Juggalos Rip off Shirt and hurt little girl – then brag about it online

Looks like juggalos dont support free speech
According to this guy , him and his friend saw a girl in a juggano shirt so they hurt her and tore it off.
Juggalos support violence against women – if they aint down with the clown.

21 responses to “Juggalos Rip off Shirt and hurt little girl – then brag about it online

  1. Morbid Miss Kriss

    Clearly his mother should have swallowed the inbred splooge that became this sad example of an attempt at a human being.
    To think that he believes that he can uphold his opinion to the point of brutal physical force, while denying another person their own freedom and right to speech, shows the pure and inarguable fact that he is an unthinking, predictable, contradictory prejudice bag of trash..
    Even if I didn’t hate Juggalos and the behaviors they exhibit, as a reasonable rational person, I would have to rethink my stance after watching this. I will always hate Juggalos, and I’m not afraid to say it or show it. I personally wouldn’t care about anyone that hates me, no matter what they label themselves, even a tag as demeaning and lacking of dignity as “Juggalo”. I have yet to find a single one who is a decent person with any self respect or aspirations (let alone one who can understand the word without having to look it up)…. This KID, which is what he is, has a lot to learn about life in general, the fact that it gets harder, the fact that he doesn’t know everything at the grand age of 16 and most of all, the fact that he will surely end up behind bars or eventually dead if he actually plans/carried out such repulsive hate filled act.. One day you won’t have to worry about or wait for someone who hates Juggalos in particular to stand up and put a stop to you, because ANY person with any MORALS would… You’re not the only person with a “family”, I’m sure if you did harm to some “little girl” she has plenty that will be looking for you.. I take this threat/story as no more than a joke though, because most Juggalos are like puppies in a dog fight…I’m sure if it wasn’t a little girl you would have run with your tail between your legs. Now lets see how many responses are made, that are actually tangible with even the slightest grain of substance, intelligence or point. I’d put my money on zero.

    • alright i understand where your comin from. but honestly you sound worse than my MOM!!! There are Juggalos out there with morals. i ought to know im one of them. Most of the juggalos i know was stuck growin up without a family like me. Juggalos is the closest thing i have for a family and thats exactly what they are. a family. I Proudly say Im a Juggalette and i will remain one tell i die.

  2. I see your point, believe me. It upsets me that younger juggalos and some older juggalos act like this. And I’m sure that following your comment will be many fuk u”s and wickid clowns never die!! Which is also annoying. But if you just met me on the street , you would have no idea that I was a juggalo. I bet we would even get along with eachother. I have my own house, work two jobs, and earn everything I have. I am even in the process of starting the illinois juggalo cleanup crew. There is already clean up crews in other states. They do things like pick up trash on highways and volunteer and stuff like that. One of the headlines even read “Juggalos polish up name and community.”

  3. Jake right on I’d join that crew Ima start trying to do that down here and that lttle shit deserves his ass beat man that is no Juggalo that’s a dumb motherfucker and I do not concider that fam that is just someone who thinks he knows what it is to b a Juggalo is but he does not

  4. Im with u jake i work to jobs and have worked for everything i have and one of my jobs is a school bus driver cuz i love working with kids and that the juggalo hater has to get his head on straight becaus there are alot of us out there and he probibly works with one and doesent know it

  5. Whoop Whooooooop! That guy is obviously confused and has no idea what it means to be a JUGGALO. Or a human being for that matter fuck him and his blatant disregaurd for anybody but himself…. i too work for everything i got and have risen out of the ashes of my childhood and where i grew up…. i have my own place with a wife and beautiful 2 month old daughter…. as for that chump ass moron in the video, his parents shoulda beat him instead of handing him everything……..

  6. jake u give us juggalos off as softies for clean ups come onn now remember why u got down ur prolly just anthor fake

  7. k im a juggalo and this guy makes me wanna put a hatchet threw the center of his head dont matter who the fuck u are u hit a female ill fuckin lop your fucking head off and if homie has a problem he can take up with the end of the chamber

  8. Yo im a muthafuckn juggalo but I dont believe that just because people say shit about us yu dnt go beaten on women especially if you a guy thats some pussy ass shit homies try dat shit around me and my juggalo homies you get ya ass beat thats straight up no real man beats a women I wanna see a nigga beat my ass and shit n I put that on the muthafuckn hatchet

  9. im a fuckin juggalo and even if a woman is dissing on juggalos still dont u the right to hit her and if me and my friends ever seen a guy hit a girl we would fuck him up

  10. Gear, Name, Music, and Makeup DO NOT make you a Juggalo. Juggalos do not HATE OR DISCRIMINTATE. Juggalos are NOT a gang, and true juggalos are not violent out of control animals. Jugggalos respect the opinions of others and do not judge anyone. Although there are alot of posers out there, such as the “new age juggalos” that think it is ok to act like animals, this does not mean all Juggalos are.

    I have a Juggalo family consisting of my wife and kids. I am currently pursuing an Associate Degree as a Medical Assistant and will be furthering that degree towards a Bachelors as a Physician Assistant. I have a 4.0 average, in the National honor society as well as the presidents honor list. I work one and two jobs to take care of my family. No I am not on a soap box, I just want to make it clear there are straight edge Juggalos that have been and will always be. I am not a violent person, but when it comes to my family, I will do what I have to do. It disgusts me how someone can publicly say they are a juggalo when they blatently brag about tearing off a little girls shirt and physically hurting her. I tell you what you little punks, youre nothing but closet thugs. Pussies. but it just doesnt make any sense how kids try and ruin a good thing, Look, ill explain something to you just so you can get a clearer perspective on how things are. Everyone can say they have had a rough life and im not going to sit here and say how hard my life has been, but you know what, I DO take pride in knowing that my life was fixed BY ME. No one did it for me, ive been doing it since i was 16. No cosigners, no Mommy to tell me to give me rent money or buy me a car, I DID IT, and I still do it. When i say i dont give a fuck its because when the time comes for me to pass blame, no one is going to be blamed but ME for MY DECISIONS. There will be no blame except for what i do. To the little punks out there saying youre a juggalo, YOURE NOT.

    I want to publicly apologize for the sorry display of those animals.

    • Whoop that’s what the fuck needs to be repeated damn near on a daily basis for everyone that has a problem with the fam. Understanding that not everyone single one of us as the same what this homie is saying needs to be put on a billboard with a big ass hatchetman for the rest of the haters that aren’t on here already. Mmfwcl to homies

  11. william miller

    dude i support you 100% ppl need to fuck off juggalo fo’ life and anyone that aint down with the clown can eat a dick

  12. william miller

    dont hurt women though thats fucked up bro, i am a juggalo till death but dont just whoop a girls ass for nothin

  13. MMK, I completely understand where you are coming from, but you have to see where TRUE Juggalos come from as well. This guy in the video is just some kid who thinks he can rep a name and do whatever he wants because he thinks it gives him power that he never had. But he’s wrong. It is completely not okay for someone to treat another human being, especially a girl.
    You should understand that not all Juggalos are like this sore excuse for a human. He is NOT a Juggalo, as a true Juggalo knows that it is about being a family, not being a punk thug that likes to be aggressive towards others, even if they share opposite opinions than oneself.
    A lot of people on this comment board have a lot of good points and opinions, and we should not be judged by the actions of others. It would be the same thing as persecution. Lets say for example you saw on the news of how an Iraqi terrorist ran into a place as a suicide bomber. Do you judge the whole race just because there are so many people of that culture doing that? No you don’t. You go against the idea of terrorism, but you do not persecute everyone of that group just for those certain people’s actions;
    I personally think this person is a sore excuse of a person right now, and reallly needs to rethink his ways and actions. Everyone has their right to their own opinion, but none should ever take action on pure speculation of opinion.
    I hope you do read some of these posts on here, and also hope that you meet someone that is Juggalo that truly does know what it is to be within the family, instead of mistaking the name as a “power” so they can think that they can control other people just by representing that name.

    Blessed be and Merry Christmas to everyone.

  14. This website is for faggots who dont know shit about juggalos whoever made this website can eat the fat D!!!

  15. If you can’t find the fact that your mom and dad siblings etc aren’t your family…but consider other Faggotlos your true familythen you should pack your shit and leave. To think that you can’t consider the woman who gave birth to you is family then you should shove your faggot ass hatchet up your ass and kill yourself because you dont deserve to live


  17. This is bull just because there are a few ass holes that don’t have any respect, does not mean all juggalos are like that. We are family something these anti juggalo fucks will never understand. I don’t care if they act like dumb asses they’ll get handled just like any other family handles dumb asses. Just cause your down with the clown Does not mean you support the crap the punks of the group do. Like I said though family is family and we have eachother no matter what. We are family and always will be and to hate on us for some people’s stupid actions is screwed up, but he’ll if ya’ll are gonna start doing that crap look at be sure to involve Christians to. Cause they use god as an exuse to kill look at valentine’s day and and pretty much every holiday the church did some fucked up shit. Maybe all you haters should shut the fuck up and learn to stop judging things you don’t understand. Maybe yall should stay out of our business cause we don’t bother wasting our wicked time on yours, we are to busy enjoying our life and our family. Woop woop I will always swing my hatchet proud

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