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Anabell Lotus – Her Uncle Speaks

Ive been following this land of the “BLAND” site for a few years now after first hearing about it after my niece Annabelle lotus Krawczyk was murdered by the hospital that was responsible for her & my sister in-laws well being, and it was then smeared and slamed all over the net because of the way my family chose to grieve. I am happy to see that the sites popularity and the so called Juggalo holocaust is dwindeling. This fad that has rode on the coattails of the Juggalo & Psychopathic familys popularity. were Dead Heads were The KISS Army Were maggots Were parrot Heads we are no one and we are everyone. Were the most hated and the most LOVED, Most popular and the most underground. We are wha ever we want to be and some of you who cant grasp that concept hate us and are trying to make names for your selfs by smearing the images of those misguided Juggalos who have given up or had serious Mental or social issues and finaly let loose there frustrations on the world. I say that we should show a stronger love for those Juggalos out here who are crying out for help with their FB posts and such. We can save our Family members before they do somthing the world will regret and give lob/jh more bullet points for their little site here. If we truley are Family with Love for our homies known and unknown we have to help each other everytime we think we can even if its just a whatsup or a friend request or the Whoopwhoop to a ninja we see on the street. You may save a life or at least start a new friendship you may have never know possible.. Hit me up family on facebook the streets of chicago or on my email adress joshuakrawczyk@yahoo.com I have love for my Family and my Haters cause you shine my diomonds brite. WHOOPWHOOP!!!!!


not sure if this is legit but damn

More stuff being thrown by juggalos