Juggalo brags about his weapons online

They promote violence they promote weapons
then when a juggalo acts out what they are told to do
juggalos pretend to disown them
A vicious cycle

3 responses to “Juggalo brags about his weapons online

  1. Stomper of Juggalos

    It’s a meat cleaver Moron not a hachet! Dumbass Juggalop!!

  2. Eric Garcilazo

    having a hatchet dont make you a juggalo ..or a hat…you make yourself a juggalo..not a joint or merch…only you..your soul…mind over matter…only true Juggalos understand that..its living your life clean and helping out friends nd shit like that we trying to make it in this world not act stupid..NEC Juggalo

  3. fuckthehatersmmwcl

    this kids a fake ass faggot. he dont know the difference between a hatchet and a meat clever. what a dumbfuck

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