New Juggalos Persecuted by Old Gang Members

Whoop Whoop
Im a new juggalo , and been down for over a year now , me and my freinds are getting attacked and blamed for crimes by the older juggalos , its like they dont want new fam to join and want to get us kicked out of the group.



10 responses to “New Juggalos Persecuted by Old Gang Members

  1. Those fucking guys aint juggalos or they would accept you like family… Just avoid them a true juggalo would would be trying to show the newbs the ways just avoid those fucks and when your big enough tell them their fake as shit and what real juggalos are about…Whoop motherfucking Whoop

  2. Im 22 A juggalo not a criminal even served in the Army during the war. Some people are stupid if you look at the majority of juggalos. I know for sure that there are juggalos who dont wreck shit. Kids misinterpret things same shit happens with feminem you got a hate site for him 2 jw? If you do as ICP does and not as they say your good. Whoop Whoop

  3. So im looking through your site why do you hide the comments you should just show them all where the articles are. Because they make sense right.

  4. I’ve Heard and read far enough of this childish bs!!!! you Jugg-ho “Hollow costs” are getting on my nerves! nothing but biggot,faggot, crybaby richies who can’t stand the fact that all your lil pathetic lives you’ve been handed shit and never worked for it! you racist hypacrits “Clown” us because we are scrubs and still live better than you so called “Higher Class Pussies” because we know survival! and you “Normal” idiots don’t, people like you make us juggalos want to kill, fight, and steal! it’s called “Defense” your nothing but bullies! I’ve been a juggalo since the 1980’s we are people not creatures or animals! so Juggalo Haulacaust go to hell!!! i don’t break the law, i am a security gaurd! plus i don’t do drugs! test me! my girl is always punked on by you assholes and it’s not nice, we never hurt anyone! if this shit don’t stop i know more killas and crazier people in this world who would murder this whole nation of “People Haters” for fun! we are anarchies, we fight for freedom while you “BrainWashed” media fucks kiss the governments ass to live and drowned in sin! i pitty you worthless pieces of scum that are real criminals in this website! while you cry about icp fans walking the street! we get screwed while you real rapists or murders get a slap on the hand for doing a mega felony! talk about Family! new generation Juggalos back up and let the ol school ninjas show you how god created real gaurdian angels! we are of good! new lo’s & lettes are lost from the ol era! so research before you become a ninja! We are a Family! Gangs are for holocaust! Terrorist! criminal! Juggalo: Angel, Family member, icp “FAN”, creation of god! freedom of speech is what we speak if ya’ll don’t like it, get the fuck out of our world! The World & HoloCaust can fuck off!!!!!! why cause the stereotype sociaty is the devil and the devil is a fuck and this website is a PUNK!!!! Fuck you all, Whoop Whoop to the real JUGGALO FAMILY WHO READS THIS SHOW LOVE!!! GO TO HELL HOLOCAUST!!!!! oh and by the way! to this holocaust website!!! as your worried about us los and lettes hurting a life study your government ur cops and courts are fuckin you over with laws and random shit u never thought existed! so before you point at us as the worlds problem! scope whos behind the leather chair in the white house who is controlling ur richis! you fuckin idiots! so Fuck you and have a nice life if you even have 1 !!!!!

  5. “I’ve been a juggalo since the 1980′s”

    Funny, considering Juggalos weren’t around until the 90’s.

  6. yall gay. juggalos and juggalo holocaust. juggalo holocaust, c’mon, you got nothing better to do but pick on punk ass kids? and juggalos, i know you’ve been to school, speak like it! your fingers type some of the dumbest shit in defence of a band that is simply making money off of you, they dont care! no performing act ever does! its a fucking performance! take it as entertainment, if you needed a place to crash would j or shags come pick you up? well? Juggalo haulocaust and juggalos need to fuck off and grow up. both are fake gangs, both aint shit

  7. I’m an old school juggalo, i have never picked on a new lo or lette….that is just retarded. I’m not a criminal though i have broken a few laws in my younger days but that had nothing to do with me being a juggalo. Im now 27 years old and the father of 3 beautiful children. I still claim juggalo family and always will. I’m not poor but am by no means rich….i dont hate on people who dont deserve it….i give everyone a chance to prove their worth. I they do then they are worth my time….if not fuck em. You cant lump all juggalos together by what some dumbasses decide to do…..yeah a couple of juggalos killed a guy, does that mean that we are all murderers? No…..dont judge someone you dont know the first thing about.

  8. Boris von Schreck


    How could they have been listening from the start if they’ve only been down since ’09? Fucking math, how does it work?

  9. dude you haven’t been a Juggalo since the 1980’s. you sounding like optimus. i’ve beend down with Juggalos for 14 years, callin myself on 13 years. been arrested once for a friend who had felonies, and all i got out of it was amisdemeanor. i’ve fairly rich,not wealthy, but i had to earn it.

    There weren’t many Juggalos at the Gathering this year. It was a faggoty rave. I bitched out alot of people because they ain’t Juggalos and they claiming it, but they aren’t treating eachother the way we’re supposed to.
    The Juggalo world is for Juggalos. All you poser pussies should just leave it alone, you’re the ones giving these loser JH punks shit to talk about.
    I’m sick of posers, sick of this big hype the last few years, its fucking gay.

    If you haven’t been down long enough to have at least 3 cards drop, fuck off. If you a loser wanting to hate out of boredom, thanks. Glad you wanna clown on clowns, you’re making us possible!

  10. HAHAHAHAHA. “Special Guest,” you are such a misinformed, hypocritical dumbass, and perfect proof to why we hate all you. Oh, and Juggalo’s haven’t even been around since the 80’s, ICP came in 93, so get your facts straight (if you can handle learning something).

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