Juggalos Explain they beat up people that roam in gangs “family” but are not violent

okay let me get this threw to you juggalos are family we dont like huting people we hurt the coward the beat on women and childern we are peaceful and friendly we are not voilent people but u mess with one u get the whole fucking family JUGGALO NATION BITCH lil mikey

7 responses to “Juggalos Explain they beat up people that roam in gangs “family” but are not violent

  1. 1. I’m just going to assume from what I read, that “We hurt the coward, the beat on women and children”, is actually “then beat on women and children”.

    2. “We are peaceful people” Refer to #1.

    3. “We are not violent people, but you mess with one, you get the whole fucking family.” Refer to #2.

    4. “Juggalo Nation Bitch” And Juggalos aren’t a gang. lol

    This guy, much like every other Juggalo is a complete moron who contradicts himself so much it’s not even funny.

  2. 1. we hurt the coward THAT beat on women and children and every juggalo is different from the next some do beat women but not all just like some normal people beat women but not all
    2. we are peaceful but can be violent when provoced
    3.in some place we are consittered a gang others not so much
    4.some of juggalos like me contradict ourselfs because we are uneducated but hold strong to our beleifs and dont give a FUCK WHAT YOU THINK

  3. you know what bro. fuck you. my whole life ive been on my own. then the juggalos took me in bro. im not going to claim that im not violent, but when you fucking down the family like that we got problems. just because you fucking haters want to stereotype, does not mean you make a fucking gang that claims that it aint and go around fucking whacking innocent juggalos with families and kids. you know im all for dissing the fakes that give juggalos bad names, but bro realize something, im getting fucking engaged tomorrow and have a kid on the way, and im there only means for survival. i mean what kind of fucked up person takes a kids dad away from him before hes ever born. its that kind of fucked up shit that makes the people you guys hate. if you hate these people so bad, then fucking stop doing shit that makes people turn out like that.

  4. i think its pathetic that you muthafucker waste your time worrying about wut the fuck were doing i say fuck you and dare you to come fuck with us in victoria tx well show show you how we juggalos handle muthafucker like you jh fuck jh i got a double headed axe and a hole for you bitch ass hoes

  5. ok r31gn…. if i hear of any juggalo…. take tht back…. any man hitting women and children ill beat there ass…and for the most part every juggalo i know is peaceful till somebody pushes them…. just like any other HUMAN BEING….. and if u wanna talk shit about somebody just cause they might be slower you makes you the one who is fucked up so quit talkin shit

  6. @4 Sorry mate, but I think if you had a bit of intellegence you could tell that half the shit that’s posted on this website is fake, never any proof that people do half the shit thats posted here, if you look at an article and try to find it on the actual news, it’s not there

  7. Okay…. i just need to make a point here….. We Juggalos are just like any other group of people, and just like any other group of people there are those who do fucked up shit and then get publicity for it, and then just like those ignorant fucks, we have “racists” like JH here that stereotype and group ALL OF US in with those few pieces of SHIT who are the only ones doing this shit… a VERY SMALL group of Juggalos are stupid, ignorant, and have bad hygiene…. but when it comes to JH, we might as well be black and they the KKK…. TIME TO GROW THE FUCK UP LADIES! People are people are people are people…… ‘nough said.

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