Joseph Bruce aka Violent J gives community a assurance about juggalos

What’s the biggest misconception about Juggalos?

Nobody has any idea. They are totally misunderstood. People think Juggalos are a gang and they are on the FBI gang list. That is funny. Gangs do crime, sell dope, take over areas, run neighborhoods. Juggalos don’t do any of that s—. ICP is ICP. I like being most hated band of the world and people being scared away by it. It is not for everyone; it is for people to dissect and study it.

Thanks violent j , this makes parents feel safer when their kids get cut up by someone influenced by your music or they commit crimes wearing free gang merchandise in your labels albums .
Juggalos are a gang , they tag areas and other gangs sets , in youth prisons juggalos are a clique , please do not pretend your fans are all innocent.

15 responses to “Joseph Bruce aka Violent J gives community a assurance about juggalos

  1. Juggalos hang out with other juggalos. Metal heads hang out with other metal heads. Metallica rules is scratched in my towns park bathroom, does that make it gang realted? And what abut the reports that say that juggalos don’t do anything that serious and cops don’t consider them a gang by any means. Post some of those articles.

  2. “And what abut the reports that say that juggalos don’t do anything that serious and cops don’t consider them a gang by any means. Post some of those articles.”

    What? There are no articles that say that Juggalos don’t commit serious crimes and are not a gang, because they do, and are.

  3. we r not a gang we are just a group of people that call eatch other family.

  4. Check this out, Im going to be as brief as i can when i say this…Coming from a true juggalo on the west coast…in the city of the fallen angels, where gangs originated…
    Yes we are a FAMILY. Im sure in some parts of the country we can be labeled as a gang. By law this is what a gang is…
    A criminal street gang may be defined as a group of people who form an allegiance for a common purpose, who engage in criminal activity, and who conform to one or more of the following traits.
    1. share a common group name;
    2. share common symbols, tattoos, or graffiti;
    3. share a common style of dress;
    4. frequently congregate upon, or lay claim to a geographic location; and,
    5. associate together on a regular or continuous basis
    ….with that said, before looking at juggalos why dont we look at major companies like enron? or lacrosse players at Connectitut college who gang rape a women? who fit the defination to the tee…all these any many more fit the discription…but society seems to point the finger at the lower class who fit the critera. i know this. You see the juggalo movement IS like a family. really. and like any family you have different characters. You have idiots who embarass you…and some times make you wish you wern’t related…you have drug addicts who are stuck on chasing a feeling…you have that one uncle who is a bum and never made any thing with his life and only eats when he is invited to dinner…you got the normies who think there above everyone because they finished school and what not…then you got me. the criminals,dope dealers00,gang bangers, and sicko’s. Not in any associaion with juggalos or icp but the ones who come into the family all ready fucked off in the head…just because some one in your family fucks up dosnt mean you change your family name or for that matter get the whole family charged and busted…you acknowlege your boi fucked up. say my bad…chief a blunt.. and move on…MCL WEST COAST STYLE
    —->The kid.
    ps…HEY VATO

  5. I have to agree with Los Angeles. If y’all want to judge anybody then judge everybody. No body is perfect everyone makes mistakes. Yes we all have family some blood some not. But haters will hate and it just makes us all smile and laugh. Because we love how our names can’t stay out of all you haters cock suckers. So stick that in your juice box and suck it. Yep we don’t ever die our family carries on.


    We fam and thats all that matters! If nobody likes it thats their problem! I will personally say that Im a Juggalo and damn proud of it! We represent in different ways so what! We paint our faces and gather as fam to have a good time whats wrong with that its like going to a family reunion! We are all family and I got your back Violent Jay and Shaggy 2 Dope WHOOP WHOOP! Anytime you ned just look me up! Wicked Clown Forever! MANIACAL SLASHA FB ME FAM!

  7. Ok…so we’re a gang because a select few tag and do what have you in the name of the Family? Why don’t you tell that to the US Army, USMC US Navy and the USAF? Yeah were in the military, we’re at your work, hell we even volunteer so believe what you will, we are not a gang, a mafia, or any other violent or drug related organization. WHOOP WHOOP. Say what you will of me I’ll always have JUGGALO FAMILY

  8. just so u know a gang by deffinition is a group of people that join together for a similar cause so in that light yes we r a gang but in the same way as all police branches are a gang and u guys are a gang but the type of gang u r tryng to say no we r not juggalos have many people and age varys from young children to even people in their 80’s so are in gangs some are not some never have touched a gun some have ut to say we are a gang is complete ignorance i saw u guys had a post aout a belt buckle that you had to look to accually see the swastika well that just goes to show you guys are desperate to get people to not like us ut also shows your organization is the predjudice one not our we dont care what race,color,religion,sex,or age. you are family if u want to be………


  9. If Juggalos are a gang then cops are a governmental gang

  10. I have been a Juggalo for years. I ain’t never done shit to get me in trouble and now I even serve to protect you right to be a bunch of pansy fucking bitches. Get the fuck over yourselves and realize that we call each other family and thats exactly what we are. We may have some that do stupid shit, but that does not change the rest of us. Judge yourself before you even dare look at me, cause you are the ones joining together to turn against us. MMFWCL For Life to all my fam. All you haters can fuck off and play a round on the Jokers Wild.

  11. Reign- people have posted it before, but your gang leader changed the links. Explain that to me.

  12. juggalette here AKA Slaughterbabe, i dont see the point in people hating on my boys, they havent done nothing but follow their dreams and live their lifes and these motherfuckers hate them because they dont know what the fuck o do with their life they just made cuz we juggalos have lifes and they dont so fuck the haters.. MMFWCL FOR LIFE BITCH! WHOOP WHOOP

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