Juggalos are Not a GANG

Just more proof juggalos are not a gang or have a gang mentality

Juggalos – not a gang

juggalo gang\

juggalo gang
Juggalos – are not a gang

7 responses to “Juggalos are Not a GANG

  1. Looks like they are just dressing up. Do they walk the streets looking like that?

  2. really what did anybody expect most every juggalo even me live in ghetto area.

  3. umm, is it just me or does that look like 1 of those plastic covered toy knives with food coloring in it u buy at a dollar store? AAAAAnd somehow were a gang for being in position of 1? OK Fam, u heard um’ no more shopping at family dollar (its gang related) LOL fucking stupid asses

  4. Cause ya know, every gang member carries a plastic halloween costume knife.

  5. ever heard of the psychopathic rydas? and another question…did you not see that was a FAKE knife? And didn’t a marine shoot Dimebag Darrel? You hold no water in this case. Next?

  6. Sad to See the Idiots

    I feel stupid just looking at him.

  7. Lol it’s a fake knife? i didn’t even notice. lol I really just wanted to see the comments. lol Love ya fam whoopwhoop

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