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The mind of a sick juggalo

Seriously if your that kids parents GET HELP NOW

Joseph Bruce aka Violent J gives community a assurance about juggalos

What’s the biggest misconception about Juggalos?

Nobody has any idea. They are totally misunderstood. People think Juggalos are a gang and they are on the FBI gang list. That is funny. Gangs do crime, sell dope, take over areas, run neighborhoods. Juggalos don’t do any of that s—. ICP is ICP. I like being most hated band of the world and people being scared away by it. It is not for everyone; it is for people to dissect and study it.

Thanks violent j , this makes parents feel safer when their kids get cut up by someone influenced by your music or they commit crimes wearing free gang merchandise in your labels albums .
Juggalos are a gang , they tag areas and other gangs sets , in youth prisons juggalos are a clique , please do not pretend your fans are all innocent.

Hatchet Man Mafia – New juggalo gang busted for graffiti -FLORIDA JUGGALOS

juggalo graffiti

hatchet men

juggalo gang

Five juveniles ranging in age from 9 to 16 have been arrested for allegedly defacing the Bratt Community Park back in June with claims about the “mafia”.

Sometime June 9 or 10, deputies said the five juveniles used paint and permanent markers to leave graffiti on 13 picnic tables, the playground equipment, concrete and a covered shelter at the Bratt Community Park on West Highway, near Northview High School.

The five juveniles charged were a 9-year old male from Walnut Hill, a 16-year old female from Walnut Hill, a 12-year old male from Pensacola, a 16-year old female from Century and a
13-year old male from Walnut Hill. All were charged with misdemeanor criminal mischief, according to the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies said the juveniles were questioned in the presence of the parents, and all admitted to taking part in the incident. Their parents were all described by the Sheriff’s Office as being extremely cooperative in the investigation.

Much of the graffit referenced the “ICP”, “Wicked Clowns”, “Juggalos” and “Hatchet Man Mafia” — all references to the music and personas of Insane Clown Posse, a hardcore hip hop duo known for their supernatural and horror-themed graphic lyrics.

“The hatchet man mafia rules you and the park,” a paragraph of profanity-laced graffiti read on a children’s slide.

The graffiti at North Escambia’s newest park, which was completed last fall, was full of profanity on the picnic tables and children’s playground. It also contained references to several names and even phone numbers — giving the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office several leads on the culprits.

Most of the graffiti was removed from the park by an Escambia County prisoner work crew at an approximate cost to the county of $250.

Editor’s note: Names of juveniles charged with misdemeanors in Florida are not public record.

Pictured: Five juveniles have been charged in connection with this graffiti that was discovered in mid-June at the Bratt Community Park. NorthEscambia.com photos, click to enlarge.


The read question is what are the parents doing letting 9 year olds listen to the vile music of icp and then not looking at their kids while they deface and destroy public property with gang signs ???