Juggalo’s Have No Place On This Earth

What a poor guy having to share the bus with a juggalo.

please read the juggalo death threat comments



18 responses to “Juggalo’s Have No Place On This Earth

  1. fuck you and fuck this website!

  2. when the fuck do you reserve the rights to tell us what we can or cannot believe yo fucking nazi’s?! when the fuck did religious persecution come back into america? isn’t that what ameriac was built off of? the idea that you wouldn’t have to be discrimintated against? i for one don’t believe in a man written bible that has been corrupt over the ages, rewritten and fucked with by man hundreds if not thousands of times. i for one am not going to sit around listen to some crooked preacher that just wants your fuckign money, i would rather listen to someone who knows what the fuck he is talking about, not worrying about money cause he knows that his FAMILY will provide for him. so before you all start running around liek your fucking shit dont stink, howabout you stick your fist up youir ass and smell it. you are EXACTLY the same as us whether you claim juggalo or not your made of the same material we are, you shit, you piss, you puke, and you fucking lie the same as we do, yet you think your better then us. well i’ll tell you now, you don’t know shit, but you will as soon as our wagons come over the hill!

  3. what the fuck you are little pussies afraid of good music get a life i love the fam and go to hell lil bitches

  4. juhman morgan


    • Zzzz, typical shit talker. Now go outside and practice falling down, since that’ll be the extent of your tough guy act.

      • lillette4life2240

        ok 1 thats just mean, 2 most of the time it isnt an act. i think the pussies here are the people who made this fucking site. this site is just fucking stupid!

  5. look at this bitch ass motherfucker dudes a bitch he jus made cause a juggalo beat his ass pussy ass bitch

  6. Just chill it was a jh memebrr the angrier u get the stupider u look calm don’t don’t give em what they want just laf at the hater we got r fam and that’s all we need

  7. just sayin i aint no lo or a lette but i have friends tht r loes n lettes n there pretty cool ppl i like some of ICP’S music there pretty cool my bfs a lo n im just SAYIN GIVE EM A CHANCE I WAS LIKE THESE PPL SAYIN FUCK JUGALOS N LETTES b/c i didnt understand it but when i found out some of my friends were loes n lettes it changed me ther human just like us!

  8. you aint nothin but a worthless piece of shit talkin shit bout folks you dont even know exactly molly we are people were different and believe in different shit and your just a pussy ass redneck

  9. I was raised in a good home and well educated. I shower three times a day and take pride in my hygiene. I am actually sorry that my fam had to sit on the same bus with you. I work and I contribute to the community. Have you ever help the elderly or taking the time to help anyone who was in need just because they needed it. As much shit as you just talked if you were in need homie I would help you just like I would anyone else. I am a juggalette I am married to a Juggalo and we are proud of who we are. You have your opinions but before you condemn take a step back and try to understand. If it wasn’t for Juggalo’s I wouldn’t be where I am now. They have helped me and countless others with rent, food, and just being there when times were rough. Which is more than I can say for the church’s who refused to help when I was down in luck. So before you judge who needs to die you may need to reevaluate you outlook cause when I am at work I don’t wear my hatchet gear. I am the person who is an enigma behind the counter who gets you your cigarettes with a positive attitude and beautiful smile everyday. Whoop Whoop see you tomorrow when you get your smokes.

  10. yo u say look at all the death treats at the bottom of your video but your whole video has to do with killing juggalos, o and u say we stink, well by the looks of u i would think u smell like a monkeys ass hole rolled up in a bag of shit. Further more u say they didn’t even sit next to u what the fuck did any of them ever do to u well im a juggalo and i shower every fucking day, as for a job i make over $12,000 every two weeks witch i use take care of my wife and son. By the looks of your room i would say it was filmed in your moms basement, so before you start just assuming shit maybe you should step back and look at it from another perspective we all flesh and blood

    • I think you meant 12k a year. You cannot even write. Every so called juggalo is a drop out and living with their parents with bastard children. Nothing identifies poor white trash than a icp affiliation.

      • lillette4life2240

        okay asshole you need to cut that shit out. i’m sorry bout your bad experience with juggalos but back the fuck off the family cause i garrentee that you don’t wanna piss us off

  11. I’m not here to bitch or complain about your website. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I will however state my opinion in my own defense, as well as the juggalos I’ve known most of my life.
    First off, you have this view that we are filthy criminals who have nothing better to do than graffiti things, rape, and kill people. I will admit yes, there are a lot of people out there giving juggalos a bad name. I’ve even met a few. But that doesn’t mean that all of us are bad. I can say myself and most of my other homies have never once been in trouble for anything more than a traffic ticket, we work steady 9 to 5 jobs40+ hours a week, graduated high school, bathe very regularly, and have goals in life. Oh, and we don’t all dress the same, as you seem to think we do. Many different styles of juggalos out there. I’ve been down for 6 years now, and I don’t think I’ve even remotely become such an awful person for it.
    Second, there may be juggalos out there that cause trouble and do stupid shit. But which, out of any stereotypical group, do you not have people who do that? I knew a man who beat a woman to death because he had anger problems. Not a juggalo. A woman burned and killed her baby. Nor was she a juggalo. There is graffiti all over cities around here, nothing anything related to ICP. You have these sort of things everywhere, so why pin it all to one group?
    I realize there are people out there who are just looking to be someone or something more and use the juggalo name as an excuse to do the things they do, but I know a lot of really good people including myself who will be down til their last breath. It’s not about the music, that’s only a plus. It’s not even about ICP. I’m not going to spend my time trying to explain it to you either, because it would just be a waste of yours and mine. There is no real knowledge of it until you understand it. Being introduced into this world, I really felt something. It really is quite an experience, and I’m sorry for those who never get to feel what I’ve felt. I truly would die for my homies. There is no having a stronger friendship than we have. I really feel we’ve all become better people from this LIFESTYLE.
    Whoop Whoop

  12. okay, so of course youd post some dip shits video dissin icp and juggalos cuz your site stands for hate just like hes got a hate something or other poster behind him…. your site is the rebel flag and the nazi swaztika of the internet world….promotion of hate is bigotry…


  14. Dylan the juggalo destroyer

    Shutup clown scum your all juggatrash. I’ve been outnumbered by your kind multiple times and came out on top. And sad to say it but the lettes have the most balls, one tried to stab me bu I knocked that bitch down with a fist to the mouth. I then watched her cry while all the guys stood and did nothing but scream about bringing back guns that they didn’t have. Your all weak and must be exterminated.

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