Juggalos throwing rocks at 2011 gathering – king gordy and Juvenile attacked

so juggalos now attack horrorcore rappers
ban the gathering of the juggalos

9 responses to “Juggalos throwing rocks at 2011 gathering – king gordy and Juvenile attacked

  1. see this site is some bs right here you take the bad things a few select ass holes in the crowd do and turn it into some big thing king gordy left the stage before bein hit charlie sheen was havin a good time catchin bottles and still winning in the end and juvenile just sucked out right the gathering is all about the family love and co-existing with each other in this world why do you have to mess with somethin great about this world people coming together and bein one with each other a family so all i have to say is whoop whoop the wicked clowns will never die

  2. they need to ban this shit fuck juggalos

  3. Okay, the whole “fuck juggalos” thing, just as bad as these select few ass dicks throwing rocks at gordy…. fuck the hate for a goddamn minute…. second, again, Juggalos, conduct yourselves like you got some GODDAMN SENSE PEOPLE, DAMN! Been a Juggalo for 14 years now and i love the juggalo nation but there are quite a few that are fuckin it up for the rest…. WHOOP WHOOOOOOOOP! MMFWCL

  4. people use being a “juggalo” as an excesue to be ignorant assholes

  5. this was an inside job the person who did this was a jh member im not sure but it’s most likely

  6. juggalos are idiots and worthless why throw rocks at anyone? all jugglos are is little fucking kids

  7. Why won’t you post my comments?

  8. I was there standing on the stairs leading up to the stage on the right side. I would have to say out of the 15 to 20 people standing around that part of the stage I was the only one not blew out of my mind. What I saw I have no explanation for. I have looked up pics on the internet hoping I was wrong. In all the pics of King Gordy I have seen, I can see that he does not have a lazy eye. The man performing that night did. Also, did any of you notice how he was lip-syncing the entire time?
    I could be wrong, it was dark, but I saw nothing come towards the man performing. The only indication that something was thrown was his hand movement s implying that something hit him in the chest. I’m not saying that nothing was thrown at any performer at the Gathering, I’m just saying that King Gordy is one of my favorite artists, and if someone wanted the Juggalos to hate him, this would be the way to do it. Having him diss the Juggalos? With a pre-recorded sound-bite?

  9. however made this has seriously got to get a life.. i have no clue why i am here, fuck this shit..

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