Juggalos issue death threat to job corps over racism

“leave us alone u will get hurt”

Juggalos now attacking schools
If you like to fight – then come on through – what the juggalo family is about

6 responses to “Juggalos issue death threat to job corps over racism

  1. Yo fuck you stupid ass pussys u think yall tough think yall can stop da juggalos come see me im in wrightsville PA my names bear ill be here waitin for ya

  2. okay let me get this threw to you juggalos are family we dont like huting people we hurt the coward the beat on women and childern we are peaceful and friendly we are not voilent people but u mess with one u get the whole fucking family JUGGALO NATION BITCH lil mikey

  3. So tough through a computer, I saw somewhere else on the site that you fags are peaceful, you dont like to hurt people, but your saying this shit about liking to fight. I hate juggahos! everyone ive met is an immature little faggot that thinks that hard shit but theyre not. FUCK JUGGALOS. FRUIT-LOOP!

  4. Sad to See the Idiots

    I’m a ‘lette, but I honestly think anyone who says “juggalo nation” and stupid crap like that are bloody stupid. I’m down with having a “juggalo family”, but I won’t be defending the idiots of the family. Just like a real family, sometimes there are idiots that you just can’t do anything with, that’s when you kick them out, tell them they need to grow up, and take care of themselves. Sadly, especially on the internet, there’s a lot of idiots, both juggalos and “average Joes”. But, because we’re different, the idiotic juggalos/juggalettes are greatly focused on. If you see me on the streets, you probably wouldn’t even know I’m a juggalette because I don’t go around with my face painted, I don’t own anything that is “juggalo related”, and I don’t even have any tattoos to show I’m down with the clown. I’m a regular young woman with a slightly different taste in music. I come to read what JH has to say because I honestly find it funny with all the people that try to defend themselves often horribly fail, but it also saddens me, too. To those people, I’m sorry you act the way you do and give us all a bad name, but we can’t control one another, if you’re a cool person, then cool, just stop making yourself look stupid and we wouldn’t have all this negative attention like the dumb asses in this video.

  5. Fuhrer Ich Bin Gott

    God will destroy thee for spreading lies and hate toward innocent people. The Juggalo Holocaust is a group created for the same reason as the nazi regime. Heil Fuhrer Ich Bin Gott or suffer the same fate as Rashaam Attica Smith has.

  6. Fuhrer Ich Bin Gott

    Nice comeback dummy. Your right my group attacks rednecks (i.e. the juggalo holocaust). Now enjoy the dick.

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