Anti Juggalo shirt advertised on tech n9nes website – pimping hoes – killing juggalos

jh shirt

Nice shirt

22 responses to “Anti Juggalo shirt advertised on tech n9nes website – pimping hoes – killing juggalos

  1. The True Fuhrer

    Fail at photoshop.

  2. Hahahah but still… techn9ne will be part of the gathering of the juggalos 2011…sooo f*ck off bitches


  3. Right, Esham used juggalos for money, and fame. If it wasn’t for juggalos he wouldn’t be shit.

  4. That is really bad man next time make the shirt theeen take a pick instead of making it on ur computer

  5. Oh yes this is so much better than what psycopathic and other “juggalo” artists sing about

  6. First off i know for a mother fuckin FACT, that tech isnt promoting this shirt on his or any website for that matter having talked to him on a few occasions personally back stage, you lames who run this trash called a website, need lives or death…. so take your own advice and stick the barrel in your own mouth…. do the world a favor and kill you mother fuckin handycap….. really tho….. time to face reality, if you have to resort to using FALSE propaganda then you should quit while youre behind…..

    • This guy is apparently an ignorant juggalo. But its not nice to make fun of retards So I’ll spare the insults that come to mind so easily … Because he just might be trying his hardest… Poor thing

  7. Juggalos and Juggahoes are two totally different things. Juggahoes use the underground subculture to blame there own lack of will to be an indvidual. I got alot of homies who HATE and DISPISE juggalos, but they love me because I am open minded enough to understand that who they hate are the Juggahoes I am a juggalos, working 9-5 to make ends meet, I don’t just listen to “juggalo” music I welcome all music, I am who I am I claim juggalo because they make me feel at home.

  8. wickedjuggalo79

    juggalos live on hate. the more u hate us the more we thrive. dnt u get ur hate is what made us who we are? thank you for supporting the juggalos. now go beat off to american idol with the rest of the sheep!

    • Wow… a juggalo calling people sheep. You really think Violent Gay and Faggy 2 Dope do what they do for the “juggalos”? No, they do it for the money. They know that, no matter what, that they will sell anything with the hatchet man or their faces on it because all of you mindless retards follow them… like sheep. lets face facts here; Juggalos are not only trash, but are bereft of any intellectual capacity beyond psychopathic lyrics and pointless facts about the lives of those signed to the ridiculous excuse for a label.

  9. @MuK-1 It’s “Handicap” lol juggafags need grammar lessons!

  10. This is my band Consumed by Silence’s shirt. As you can see my the logo on the bottom back print. If you can give us some credit on where to find the shirt! Thanks guys,

  11. People are always looking for something to hate, something to exclude, something to vilify. What I fail to understand is why anyone on the outside takes the lyrics to juggalo music so seriously – and turn on those of us who happen to enjoy such. After my kids go to sleep every night, I turn on my tunes to regain a little sanity (as counter intuitive as that may seem to some of you) and chill out. The juggalo subculture is supposed to be a family, and as a family member, I want to say to the rest of you – if you jump to reactionary language or acts because of something a hater says or does, in effect you’re telling them that they’re RIGHT about us. Rise above it all, my brothers. They don’t understand the path we walk, and until they realize our family is built on love instead of hate, they will never want to. Above all stay positive, and remember that the good you do eventually comes back to you! ❤ Whoop whoop! ❤

  12. Fuck juggahoes and everyone affiliated with the stinky uneducated brainwashed idiots.

  13. Anyway I can buy this shirt?

  14. one side says support the war on filth ok. The other side spews filth like pimpin and killing. maybe you are the problem!!! think people!

  15. Fuck
    Australia Reprezent!
    Support the Juggalo holocaust
    Pimpn hoes
    Killn juggalos

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