Typical Juggalettes – what is a juggalette

What is a typical juggalette – female juggalo.

5 responses to “Typical Juggalettes – what is a juggalette

  1. im a juggalette AND I DONT APRICIATE YALL HATERS TRYNA FUCK UP OUR SHIT…..its just plain childish just cause yall think u kno how we are dont mean shit. i aint never been to jail and dont plan on it i think of others befor i think of myself….and i kno there are other juggalos just like me yall just mad cause u aint got nobody but yo mama to change ya diper cause u is just a big ass baby cryin cause u aint got as many fans as motha fuckin ICP

  2. Yo fuck tard my girl is a lett and I garante ud want her if u saw her she’s fucking beautiful goes to college and work so fuck u

  3. OG Juggalo Queen

    Look this site is stero typing us badly, and it’s not right. The makers of this site are thinking of themselves. But what they aren’t thinking of is if someone started talking shit on them or their family. And that’s what the old school Fam is and know we are. The new fam are the ones creating a bad name for us…… If you don’t like us I have some advice for you: Just fucking ignore us….. I mean is it really that hard to do? No it’s not. I know for a fact its not because I ignore ignorant fucks like the poeple that created this site on a daily basis…. And if you can’t tell by now……. YES I AM A MOTHER FUCKING OLD SCHOOL JUGGALETTE!!!!!!!!!


    yu fuckin pathethic fucks aint shit. lo’s n lettes stick together u muthafuckerz r madd cuz everybody gives u the finger after uve kissed their ass to make friends. we have homies automaticaly….. i bet if u were n front of us u wouldnt b talkin all ur fuckin shit! little pussy…

  5. YO HITLER! (didnt you die already)
    I fight for who I am, I stand for who I am, I stand and fight for my biological family and my lo & lette fam! We are not all stupid and ugly. We never did anything to ya’ll. We are different and that is your problem. We throw it ya’ll faces that we are a group of people that are okay with our differences! For god sakes, there are doctors, lawyers, nurses, couselors, celebrities, engineers, scientists, judges, cops, and many more. What did they do? Are they stupid and ugly and disgusting? We love and accept each other unconditionally! Hate all ya’ll wanna, but there are two things that stand out to me that tell me that ya’ll are the REAL TRASH!

    1. You hate on a group of people so much that ya’ll pay out of pocket to keep this website running and you must spend most of ya’lls free time searching for content. Now that is dedication.

    2. You are so disrespecful that you put a families funeral for their child in your hate propaganda! I DON’T CARE IF IT IS A LO & LETTE FAMILY or A FAMILY FROM BEVERLY HILLS or A MILITARY FAMILY or ANY FAMILY! This is just plain RUDE! INSENSATIVE! Here let me put it in terms you understand. A person such as a lo or lette would never think of disrespecting anyones family, not even our haters, on the level ya’ll just did.

    Now tell me whose UGLY AND DISGUSTING!

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