Alleged Esham Twiztid Diss Dmt Sessions – 13. A-thujone + lyrics

Esham may or may not have dissed twizted on dmt sessions song 13. A-thujone
But butthurt juggalos are already crying about it dmt sessions sampler is already sounding better then twiztards 4 albums – they fell way off and need the roc to copy off
Lyrics :
But they cant
Because the streets respect me
And im always on that next shit
See my car dont run off gas its electric
Too much Monoxide
Paul Methric
Time for me to Ghost this game , make my exit
Im So Twiztid , Jamie Madrox
you got the game locked down ?
I Pick the Padlocks
Black mamba anaconda

Song is better then a mans myth , mutant combo

7 responses to “Alleged Esham Twiztid Diss Dmt Sessions – 13. A-thujone + lyrics


  2. Esham makes lullaby beats

  3. Stop posting Esham news. He’s a Juggalo.



  4. Esham is the Greatest rapper of all time,if he wanna shit on Twisted let him shit on em,but real talk you see ICP,PSYCHOPATHIC records havent said no diss to Esham or RLP so that must be the whole answer,they know what they are doing,Esham is not beefing with them,its a money tip…them niggas gonna bring some shit out next year I Bet!!! RLP/GOTHOM 4 Life

  5. Yo I really hope he aint tryin to hate on the lo family. He aint got shit on Twiztid even if they went blind deaf and toothless.

  6. Well how yall know esham is just a low key hater?? i mean he could be doing this for more publicity, alot of rappers or celebs do it. i dont care what anybody says about twiztid i love there music and nothin gonna make me dis like them. 2 WHOOPZ MMFWCL TA DA FAM! DAYTON FAM GO HARDER DEN ESHAM..SORRY!

  7. Youve got shit TWIZTID HOMEY!! Listen again

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