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Esham – u aint got nothing on me – diss to psychopathic records

Psychopathic Nazis enjoy this new diss by esham , dude has your number

juggalo wants to kill unborn baby

stay classy juggalos


“Jesse was my adopted brother, he lived in my house for like a decade. I want to hit the cop in the face with a brick.”

Gathering of the juggalos – the effects on a small town terrorized by clowns

Cullison’s staff is working to tally the financial blow the gathering of up to 20,000 Juggalos has had on the sheriff’s department budget this year.

“The secretary and bookkeeper are working on it now. It will tear it up, I know that much,” Cullison said.

The department issued 187 citations, made 37 arrests and investigated home invasions, one of which ended with the arrest of a Kalamazoo, Mich., man.

Cullison also received many reports of garden ruined due to raiding by Juggalos.

BAN THE JUGGALO GATHERING , whos going to fund the police to keep these hoodlums at bay , and for a staff of 8 police 200 arrests is staggering for a 4 day peroid where most these juggalos kept locked up in camp grounds , if the law enforcement was larger that number would most likely multiply by a rate of 1000%.

Psychopathic Rydas diss natas- Pap! Pap! or POP POP

Seriously Psychopathic Rydas- Pap! Pap! just bites natas pop pop – subliminal diss Psychopathic Rydas , how about you diss them back with your stage names instead of hiding ???

‘Juggalos’ Shirt Offends Bar Patron Who Uses Knife to Remove It

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — One man’s shirt upset another man at a local bar so much that he used a knife to remove the shirt, said police.

According to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, the incident happened shortly before midnight Aug. 4 at Brewster’s Pub on Beach Boulevard.

Investigators said the victim was wearing a “Gathering of the Juggalos 2009” shirt, referencing an annual music festival.

Another man in the bar saw the shirt and asked the man if he was at that festival.

When the man said he was not there, the suspect reportedly pulled a knife and told him, “You have no right to wear this,” before beginning to cut the back of the shirt.

The victim told police when the suspect moved around to his front and got the knife near his neck, he grabbed the suspect’s hands. But the suspect broke free, and ripped the shirt and a necklace from the victim, again telling him he didn’t have the right to wear it.

The victim then went outside while the suspect stayed inside. Witnesses at the scene agreed with the victim’s side of the story, and one of the band members found the suspect, 21-year-old Terrence Joseph Hoover, took his knife and forced him to leave, according to the police.

Hoover was gone by the time police arrived, but they had the knife and a description of his car, which helped them determine Hoover was the suspect.

According to St. Johns County public records, Hoover, a St. Augustine resident, has been jailed four times since turning 18, including an aggravated assault arrest in February of this year; he was released in March.

He was arrested in St. Johns County Monday, and transported to Jacksonville Thursday, where he was booked into the Duval County jail on an aggravated assault charge.

If you dont want trouble , dont wear juggalo gang clothing to a bar

Calls to ban the gathering of the juggalos at cave in rock

Police and locals Call to ban the gathering of the juggalos at cave in rock

Juggalo parenting Guide – How to discipline juggalo babies – gotj 2011

Juggalo parenting Guide – How to discipline juggalo babies , at the gathering of the juggalos 2011 , insane clown posse ran a seminar on parenting children , here 2 babies are hit with chairs.

Juggalos upset cave in rock – drugs , dead bodies and chaos – end of the gathering

CAVE-IN-ROCK, Ill. — Police said the Coast Guard pulled the body of 24-year-old Jesse Waters of Murfreesboro, Tennessee, out of the water in Union County, Kentucky, in the Sturgeon Island area.

That’s just about 100 feet from the Gathering of the Juggalos. Police have since confirmed Waters disappeared from the gathering Friday night before his body turned up on the Sturgeon Island. Police said they don’t suspect foul play.

Sheriff Lloyd Cullison said the event Waters was attending is bringing more trouble than it’s worth.

The Insane Clown Posse’s Gathering of the Juggalos is over and the cleanup process has begun. The Juggalos are leaving town until next year but Sheriff Lloyd Cullison wishes they would leave and not come back.

“A lot of drug arrests,” Cullison said. “A couple firearms taken off of people. We had one guy that was high on drugs and tried to stab a couple people with some glass.”

Any town would love for 10,000 people to come and visit, right? Well, not Hardin County, Illinois. Cullison said it’s not worth the trouble.

“I’ve been a policeman for 36 years and I’ve never seen anything like this. Just so out of control,” Cullison said.

He said to gain control of any situation is tough because the lack of manpower his department has.

“For a police department to not be able to handle it and do anything about it, just makes you feel helpless.”

Although Illinois State Police did assist his department, it still puts a strain on resources that are sparse.

“Without them guys, I would have been in a lot of trouble,” Cullison said of ISP’s help.

He said the trouble only grows year after year. With a jail that only holds eight and arrests in the hundreds, he said enough is enough.

“It seems like every year it gets a little worst,” he said.

If he had any choice in the matter, he never wants them to return.

“Have it somewhere else,” he said. “We can’t handle it in Hardin County.”

Local 6 tried to talk to event organizers and the owner of Hog-Rock Campgrounds. They said they don’t speak to the media and asked us to leave the property immediatly.

Again, police say they don’t suspect foul play in Waters’ death. They’ll release the official cause of death after an autopsy and toxicology reports.

New School Juggalos vs Old School Juggalos

There seems to be a major war starting between the 2 lots of juggalos , old school juggalos – those who go in on the first set of jokers cards, and new school juggalos after the wraith or the next hand of jokers cards.
Old school juggalos are the ones being blamed for all the rocks , while the new school juggalos are polite and friendly .
Old school juggalos do the majority of juggalo crimes , while the new school juggalos are polite and friendly.
Old school juggalos are the cult , new school juggalos are music fans.
Old school juggalos are the gang , new school juggalos are music fans.
Do not trust the old school juggalos , they ruin the family from the rest of us.
Old school juggalos throwed rocks at sheen and king gordy , while new school juggalos enjoyed the gathering.
Please no longer blame us new school juggalos for the crimes of old school juggalos.

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