New School Juggalos vs Old School Juggalos

There seems to be a major war starting between the 2 lots of juggalos , old school juggalos – those who go in on the first set of jokers cards, and new school juggalos after the wraith or the next hand of jokers cards.
Old school juggalos are the ones being blamed for all the rocks , while the new school juggalos are polite and friendly .
Old school juggalos do the majority of juggalo crimes , while the new school juggalos are polite and friendly.
Old school juggalos are the cult , new school juggalos are music fans.
Old school juggalos are the gang , new school juggalos are music fans.
Do not trust the old school juggalos , they ruin the family from the rest of us.
Old school juggalos throwed rocks at sheen and king gordy , while new school juggalos enjoyed the gathering.
Please no longer blame us new school juggalos for the crimes of old school juggalos.

SYko Killa MMFWCL Lette

15 responses to “New School Juggalos vs Old School Juggalos

  1. King Gordy is a whiny bitch anyway. He can’t handle criticism, constructive or otherwise, so he just plugs his ears like a child and says “NA NA NA I CAN’T HEAR YOU”. Furthermore, this whole Old vs New debacle is the dumbest thing since… The Juggalo Holocaust. 🙂

  2. juggalette_nips

    Juggalos are juggalos. Not all ‘old school’ juggalos are the bad version. I’m sure all juggalos alike were throwing rocks or bottles. So quit seperating the two. Were all family. Don’t throw ur family under the bus to take the fall

  3. juggalette_nips

    Juggalos are juggalos. Don’t blame the old school juggalos when I’m sure there were juggalos alike throwing rocks and bottles not just the new school ones. Quit throwing ur family under the bus.

  4. juggalette_nips

    All bullshit

  5. Are you that stupid? Its the new juggalos that think being a juggalo is a gang. They go out and commit crimes hurt. People and or kill people in the name of juggalo or icp the young crowd are deff not polite the new gem of so called fam are jokes.

  6. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME! I’m a fucking old school juggalo and have been to many shows. All this bad shit at the Gatherings are from you punk ass new schoolers. We have respect where ya’ll have contempt. We have love where ya’ll have hate. Why don’t you new school scum fucks start at the beginning and work your way up. Its not all about the violence or the drugs or the gang shit. ITS FUNNY FUCKING MUSIC ASSHOLES! Listen to the music; the beats, the words, the funny ass subtext. I have gotten into fights more times with idiots that never even heard the canival of carnage than those who at least owned or heard basement cuts. So fuck this new school fucks, they are jugga’hoes who jock the nuts of us real juggalos. They are the ones raping the family of the awesomeness of the shows and gatherings. This shit wasn’t happening 5 or even 10 years ago. This is all new shit. So, as a old school juggalo, i blame them. Happy hunting fuckers! 😛

  7. oh, and go fuck yourself

  8. Signal, you took the words right out of my mouth brother; I agree with you 100%. Whoop Whoop!!! Been down for 16 years (I’m 22 now), so I know from experience – and from stories of older people that have been down longer than myself – that this is all thanks to the newer generations bullshit, and thanks to them we got a terrible name for ourselves now. So you newer generations go do something else with your time, and leave us old-schoolers out of the equation. We enjoy the music; you guys just emphasis the bullshit.

  9. Thanks brother. Ya’ll can learn from this. Now check your facts you floppy tittied radicals and pay attention. Peace.

  10. I’m a “new school” lette, but I’ve been down for a while. I’m 19 n been down more than half my life. and I agree with the old school ninjas up there. new school took and destroyed the meaning of being a juggalo. new school doesn’t get the concept of family or the meaning of them wicked clown’s words. they go n take the lyrics literal n think that’s what bein a juggalo is about. I take pride in bein a lette, but new school has definitely givin it a bad name to the rest of the world.


  11. I mean I’m a new school Juggalo and I think I’m a pretty cool person who actually understand the family aspect of it all. Honestly it isn’t new school OR old school Juggalos doing dumb shit, its just the ignorant ones, new or old.

  12. who the hell wrote this bullshit? the only juggalo that aint a lo is the one that wrote this

  13. I’ve been down since I was 13 (17 nao) I’ve listened to as much as I could online and the music, even tge violent stuff, all has a message that you need to pay attention to see. The other stuff like signal said it is Funny ass music. And imma say this. REAL Juggalos don’t hate on artists that perform for them. Who ever threw rocks at Gordy needs to rethink his lifestyle choice. And mad clown love to sheen for taking it and having fun with it! Back to the point though. I guess you could call me new school, but I did my homework before deciding that I was down with the clown. I listened to every album. I know where the name Juggalo came from, I know how the em/icp feud started. And this post is wrong. Out of all of the juggles I know, it all the high schoolers and 20 yr olds who commit gang activity. And it’s not cuz they are juggalos. It cuz they are stupid as hell. If juggles never existed the SAME EXACT people would be out there committing crimes for a different gang. Also JH you all need to stop trying to start fights in the fam. You may not see us as humans or as a real family, but think of it like this: you say that we are not a family because if one of us breaks our code of ethics (which usually is rape, murder, or theft) we call them juggahos and refuse to affiliate ourselves with them. The CHURCH DOES THE SAME DAMN THING! if you commit a crime in most cases you will be EXCOMMUNICATED AKA the church calls you a sinner and refuses to have any affiliation with you. Funny how that works huh?


    ok i guess u would label me as a old school juggalo been down for 10 years THATS RIGHT all i have to say is that some motherfuckas need to pull ther heads out of there ass o yeah and FUCK U JH if there are people that have a problem with us old school new style juggalos then bring it im in wayland IA come find me bitchs. WHOOP WHOOOOOP MMFWCL

  15. I am a Middle School Juggalo I guess one can say, I got into them after the release of the second Joker’s Card from the first deck. Everyone scream FU JH, really not going to prove any point, more or less all the articles seem to be posted and presented in a fashion to strike up a rise from the ICP fans. If you truly wish to strike a blow at them, Stop giving their site so much attention.

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