! Your words are so full of hate and anger, that’s not what life is about.

    Concerned Mother

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