Feel Safe Juggalos – Gathering of the Juggalos — LESS Security This Year

After last year’s attacks of Tila Tequila and Method Man, you’d think the Gathering of the Juggalos would INCREASE security. Not only would you be wrong, but they’re doing the EXACT OPPOSITE.

Violent J from the Insane Clown Posse (the group behind the annual festival) tells TMZ … ICP feels the TALENT was to blame for last year’s violence … because they incited the crowd while onstage.

Mr. J believes the performers lined up for the 2011 festival have “mad respect” for the juggalos … and won’t make the same mistake.

In fact, the group is SOOOOOO confident the juggalos will remain peaceful, they’ve only booked a small group of private security guards to work the event … and have NOT asked for help from local police.

The event is scheduled to go down from August 11-14 in Cave-In-Rock, IL — and the lineup includes Charlie Sheen, MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice.

What are the chances all 3 walk away from the event unscathed?



6 responses to “Feel Safe Juggalos – Gathering of the Juggalos — LESS Security This Year

  1. More proof this will be the end of the gathering.

  2. If the performers were worried, then they wouldn’t do it. Charlie sheen is more than welcome as is vanilla ice (who has played many times without incideent) and mc hammer. Just because tila tequila got shit thrown at here. Doesn’t mean everyone is. One person threw something at method man. And he shrugged it off and didn’t care.

  3. Juggalos act as if the Tila incident was the first time. It’s happened every year a mainstream artist they didn’t approve of being there. It will happen again this year.

  4. Who else? And tila was the only one that made a huge deal out of it.

  5. Yea man if I could idd be there this year and I would not throw shit tilapia just wanted attecion every one told he she was not welcome it’s like juping off a cliff

  6. i was there, i felt safe cause we are family. its the ones that are not down that have to worry, unless ur sorry ass is passin fake money then u will get ur wig split. and one more thing everyone that gets on that stage gets shit thrown at them. do us juggalos cry when they throw faygo and water bottles at us from the stage, hell no we don’t we aint pussies, whoop whoop

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