Another Day Another Death threat From the kind and peaceful juggalo family

whoever is responsible for this website is really begging to be shot
by someone calling themselves madrox

please kill me juggalo i dare you

7 responses to “Another Day Another Death threat From the kind and peaceful juggalo family

  1. Are you really such a sad individual, or rather, individuals, that you have, or are, organizing a “holocaust”? Do you all have any lives whatsoever, or do you just enjoy being a “badass” over the internet because in reality you still live in mommy’s basement, hovering over DC collectables, talk with a lisp and wear the red shirt from Star Trek?


  3. I have a death threat by the JH on my juggalo clean-up crew blog. It was only a matter of time but I received one! Apparantly the JH Doesn’t think that we should clean up our communities in central illinois. As soon as I figure out how to post it here I will, but I’m computer inept.


  4. Fuck u I got one to from the jh to so it’s not a lie u two faced pricks

  5. Believe me it surprised me. But it seems like some youngsters take your gang a little to far. I can tell he is young by the half-witted comments he made. Also there are some comments by a high schooler in your extensive juggalo gang comments, that finds out one of the juggalos live near him, then challenges him to a fight claiming to know enough martial arts to hold his own. So the JH also encourages teens to fight eachother.

  6. But fighting is law abiding, and so are threats. Man you guys are perfect individuals.

  7. And the JH claim anyone that hates juggalos as JH members. In the post JUGGALO HOLOCAUST 2, there are many threats against juggalos and JH members claiming gangs. Lol MAJOR FAIL.

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