Gathering of the juggalos – the effects on a small town terrorized by clowns

Cullison’s staff is working to tally the financial blow the gathering of up to 20,000 Juggalos has had on the sheriff’s department budget this year.

“The secretary and bookkeeper are working on it now. It will tear it up, I know that much,” Cullison said.

The department issued 187 citations, made 37 arrests and investigated home invasions, one of which ended with the arrest of a Kalamazoo, Mich., man.

Cullison also received many reports of garden ruined due to raiding by Juggalos.

BAN THE JUGGALO GATHERING , whos going to fund the police to keep these hoodlums at bay , and for a staff of 8 police 200 arrests is staggering for a 4 day peroid where most these juggalos kept locked up in camp grounds , if the law enforcement was larger that number would most likely multiply by a rate of 1000%.

7 responses to “Gathering of the juggalos – the effects on a small town terrorized by clowns

  1. Lol I doubt that.

  2. Hide ya tulips, hide ya roses, cause we raidin’ every garden out here.

  3. I love you guys man trying to make us look bad. Look at football games flipping cars and shit Yea its a concert there is always a retarded guy at any concert.

  4. P.s its a garden had he come out and asked a juggalo for the 30$ to plant a new one Im sure one or all would have gladly threw it at him Whoop Whoop

  5. jhfaceshittersuckmy ass WHOOP WHOOP!!! MCL!!!!!!!!!!

    ok so listen 200 is 1% of all the juggalos at the gathering, stupid fucks we all shouldnt have to pay and have the gathering banned bacause 1% of us made silly ass decisions……….FFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKK YYYYYYYYOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Seriously cops in Tampa, FL are happy as hell to arrest someone on any type of charge… They get money for it! Who’s gonna fund the police? Uhhh probably the government, just like they fund useless wars, road work that doesn’t need to even be done, people with more than enough funds to live off welfare but still recieve it, etc. I looked this site up to find out what this “holocaust” bs was about and it seems to be about nothing but hear-say and stupid accusations about certain “juggalos” who want to haul off and murder people. Bill Clinton got his dick sucked, am I supposed to believe that every politician in power is too busy catching a nut to do his damn job? Was I supposed to believe that every politician cheats on their wife or husband?

    I think I see what happned here. A bunch of middle aged white guys may have passed a group of juggalos in a walmart (or what have you) and were laughed at… So now, for payback of their hurt feelings they started a juggalo holocust in hopes of anyone giving a damn. Kudos to you, you managed to piss off a bunch of highschoolers who think they’re bad. I’m a juggalette and as one, I’m not going to threaten anyone on here and I’m not going to murder or rob someone later. BECAUSE IT’S NOT A GANG. I work damn hard for my money, I take care of my kids, and I love the music and my Fam. True juggalos/lettes don’t need to tear up property, hurt others, or act like complete fools. Just because a few immature kids do, doesn’t mean we are all a part of it.

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