Cm Punk – Loyal Juggalo holocaust member – Hates juggalos and juggalettes

The great cm punk completely destroys some dipshit juggalos who dare boo him at a show , my respect for cm punk has increased even more so – cm punk is the best wrestler in the business.

7 responses to “Cm Punk – Loyal Juggalo holocaust member – Hates juggalos and juggalettes

  1. This dude should fight vampiro. My juggalo brother vampiro could kill him with two fingers. WHOOP WHOOP MMFWCL!

  2. Cm punk is a little bitch he is a wana be he will never be the best ever

  3. Of course cm hates juggalos and juggalettes…. he hates anybody who isnt a faggot ass straight edge…. lame cocksucker, straight edges are like the bullies from high school rolled up like fruit roll ups with mormons…. they try to force their beliefs on you but instead of sending out missionaries they resort to violent acts against people who choose to use drugs, alcohol and tobacco… well who gave them the fuckin right to choose what i do or do not put into my body? FUCK THEM!!!!!!

  4. have you ever been to a wrestling show? Its the crowds job to heckle the wrestlers and the wrestlers job to heckle back. If someone was wearing a dumbass hat and said some shit he would say you are wearing a retarded hat you look like an asshole.

  5. You do realize that CM Punk has worked with ICP in the ring a few times in IWA and did some JCW stuff back before he got big. He is a heel and it’s his job to verbally destroy the fans. He is actually pretty cool with ICP so this post is kayfabe

  6. i just have to fuckin say how pathetic you all are someone rips on a juggalo and you think they’re one of you, shit like this gives people bad names… all you fuckers are just trolls trying to get others involved in your bullshit trying to get under our skin, but you don’t have the fucking balls to stand up to a juggalo yourself so you claim decent people like CM Punk are one of you i can’t say i believe in punks strait edge life style but shaking his hand after he signed my WWE 13 video game at a meet and greet i was in an ICP shirt with juggalo tattooed on my forearm and he didn’t show any hatred towards me at all he’s one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met so know what your fucking talking about before posting retarded shit like this just like posting shit about esham fallowing you retards i’m not a big esham fan but i can bet he’s pretty pissed about your slandering and getting him caught up in all of this stupid shit and you can e-mail me with your stupid little hate mails all you want cause it won’t bother me one bit you’re scum and it’s all you’ll ever be Juggalo 4 Life bitch don’t give a fuck who has a problem with it

  7. i see why his name is CMPUNK , why such a great wrestler that wrestled eddie guerro etc is sitting it looks like back at the bottom , he talks trash to everyone and its obvious to keep the attention of the reason for his forthcoming outburts,and its actually the answer to the question i have here today, your putting on a show , these people showing up at your matches are obviously fans,why the bitter outburts? why all the hatred? i hate to say it but your playing a real dangereous game, there are things being said that these people are taking home with them ,thier not going to forget,you on the other hand will forget them that very same night over cold beer……

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