Another Nazi juggalette – UNJF MEMBER SEIG WHOOP

nazi juggalette

For all this talk about anti racism and juggalos not being racists , theres is a hell of a lot of nazis running with the hatchet.
Once again another UNJF (united nazi juggalo front) member posts their pic and the other juggalos pretend she isnt really down when

11 responses to “Another Nazi juggalette – UNJF MEMBER SEIG WHOOP

  1. Morbid Miss Kris

    Skank can suck my non-existent biracial nuts… Who the FUCK stocks up on VHS tapes now days anyway??


  2. So what if she has a hatchet man tat. If I get a JH tat, does that mean I’m in your gang?




  3. Has Juggalo tat and merch; doesn’t mean she’s a Juggalo.


  4. Anyone can get a tat at any parlor or and self-proclaimed tat artist. 99.9 percent of the time it’s no questions asked. I can get a United States Marine Corps. tat and I am neither American, nor have I ever been in the Marines. I am sure you will post some nasty, insulting comment under this, but remember, I have not slandered anyone and am only stating fact.

  5. Damn I guess the FAM. is going to hang this JUGGALO not!!!!! WHOOP WHOOP Dont get if you aint with it (that tat isnt about racism) so get it off your body. BODY ROC THE BLACK JUGGALO WHOOP WHOOP MAGIC MAGIC NINJA WHAT WHAT

  6. a very sad American

    anyone think that maybe the flag belonged to someone in her family? someone close to her like a grandfather that passed…? lol im seeing more and more of this sight and its a sad thing. ppl like you are the reason i cant smoke in restaurants anymore.

  7. So you guys are anti neo nazi when you call yourselves the juggalo HOLOCAUST.


  8. Ok so if I got a jh tat and jh merch. Does that mean I’m a member of your gang? Besides you made up the UJNF. I have not seen a single juggalo claim this. Its always you saying they are.

  9. Just because someone has a tat of the hatchet man on them doesn’t mean that they represent the whole. And yes there are alot of very confused individuals out there that think they know what it is they represent when they get tats. Some dude can get a unicorn on their calf and someone else could walk up to him thinking the man is gay, but get his ass beat for his troubles. The unicorn could represent a dead child or a younger sibiling that had died at an early age. You can’t imagine the workings of someones mind when they announce that they are a nazi fascist and sport a hatchet man on their person. It could mean many things; She is very confused as to what a juggalo is; Doesn’t even like ICP, but will get a tat that represents them just to fuck with individuals; Just a straight up bitch, with her face down and ass up for her skin head buddies; Did it just so that she could be down with whatever piece of trash skin-head O’Connor with a superiority complex and had to get it as a good hardy-har-har on us juggalos. Whatever the case may be, I believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that who ever this little girl is, she just wants acceptance somewhere and if causing a stink for us juggalos will get her in with some “click”, then so be it. I am a juggalo, full on, honest to goodness, home grown in New York (State not city) and i am a tolerate man. I can see the humor in her getting a tat of a hatchet man, eventhough she claims to be one of the things that ALL juggalos resent. As I said before i am a juggalo. I am a 27 year old white male, i graduated from Bryant and Stratton College with an Associates degree in Information Technology, I work for a company that helps people with developmental disabilities, I drink, i smoke pot, i did alot of hard drugs growing up. I became a juggalo during my freshman year of high school. I had few friends (who were giant dickheads), i have yet to smoke pot at this time(but claimed to all my friends that i did) and i didn’t start till i was in my junior year, my grades were slipping because my mother drank alot and would keep me up very late talking down to me from ages 11 to 17 when i got sick and tired of it and would fireman carry her ass to bed. When ICP first came into my life i was very much to the point where i wanted death, but i couldn’t because i wasn’t going to leave my brother to take my place. One day a friend came to my house before school with two cd’s. The Riddlebox and The Great Melinko. He found them in a garbage bin on his way to my house, they were scratched to shit. But god saught to bring the carnival to me, for my sshitty ass boombox played two songs only on each cd and we listend to them till i was able to buy them myself (5 months). On riddlebox it was chicken hunting and jokers wild, on the great melinko it was boogie woogie woo and the neden game. I thought these songs were the funnyest things i have ever heard in my miserable fucking existance. And after that it opened a whole world to me, friends came in droves. I was invited to parties, concerts and my first girlfriends. The point to all this is that when you hear juggalos and juggalettes chanting “FAMILY, FAMILY!” I join in with enthusiasm and heart. I have been a juggalo veteran for over 10 years and plan on being till I die and the wagons come for me. Just cuz some yuppie nazi bitch wanted to be funny wont bring me down, it won’t stop us (juggalos and juggalettes) from loving the family. Even if this crazy bitch is serious about being down wit the clown, then she should be able to realize that sooner or later she will grow out of the nazi business, buy a hookah, find a homie, blaze up wit some psychopathic shit playing in the background and laugh at how stupid she was trying to get in wit the baldies. There is only 15% at most of juggalos that are so down trotten that they go to crime and what-not. Thats a small percentage compared to the 65% that will talk shit to talk shit cuz that shit is funny and just looking to start some shit for kicks, but nothing too crazy. Most of us are too laid back to care what people say, but if you just leave us alone and let us paint our faces, throw our soda, share our drugs, cigs, food and you will see a change. Most likely for the best, but then again you have about 20% of us are so poor that everything else doesn’t matter. Good/Bad, depends on the person. So when you see a juggalo or juggalette try saying “What up homie?” or “What up ninja?”. Just leave it at that and i’m sure you will see smiles. Unless your a dick about it and get a soda or boot to your eye. It’s just about how you say it. So when you think about bitching about US then why dont you look at your own fucking country and figure out how to make it better than how to stop us. Cuz you won’t nor could and when your children grow up, you can tell them that only close-minded people destroy eachother, the planet and you will tell them the story of how you were once like those that hate things you don’t understand and how you over came such odds. They will look at you with love and adoration and ask “can uncle Signal come over? We were suppose to have a Faygo party.” You will look at your beautiful and perfect child and say “i’ll get the face paint”. Lesson here is you will never know something till you lived it, when you cut people out because they look, talk, act or seem different, your only adding to their pain of being alone. Which will only further there transgressions, evil begets evil. Try some good. MCL to all the juggalos, juggalettes, richies, scrubs, posers, hoes and regular Joe’s. Even though most never try, I’m not gunna let this pass me by! PEACE OUT!

  10. ive been down since the mid 90s and being a juggalo aint about being white, black, or purple for that matter. its about being u who u are it gave all us people off all color a place to fit in. we were the out cast u didnt want us so we hung together…. kiss fans had the same prob u know the whole knights in satans service deal and well not everyone who likes jean simmins is a satanist…. and who is to say that is that girls room she could be anywere… and maybe she didnt hate on that person cus they thought looked or acted diff.. thats what being a juggalo is saying hay u do what u do an im gonna do what i want to… u people are the ones breading hat i think ur the real nazis

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