Daily Archives: July 15, 2011

Juggalos passing violence to the next generation

Nice to be against gangs , but to get your point across , dont brainwash a little 6 year old kid , and make them do gang signs .LMFAO

My lil sister decided she had enough of the same shit I was having a problem with so she made her own video for you. She asks all Juggalos that want to act like gangsters a good question and then gives a good reason as to why that is wrong. She’s only six but she does a damn good job of getting her point across when she wants too. I don’t have a problem with real gangsters. I hate when someone acts like it to be cool. I don’t like fakes and I don’t like posers. I have a shitload of problems with the gangster wanna be’s and posers on here. the one’s who ACT like gangsters are the one’s I have a problem with. If they are real gangsters that’s great, if they just act like that to be cool it’s not ok.

brainwash your children