3 responses to “Esham Destroys Twiztid – RLP LOGO -Twiztid Diss

  1. R'U'effing serius?

    Hello to the people of juggalo holokillem’all, you guys realize they dont understand….just like the people who hate juggalos dont get what they do… Fuck I guess what i’m saying is as ninjas your fuck up skillz are way better then the fakes… it really takes a “true” juggalo to undergo all that surgery and claim the skins his… most of “us” the people in question are STILL ALIVE AND PROUD; meaning fuck you god damnned bitch suck a dick and die… Still gonna be shopping the herpy place for a new shirt and woman to give this bone to? then being a juggalo is right for you! =P pP fuck heads

    That was a common show of a faggots code but to me it sounded like a new shirt “if i was a juggalo” I may sport what looks to you ass last week’s sock that the tranychick used to blow her load in but its really a new condom!!! AND THEN A JUGGALO WOULD SAY IN YOUR FACE?! somthing special for you if i was talking to you from you fucking BI-winning!
    They wont get it thats why fat chicks always gonna blow dick! hahaha “never stop breathing nope never leaving as long as fat chicks blowing dick or somthing like that” lmfao sorry i cant stop!

  2. Esham is a BEAST! Im a Suicidalist & Im Black born & raised in Detroit lived on every side of Detroit,WESTSIDE,EASTSIDE,SOUTHWEST SIDE,NORTHEND,HIGHLAND PARK,& been on JOY RD 10 years,thats my hood I see yall Juggalos/Juggalettes dont give my fam Esham/RLP respect,I thought yall were die hard fans,yall niggas started this Downloading shit for free & made niggas get nasty with yall & yall doin this Sneak Dissin shit,Esham aint Hating he just collecting riches but yall get in Interviews & shit then they ask who was your inspiration & yall just Skip over ESHAM & NATAS,Bitch if it wasnt for the 3fathers(NATAS) it want be no WICKET SHIT,HORROCORE,ACID RAP,etc Thats like KOBE BRYANT saying he made MICHAEL JORDAN who he is,get yall shit together & support ESHAM/NATAS/RLP

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