The mind of a sick juggalo

Seriously if your that kids parents GET HELP NOW

5 responses to “The mind of a sick juggalo


    See the problem with you people is you are scared of what you don’t understand! Just because we paint our faces and join together doesn’t make us terrors to society! Yes there is some that fuck up but everyone makes mistakes. We are all only human. Its in our mattie to fuck up cuz face it nobody is perfect! Exploit us all you want we ain’t gonna change for you ever! We are not weak or stupid or even less of a person than you. You think you are better than us but in all actuality you are worse. Reason being that you are bashing us for nothing. Don’t judge us for what we wear or our music of choice. You think were are sick take a look at yourself! At the end of the day w are all the same rich or poor it doesn’t matter! So fuck you and your bigotry! MMFWKL TO ALL MY HOMIES!


  2. Lol. JH lies constantly. End of story

  3. a very sad American

    Who ever made this video is a strange one. but at least he made it…. however shitty. am i to understand that we are to hate his self expression?? at least we dont have a fucking hate site xD some easily programmed kid would see this and kill a juggalo before ICPs music would ever do the same to the same kid! you cant put this kinda hate out without having to look into the mirror.. ICP are entertainers. plain and simple. YES, some juggalos take it waaaay to far. but that should be on his parents for not teaching him the difference between real and entertainment. HOWEVER! your site approaches things “logically”, its real. Its meant to program. your propaganda is sickening bro.

  4. This video is dope. I know it’s sick but that’s how juggalos roll. Im proud to be morbid like that. we all know who you are. you were juggalos a long time ago. Then some member of the fam pissed you off, and then you left. It’s obvious that you used to be juggalos. One of your leaders is named ‘neden master.’ Neden is a juggalo word. Your exposed now so what are you gonna do. Of course all the new members are just pop fans and other mainstream whores. But the leaders were all juggalos. Im an athiest but i think that all of the haters will burn and rot on the echo side. i know there are more haters then juggaloes, but there is a lot more juggaloes than actual dedicated jh members. Someday the jh leaders are going to find a hatchet stuck in their skull, with their rotten brains pouring out like rice. Not from me, but from a crazy juggalo. One of the ones like who made this video. The violent ones. So neden master and jeff nipples better hide because there are some overly dedicated juggalos out there. And when a psycho lo does kill you i won’t call him a juggaho. I’ll go to your funeral and laugh and then pat the sick fuck who killed you on the back. It’s scum that dedicate there whole life to destroying a group of people who deserve to die, and soon you’ll meet your wicked fate. Watch out JH. Watch out for Milenko’s judgement. Watch out for carma. Watch out for payback for the lives of the many juggalos that you inspired people to murder or rape. And just like the guy in the video said. Never fuck with a juggalo. And by the way you call us violent but it’s you guys that have been murdering juggalos.

  5. Okay…. again as Juggalos we need to raise up and be better than JH…. we need to stop reacting to their hate with more hate…. yes what they sell on this sight is gross propaganda and it has gotten some of us hurt in some way but is this really what being a Juggalo is about…. responding negatively to negativity? Serious question… or is it being a Juggalo is about rising above the hatred and diversity and seeing it for what it really is and accepting that thats just how the world is and we’re not gonna let it bring us down….. so, i close this with a thank you to JH and to all the real JUGGALOS out there who conduct themselves with some fucking common decency and sense…. WHOOOOP WHHOOOOOOOOOOP!!!!

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